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Feb 27, 2009

Frank Steijns Plays Heavy Metal on Carillon!

Frank Steijns City Carillonneur

I found this video of Frank Steijns playing the Carillon last July in Weert not far from Maastricht ... I Love this! ~ Sue :)

►City Carillonneur, Frank Steijns plays "Nothing Else Matters" from the American metal band "Metallica" in a Carillon concert from the steeple of the Martin. Weert, July 2008

►Click On The Red Link Below To Watch The Video

Feb 23, 2009

André Rieu Talks With Alan Jones About CD Yours Forever

Monday February 23, 2009

André Rieu talked with Alan Jones on his Sydney Radio Station this morning about donating all the proceeds from the single Yours Forever to the Australian Bushfire and Flood victims. Click on the link below to hear the interview and part of André's 'Yours Forever CD.

Listen to Phone Interview

André Rieu Australian Womans Day Interview

Andre Rieu 'My Song To Save The Bush'

Womans Day ~ Monday, February 23, 2009

By Lucy Chesterto~ Sent to us from Jann (Aussie Fansite) The virtuoso is using his music to ease the sorrow of our bushfire victims. Dutch music master André Rieu is helping Australians rebuild their shattered lives in the wake of Black Saturday by donating all proceeds from his new song Yours Forever to the Red Cross Victorian Bushfire Fund.

"When you are on the other side of the world and you see people suffering in Australia, a country you love, it gives you the feeling that you cannot do anything to help," André tells Woman's Day. "When I learned of the bushfires in Australia, I wanted to jump in a plane and come to your side and fight. "But all I can do is make music, and so I hope that the music I give you now will help the people who are suffering."

Like so many others around the world, André was overcome with emotion at the thought of the tragic deaths that have devastated Australian families over the past two weeks. Never before had stories of heartbreak and heroism moved the musician so deeply as when the first reports of Black Saturday emerged in his homeland of Holland. And in the great Aussie tradition of helping your mates when the chips are down, the big-hearted star was moved to write a song in support of the bushfire victims who are now struggling to rebuild their lives in the land he considers his "second home".

"This is the first time I have ever donated my music to a relief fund like this," he says. "I hope people will follow my example and do whatever they are able to do to help. "If something happens to me, or you, I am sure we would like to be helped also."

All proceeds from André's "uplifting" instrumental track will be donated to the Red Cross, which will also provide support to victims of the recent Queensland floods. Given André's enormous popularity in Australia, it's hoped his generous decision to donate all proceeds from Yours Forever will mean relief for large numbers of Aussie families. But donations aside, André is a believer in the healing powers of music itself, having relied on songs to help him through times of trouble. "I myself took a lot of comfort from music when I was sad or when something went wrong," André says.

Happily married for more than 30 years to Marjorie, and devoted to his two sons, André also knows the importance of family and can understand the devastation of losing a loved one.

"My heart goes out to you all," he says. "All of my feelings are with you who are suffering, all of my thoughts are with you, and all of my heart is with you.

"Have all of the courage you can."

This is an article from Womans Day that came out in Australia today. Jann from the Aussie Fansite's computer is down and she can't post it, but she did manage to get it to me through email.

Feb 21, 2009

It's Carnival Time in André's Hometown of Maastricht!

It's Carnival Time 2009 in Maastricht!
Maastricht, Netherlands
22 Feb 2009 - 24 Feb 2009

Maastricht has the biggest of the *Dutch Carnivals, a three day party that's extended to a full week by some seasoned revellers. The show starts for real on Carnival Sunday, February 22nd when brass bands march through the city streets. Later, stages are set up for live music and DJs. Meanwhile, fancy dress parties take place in neighbourhoods throughout the city, each with music and entertainment laid on. Maastricht's many bars stay open all night through carnival, and the crowds enjoy singing and dancing in the streets, most of them wearing their 'pekskes' (carnival costumes). Everyone comes down to earth on Ash Wednesday, the day after carnival, when a portion of 'hieringe biete' (herring bites or snacks) is the traditional consolation.

