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Feb 26, 2008

André Rieu in Wonderland Being Released April 1st in US/Canada

Wonderland DVD and CD Coming To US and Canada April 1st

It will be available April 1st on for $17.99 and says there is a Bonus CD included.
(5-track Bonus Audio CD with music from several other great André Rieu specials!)

There's a great video of "A Wonderful World" on the Denon Link.

Click Here For The Promo and Links For It on Denon

Feb 23, 2008

Frank Steijns Father Passes Away

de Limburger Newspaper
Saturday, 23 February 2008

Mathieu Steijns

The old city beiaardier (carillon player) of Maastricht, Mathieu Steijns has passed away on 21 February 2008. Steijns, who played for almost forty years, is the father of the current city carillon player, Frank Steijns. (Frank is also a violin player in André Rieu's Johann Strauß Orchestra)
The funeral services will take place in the Saint Servaas Basilica, to which he was also connected as carillon player, on Wednesday.
During his life, Steijns was a carillon player in several Limburg cities/towns. In addition, he was also conductor for the Maastricht Men's Choir.

Frank Steijns Is A Violin Player with André Rieu's Orchestra

I am sure we all would like to extend our deepest sympathies to Frank, and the entire Steijns family for their loss, and hope they will find strength in the nice memories they have of Mathieu.

From John with translation

Feb 22, 2008

170 Year Old "Sisi Palm" in Vienna Cut Down

Vienna’s ‘Sisi Palm’ Axed After 170 Years

Empress' favorite tree threatened to punch through greenhouse ceiling

VIENNA, Austria - Vienna's "Sisi Palm," a 170-year-old tree named for the late Empress Elisabeth, outlived the Austro-Hungarian Empire and two world wars, but it got the ax on Monday. With cameras clicking, the Chinese fan palm was chopped down because it had grown too tall and risked punching through the glass ceiling of Europe's largest greenhouse — the Palm House on the grounds of Schoenbrunn Palace. The palm has more than doubled in height to 82 feet over the past 18 years alone, and its enclosure could no longer contain it.

Guenter Wimmer, spokesman for Austria's federal gardens, said the remnants of the tree would soon be auctioned off. He could not immediately give a date but added that the proceeds would benefit federal garden trainees.

The announcement that the tree would have to go set off a flurry of calls and e-mails with suggestions on how to save it, including some from the United States and Canada, Wimmer said. "They were mostly tips on how to keep the tree from being chopped down," Wimmer said, adding that the glass house was under a preservation order and so raising the roof was not an option. This spring, an offshoot of the "Sisi Palm" will be planted in its place, Wimmer said.

Hundreds of thousands of tourists lined up each year to view the tree, which was already 44 when it was moved indoors in 1882 and named in honor of the enigmatic Sisi, the wasp-waisted wife of Emperor Franz Joseph I. Sisi was said to admire her palm and sit beneath it whenever she found herself pining for the Mediterranean, her favorite part of Europe.

Thank you to Chris T. for sending this interesting article to us

Feb 19, 2008


A Message From Mirusia

This is an excerpt from Mirusia's Blog she posted today.
I spoke with her and told her many fans don't know about Myspace and it would be nice to post it here on the Harmony Parlor for you to read ...
She loved the idea and hopes you will all log onto her Myspace to see the all things she has on there, including many pictures and music!!

Hello Everyone!

Well it has certainly been a busy last couple of months since Toronto and the launch of Andre Rieu's World Stadium Tour! It was so exciting to be part of this amazing dream of Andre's. When we were rehearsing the show I couldn't help but to shed some tears of emotion for Andre. It was so special to see his dream come true! I was very proud to be a part of the show and very much enjoyed it. And once again was privileged enough to work with my collegues Carmen Monarcha, Suzan Erens, Carla Maffioletti, The Platin Tenors and of course the JSO!

I have had many questions from people asking me how I felt flying up above the stage during 'Concerto Pour Une Voix'. Well, I must tell you it is very fun and I love being right up in the air. The first time they suspended me in the air I just loved it, and I didn't want to come down! It is not scary at all, as long as you don't think about how high you actually are! It is so amazing to see the whole audience from up there! Apparently, in the Rogers Centre I was 50 meters from the ground!

From Mirusia :)

For More of Mirusia's Blog Click On The Link Below:
♦Mirusia's Myspace

Feb 18, 2008

February 13th Television Interview With André

André on De Laatste Show in Belgium

On February 13th, André appeared in the late night talk show, De Laatste Show on the Belgium TV. A very nice interview in a friendly atmosphere.

♦Feb. 13th Television Interview With André in Belgium~The DeLaatste Show

For those who have not noticed this already, we have added 2 more (smaller) video's to the Benny Neyman page. One with a reaction of André himself and the other with an impression of the cremation. André and Marjorie sent flowers as well. ~ Ruud

As always we can't thank you enough Ruud and Ineke!

Feb 16, 2008

Interview With (JSO) Linda Custers Mother, Nelly

Interview With Nelly Custers Hegger
(Linda Custers Mother from the JSO)

The continuation of the article of February 2nd in the regional newspaper "De Limburger"
De Limburger, 8 February 2008
Picture: Nelly in her sewing studio
Nelly Custers-Hegger (59) from Borgharen is in her daily life by profession a dress maker, permanently employed by Andre Rieu.

Why have you been elected as carnival celebrater of 2008?
Because I am always working on carnival. It is so important for me. I never want to miss it. It is relaxing and with my experience I can design the nicest costumes. That is the advantage, and I live for that almost every day of the year.
Every day of the year?
Yes, it sounds bizarre. My ideas pop up spontaneously. then I have to work on it immediately. I already know what I'll wear on the first two carnival days of 2009. I'll start on it as soon as possible.
Can you give us a hint?
Okay, a little one. It has something to do with fortune telling, I will not say any more. It has to stay a secret.
Was your 2008 outfit a success?
Every day I was something else, but I loved the webcam granny the most. I see my grandchild in the USA only via webcam. People reacted wonderful to the outfit.
Did you receive nice comments from André Rieu?
Of course, we have a good rapport with each other. He thinks my outfits are colossal.
In what lays the pride of Maastricht?
The coziness, the way people get along with each other during carnival. We can enjoy a wonderful street carnival, which totally absorbs me, and I enjoy it very much.
What is Maastricht missing?
The attainability and availability of parking places which has really been reduced. I have to park my car in a way too expensive parking garage. That is ridiculous.
Who do you like to date?
Prince Richard the First of course. I'd like to drink a glass of wine with him. It would be nice for me to evaluate this year's carnival with him. Maybe the anecdotes will roll across the table.
Ugliest place in Maastricht?
A building near the Inner Harbor "t Bassin". I heard they are going to change that.
Most beautiful place in Maastricht?
The "Onze Lieve Vrouweplein". Previously I used to visit that square almost every Sunday to have a drink on a terrace. Nowadays I do not have time to do that any more, much to my regret.
Biggest wish?
That my son, daughter-in-law and their new born baby who live in the States, can come one time to celebrate Carnival in Maastricht. I only see them normally twice a year.
Thank you Ruud and Ineke for sending this and the translation!

Feb 15, 2008

André Rieu Friday Concert in Amsterdam!

André Rieu Will Conduct An Extra Concert in Amsterdam

de Limburger
February 15, 2008

From our reporter
Music: André Rieu will also conduct a concert in the Amsterdam ArenA on Friday, 27 June.

In the realm of his World Stadium Tour, a concert for 28 June has already been planned, and for which a few tickets are still available. The presale for the additional concert starts tomorrow.(16 Feb)

Thanks to John for this and the translation!

Feb 14, 2008

André Rieu in Friday's West Australian Newspaper

Waltz Wizard Brings Vienna Winter To Subi in Perth

Thank you to Joy Whitehead for sending this to us

RIEU To Perform in Subiaco in PERTH!!