For The History of Carnival in Maastricht Click Link Below

And Also Click Here For Live Vrijthof Webcam

*Note: Dutch Carnival is basically the same as our "MARDI GRAS" that is going on now in New Orleans, Louisiana (Mardi Gras in Dutch is Carnival)

Adele Sees André in Insbrook

Olympic Hall in Innsbruck

Right on time the music started with the countdown clocks on the big screens and 76 Trombones. I just love that tune, and how very fitting. Seventy Six Trombones led the big parade, with a hundred and ten cornets close at hand they were followed by rows and rows of the finest virtuoso's …

Of course I know the programme, it will be exactly the same as in Munich 3 weeks ago, but It does not matter to me, I am there in the front row again, and I'm loving it. There was no 'high five' for me, I was too close to the centre of the stage.
André is on top form as usual. As he introduced the Tenors, and Gary, I gave a loud 'bravo'.. André looked straight at me. I think he thinks I am Australian! One of the highlights of the first half is Sopranos and tenors with the 'My Fair Lady Medley'... Wonderful stuff.

In the Second half André and the men are on stage, no ladies; they start fooling around and I am doing a bit of video, (if I can stop giggling enough, this might be OK for Youtube). Just then, Cord Peters started taking pictures with a Polaroid of André, who is 'posing'.. André throws the photo down ... it suddenly hits me what is going on.. (I should have remembered from Munich) I leap up from my chair, and I am on it like a bullet.. Its mine! There is nothing on the photo (in Munich I reported that it was a fake Polaroid). No folks, its the real thing! (if they do the same sketch on future tours) be prepared at the beginning of the second half if you are sitting 'on the floor'.. get up the front, André will throw the Polaroid photos down to you!
I missed out on having one of those photos in Munich, so now I am going for gold.. Another photo, I jump up, and André almost hands it down to me..But now others are starting to cotton on.. and are also approaching the stage.. a slightly stern husband says, "Babe, they are not all for you" ...
It was all over.. far too soon. We exited the Olympic hall and it was about -12 Celsius. I go and speak to the driver of the JSO bus, which is around the side. He tells me he thinks they will come out in about one and a half hours. I looked at my husband and he is shivering with cold & fed up that he did not get a nice dinner that evening, due to the concert and I have not got the heart to make him wait for the sought after autograph ....... I’ll try again in Maastricht.

PS ~ I did not know about the ‘hair discussion’ before I went to the concert, otherwise I would have concentrated on ‘hair photos’..! Frankly I find it hilaRIEUus ! OK, I take your point , looking at the photo with Frau Stolba from the Austrian tourist board. Yes, it is maybe a little shorter on the sides, but not excessively so. And from the back, it looks pretty much the same.. lovely curly locks. ~ Adele

Feb 18, 2009

André Rieu Receives Austrian Award

Rieu Receives Award From The Austrian National Tourist Office

Vienna (TP/OTS)
UTL: Dutch Artist as Ambassador of The Austrian Music Culture Honored

Following his acclaimed concert at the Wiener Stadthalle yesterday evening, Dr. Petra Stolba, Managing Director of the Austrian National Tourist Office, honored André Rieu for his contributions to the Austrian culture in the terms of tourism ~ in particular, in Australia.

During the course of his last world tour, the Dutch violinist and his Johann Strauss Orchestra conducted 11 concerts in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane in front of 300,000 enthusiastic Australians. As a backdrop, the Schönbrunn Palace, in its origional size, accompanied him.

The concerts were titled "A Romantic Night in Vienna". The enthusiasm was so great that within a few weeks, almost 200,000 DVDs of the concert were sold. Over 12,000 persons visited the Austrian National Tourist Office in Sydney to learn more about holidays in Austria, and hoping to win a trip to Vienna (sponsored by Emirates Airline). The enormous interest in Austria which Rieu created in Australia, gave the Austrian Tourist office the opportunity to honor the musician."André Rieu is a true ambassador of the Viennese waltz," remarked Dr. Petra Stolba as she recognized the achievements of this artist.