ANDRE RIEU Has Announced a Concert in PERTH
November 22 at Subiaco Oval

February 14, 2008 11:00am
Mr. Rieu will bring Vienna to his fans in Australia with two ice rinks and hundreds of dancers, musicians and artists. Fans will feel like they have journeyed to Europe to see him perform.

His unique and exuberant style makes his show one of the most talked about in the world. Fans spend more time dancing in the aisles than sitting in their seats. The King of the Waltz has enjoyed nine albums in the Top Ten DVD chart.
Incredibly taken by the welcome given to him by the Australian public on his recent promotional tour of the country, Mr. Rieu commented “I am so moved. I love Australia and I feel something within me has changed.”
As a tribute to a country André has wholeheartedly embraced, his primary new recording for 2008 will include several Australian traditional songs sung by Brisbane-born soprano Mirusia and will be called “Waltzing Matilda”. It is scheduled for release before Mother’s Day.
With confirmed sales and strong reorders, André Rieu has now surpassed a staggering 845,000 units across CD and DVD to date, and was Universal Music Australia’s biggest-selling artist in 2007 as well as the biggest-selling recording artist in the Australian classical record industry that year. His best-selling DVD “André Rieu in Schönbrunn, Vienna” has just gone seven times platinum in Australia. In keeping with the spirit of Vienna, André Rieu’s brand new DVD, “André Rieu – Live in Vienna” was also released 9 February.

The André Rieu Concert
Imagine yourself in the most romantic city in the world… Vienna. You will indulge André Rieu and his Johann Strauss Orchestra and Choir, many well-known soloists, the Platinum Tenors, the Vienna State Opera Ballet, 60 Vienna Debutantes, the golden coach with the Empress Sisi and Emperor Franz-Joseph, the Vienna Figure Skating Association, famous skating champions, a golden coach with 6 white horses, fabulous costumes, gorgeous music, magical waltzes and so much more…
Not to be missed!
· The golden coach with six white horses carrying the Empress Sisi and Emperor Franz-Joseph.
· 60 Vienna Debutantes from Vienna’s famous Elmayer Dance School.
The world-famous ballet of the Vienna State Opera.
· More than 200 artists are taking part, all resplendent in the most romantic of costumes.
· Music includes the Blue Danube, the Emperor Waltz, Gold and Silver, My Heart Will Go On (from the Titanic).
· Fantastic melodies from operas, musicals and of course, waltzes.
· We are building two real ice rinks where the world’s best skating artists will be paired up to dance.
· The Vienna Figure Skating Association will be coming to Australia. In total 40 skaters will be performing
· The Platinum Tenors, Carmen Monarcha, Carla Mafioletti, Mirusia Louwerse, Suzan Erens, the Johann Strauss Orchestra and Choir will be there to entertain you.
· Waltzes by Strauss and Lehár, melodies by Stolz and much more…

For ticketing enquiries, please contact Ticketmaster or 136 100.

Feb 13, 2008

Nelly from Borgharen Elected as The Carnivals Celebrator of 2008

Article from the regional newspaper "De Limburger"
February 2nd 2008 ~ Translation by Ineke and John

Note: "Gulpen" , "Heerlen", "Bunde", "Borgharen" and "Margraten" are small towns in the southern part of the province of Limburg. Margraten is well known for the American war cemetery.
Yesterday evening, Nelly Custers-Hegger from Borgharen (she is the mother of orchestra member Linda Custers) was elected in the crowded town square of Gulpen, as "Carnival Celebrator of the year 2008".

The 59 year old resident of Borgharen received the most votes in the election of the "Limburg Alaaf" foundation (Carnival club). Dick Dijkstra from Heerlen came in second and Manon Etmans from Bunde third. Eleven people from throughout Limburg were nominated for this carnival award.

Odile Wolfs (member of the Limburg parliament) presented Nelly a copy of the bronze statue found in the Gulpen city square. Nelly also won a ten days holiday trip to Italy.
Nelly is extremely proud with the results of this election. "Fat Tuesday is something we are raised with. Carnival for me is: Changing into someone else, playing different roles, in different costumes every day, from the very beautiful to the very ugly. The last few days I have been a webcam granny, a gypsy and today I am a Valentine flower bouquet". Designing and making costumes is Nelly's profession. For years she takes care of the costumes of the André Rieu female orchestra members. Nelly also conducts carnival workshops at a primary school in Borgharen. Does not know who nominated her for the award, and thinks it might have been a person from the church choir in Margraten, in which I sing, or someone from the Borgharen Carnival's Club.

Feb 8, 2008

We Will Miss You Benny Neyman ...

Benny Neyman 1951~2008


Thursday, February 7, 2008 ~ Benny after two months of fighting against this debilitating disease ended his battle. He passed away quietly in the arms of his beloved Hans.

We will all miss him ...

Feb 5, 2008

Exciting News of Andre's CD With Mirusia!

February 2008 Newsletter From Shirley ~ Mirusia's Fan Club

Hello again everybody,

I hope you have all been voting for Mirusia for the Dutch Person of the Year Award! Easiest way to achieve this is to go to the main page on the fan club
site, click Contacts, then click onto Person of the Year – Go to site. Follow the prompts from there and do this EVERY day!

You may have noticed in the media that extra concerts are being added to the Australian Tour at the end of this year. A second Sydney concert (Nov. 28) has been announced, as well as a second Brisbane concert (Dec. 4). Tickets will go on sale shortly . If you missed out for the earlier announced concerts, now is your chance to get your tickets.

Another DVD featuring Mirusia - Live in Vienna - is due for Australian release on Feb. 6. I have seen this already (lucky me), and it is another DVD you should purchase for your collection. Did you know that Andre has sold 34 million DVD’s and CD’s around the world, and ½ million of these were sold in Australia?

The most exciting news for this newsletter is that Andre and Mirusia are right now compiling a new CD. This will be the first that Andre has ever produced with a single soloist! It will be titled – Waltzing Matilda – and release is anticipated April/May.Perhaps some of you heard Alan Jones on Sydney 2GB play a single track from this CD for Australia Day. He was privileged to be given a pre-release special - Mirusia singing Botany Bay. Wonderful! The CD is sure to be a best seller in Australia, and indeed in other parts of the world to follow. Would you like a sneak preview? Go to the Media page! (link below)

The JSO are continuing their busy rehearsal sessions ready for the up-coming European tour, which commences Feb. 8.

Until next time keep healthy and happy, Best regards from Shirley

Feb 4, 2008

André Rieu and The Maastricht Salon Orchestra

Salut d'amour

Al Girard sent me this and I thought everyone would like to see it. It's an LP that he bid for on ebay and just got of André with his Maastricht Salon Orchestra.
Autographed by all of them including André!!

It Was Their Second Album, Released in 1983!

Feb 3, 2008

A French Interview With André Rieu

Nous Deux, January 28 to February 4, 2008

André, if you could be ...
A Season? Autumn, because I was born in October, and I love the color of nature at this time. A Country? The world ... I am a citizen of the world.
A Town? Maastricht in Holland,my town
An Animal? An elephant. I love the elephants very much. Look at my necktie, it has approximately ten designs. I love them, because they are strong and amiable, but they can also look at eachother with rage, if it has to be. That shows a little of myself, this here (Laughter)
A Holiday? Christmas. It is sacred for me. This year we still celebrated it with the family in Holland. I have been offered a lot of money in order to play on the evening of the 24th of December, I have always refused it.
An Odor? The perfume of Roses. A Color? Red … I like it terribly. A Word? Courage!
A Film? The Melody of Happiness. A Trait? Perseverance
A Fault? Impatience

André Rieu Interview

I Would Be Nothing Without My Family
André Rieu: He shows himself in the stadiums from one end of the planet to the other and sells millions of CDs and DVDs. This artist is animated by an insanity, a sweet madness which brings him success.Compare his fairytale of the good fairies …
Fairylike surroundings, ostentatious decorations, amiable waltzes … André Rieu needs his whole organization and music talent in order to let his spectators dream.
While his new album, a hymn to the fairytales and fairies, undertakes an enormous trip around the world, the Dutch violinist stops to visit us into the pages of Wir Zwei (the two of us).