The award of the Honorary Medal of the Austrian National Tourist Office for special contributions to the Austrian tourism is a gesture, with which we want to express how much we appreciate his connection to the Austrian music. The enthusiasms which André Rieu creates in his concerts are more than anything imaginable. Austria and its culture benefit from the love of such a recognized artist.

This enthusiasm is true not only in the music alone, said Stolba in her presentation. The fact that the tradition of the Viennese Ball(et) is also part of the show (with debutantes from the Viennese dance school Elmayer), has the audience longing for holidays in Austria.

The fact that Australians love Vienna, could also be considered André Rieu's merrits: the last two months of the year 2008, there was despite the financial crisis and weak dollar, a double growth rate in tourism (50.8% in arrivals in November, December +24,4%) Of these, a total of just under 50,000 Australians visited Vienna and created around 117,000 overnight stays. The increase of Australian visitors in the whole of Austria in 2008 amounted to 121,000 arrivals (+4.5% vs. 2007) and 291,000 overnight stays (+4.6% vs. 2007).

Thank You to John for translating the full article for us!

Download "Yours Forever" From André Rieu Website!

►UPDATE: For those of you who didn't get André's Newsletter, You can now "Download Yours Forever" from André's Website for €2.50-$4.50AUD-$3.19USD!

►André Rieu Official Website

Feb 16, 2009

André Rieu's CD Single 'Yours Forever' Available Online

André's "Yours Forever" CD Available Online

For those of us outside of Australia ~ André's CD Single will be available to order from JB HI-FI in Melbourne on February 24th with all sales going to the Victorian Bushfire Appeal in Australia. Click on the link below for details. It might be wise to place a Pre-Order now.

Feb 15, 2009

André Rieu Greatest Hits

"André Rieu Greatest Hits"
Commemorating André Rieu's 30 Years On Stage

I have received a 'Pre-sale' copy of André's new DVD "André Rieu Greatest Hits" to preview and I wanted to write a little about what I thought of it ... I wasn't sure how it would be, as it's all pieces that I have on other DVD's. I was very pleasantly surprised though!! I have watched it FIVE times now and just love it! It's not just his Greatest Hits ~ They have taken the favorites of all the fans pieces and then picked the favorite DVD that those pieces are on.

You start with, 'oh habet acht' from 100 Years of Strauss, to 'The Gadfly' from Dreaming, to what I think is the most dramatic recording of André's 'Bolero' from La Vie Est Belle!

I was so happy that they have added 'Toselli Serenade' and 'Ode to Maastricht' (with Benny Neyman) from The Homecoming ... then you are off to the beautiful square in Cortona with Lagune Waltz and Opera Potourri from Live in Tuscany ...... and many more places!

There's no 'talking' on this one ... it's All Music. Before each piece, they show you the name of it and a picture of the DVD that it is from, and then you are at that concert to watch and listen ... it's like taking a little trip in time and places with André, all on One DVD!! It's a great way to spend an afternoon. ~

This is a USA Release by Denon ~ March 3rd ►Click For DVD Track List

Feb 12, 2009

André Rieu Gives His Music To Australian Fire Victims

André Rieu Gives His Music To Raise Money For The
Australian Red Cross Disaster Relief Appeal

Following the unprecedented success of his debut Australian concert tour in November/December 2008 and his DVD ‘André Rieu Live in Australia’, which became the fastest selling music DVD in Australian history (and is still No. 1 on the ARIA Motorola DVD charts), André Rieu has created a song to raise money for Australians affected by recent disasters.

Moved by the terrible events that have overtaken Australia in the last two weeks, Andre felt compelled to assist in the best way he knew how, through his music.

The single ‘Yours Forever’, an inspiring and calming instrumental piece, written and performed by André Rieu and the Johann Strauss Orchestra, will go on sale Wednesday February 18, with all proceeds going to The Red Cross Disaster Appeal.