Wir Zwei: A Tribute to Fairytales … How did this idea come to you?
André Rieu: I always wished to do an album about fairytales. Therefore,
when a Dutch television network boss asked me to do something small for an amusement park we have in Holland, I threw myself into this endeavour. We worked out a plan and little by little it became a complete show, which was filmed and televised.
By the way, you have started a Trip around the World …Yes, my Viennese tour. We need a hundred semitrucks for this voyage, which will go through the stadiums of the whole world. We have played in Vienna in front of the castle of Sissi and of Franz-Joseph… There were the ballets from Vienna, skaters, horses … And like for the amusement park, this concert gave me the idea to embark on a gigantic voyage. That is how I am, I love challenges.
Can you Really Play all the Music? Yes, but after that it is a question of choice. For example, I could not play Rock, because that is not who I am, that is not my philosophy of life. My realm is the classical music, and in this fairytale album, what do you find there? Classical music still always and always. It flows through my blood. It is so marvelous … Every evening in concert I feel that my audience is even more attracted by it. There is pride in bringing it to the public in the streets.
Would Spectators without you not have Access to the Classics? That is most probably arrogant, but partially yes. They are there and I see them. My public is very different. Certain ones know the difference between a violin and a viola, and others are not capable of this, but for a few only is this imporant. They all come out of love for the cassicalmusic, and that is what brings me joy. In fact, I eliminate this elitistic side, which is claimed by certain purists, from this artistic art. It suffices to come to my concerts with their hearts being the only luggage and to leave the encyclopedia in the cloak-room.
Your Calumniators say that you don’t Play the Classics in a Stadium …What do you think I could answer you? Nothing … That is so ridiculous. The music has nothing to do with the location where one plays. The Pleyel Hall, the French Stadium, that is the same thing. That is the same thing compared with what one hears. The music is international, and all spectators are good. If you tell me to mistrust the coldness of the New York and the Parisian spectators, for example, that is wrong. There is no bad public … there are no bad spectators, it is up to us to be good.
Would you have been Able to do Anything Else but Music with a Dad Conductor? I do not know. In any case, music is indispensable for me. When I was little, I wanted to only play melodies at home and I detested to execute the gamut. Naturally, this was sometimes difficult, because I wanted to play outside with my friends, but I knew, in order to be successful in music, one had to engage oneself in it also. I never was an overly talented child like Mozart. My success is the fruit of much work and a little talent.
Didn’t you Get a Swelled Head on Account of your Worldly Success? (Laughter) No. The celebrity exists in the head of people, not in mine … I gave myself the time to grow, I have done things step by step, and there is no danger at all, that I lose my step. I don’t even have a manager. I do everything myself. Therefore, I can control everything.

Do you Work with the Family? Yes, with my wife. We do everything together, and with my younger son Pierre, who works with the stage area. My parents had a house in theDordogne. I love this land. One eats here like nowhere else in this world. I have learned your language during my studies in Holland, and thanks to my stays in your South-West.
Do you Always have New Dreams? Yes, surely. There are many countries, where I have not been yet. I dream of South America, for example, Mexico. I will go to Australia for the first time. I would love to keep bringing classical music to millions of people. Do I spread the good word? Maybe in my own way but I’m not the pope, that’s for sure. (Laughter)!

* Once upon a time… The double CD (approx.: $25) and the DVD (approx.: $30) Philips/Universal. And the 100 Plus Beautiful Melodies, CD (approx.: $46), Philips White Snow near Cendrillon, The Magician of Oz …** He is giving a special Concert on August 29, 2008 in the Stadium France.

Thank you to Hermina Kohlstadt and May Rose for this article!




Pierre and André September 30, 2016 Maastricht












Photo Taken at Mexico City Concert ~ September 2013




"Hello to all my fans on The Harmony Parlor!"

Soundcheck in Maastricht 2013 (RTL Photo)

Maastricht 2012 ~ "André on The Theater Steps" by Bee

Maastricht 2012 ~ "André and Pierre on The Theater Steps" by Bee