André’s sincere message is simple ~ “I have watched with great sadness in my heart the natural disasters that have engulfed your country, and my thoughts are with each of you. I have always considered Australia to be my second home and I’d like to help in the best way that I can, through music. I believe music has a power to heal like nothing else and I’d like nothing more than to ease the sorrow of the wonderful people in this beautiful land”.
“In the hope it will provide some comfort and relief, I give to you all, my song ‘Yours Forever’. May it bring you hope and may it strengthen your spirit.”

The CD single ‘Yours Forever’ will be available in participating music outlets from February 18. All proceeds from sales of the single will go to the Red Cross to assist the victims of the 2009 bushfires.

We thank Universal Music for sending the CD Cover to Jann and allowing us to use it!

Feb 11, 2009

André Rieu Live Interview on Good Afternoon Limburg

Ineke and Ruud's Latest Translated Interview With André
On February 2nd, 2009 André appeared in a new afternoon talk show of the local L1 broadcast company. André looks forward to 2009 and 2010 with specials planned in Berlin (Brandenburger gate), Paris (Eiffel tower), his tour to South America and plans for South Africa. And he will become a grandfather!!
Done in the Maastricht dialect ~Thanks to Ruud and John for the translation!

Feb 10, 2009

To All André Rieu Fans World Wide

The Fires in Melbourne Australia
To All André Fans Around The World

Our Australian fans and friends are experiencing a huge disaster and
we are putting this up here for any fans that would like to help.

You can go to the link below and donate with your credit card to The Red Cross in Australia. They have stated that 100% of their dontations for the fires are going TO the fires!

I just donated on it and it was very quick and easy and they
send you an instant official receipt in your email.

Red Cross in Australia Webpage:

Feb 4, 2009

André Rieu's Latest Interview Limburg Television

News in André's Latest Interview From Ineke

Recently the Limburg TV channel L1 showed the program ~ 'Good Afternoon Limburg' (Goeiemiddag Limburg) with André as a guest. Of course I taped the interview and as soon as Ruud is home (he is for a few weeks in Ireland for his job) we'll do the translation and post it on our website. But I'd like to tell you the latest news from André's mouth! ~ Ineke

1. In 2010 he'll tour in Brazil and South Africa. Pierre is right now in Brazil to do the negotiations.

2. The interviewers asked André which city he would choose to live, if he could not live in Maastricht any more. He said he would always prefer Maastricht, but next would be New York, for that is the center of the whole world.

3. Central Park is not out of the picture, they are still talking about a performance there.

4. André intends to perform in front of the Brandenburger Tor (Berlin). That is a historic place because of the fall of the German wall (in Holland we called it "the Iron Curtain").

5. He also intends to perform in front of the Eiffel Tower (Paris).

6. He even intends to perform in Sydney in a park in front of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge (Botanical Garden?) on New Years Eve to create the biggest open air ballroom of the world. With dancing and fireworks. (My question: which year? New Years Eve 2009 seems impossible to me, for we purchased tickets for New Years Day concert in Cologne, Germany).

And last but not least ~ André is going to be a "Grandpa" from his oldest son Marc!!! What a surprise! In October 2008 Pierre married his Eefje, but we know nothing about Marc ... André was very happy to tell the news!

You can click here now to see the interview! Ineke/Ruud's Movie Site

André Announces TWO New Melbourne Concerts!

André Announces TWO New Melbourne Concerts!

Visa Entertainment Internet Presale Starts Friday, 6 February 4pm Ends Sunday, 8 February 5pm. Two new Melbourne shows have just been announced for André Rieu And the Johann Struass Orchestra on: Saturday, 31 October and Sunday, 1 November

At Rod Laver Arena and thanks to Visa Entertainment you have the chance to secure your tickets first! Don't miss André as he crosses the continent, filling night after night with breath-taking music. The tour will play an unforgettable new show across Australia and New Zealand.

Feb 3, 2009

Adele Attends André Rieu's Munich Concert!

Adele's Report on André's Munich Concert

This was my 2nd André Concert in Munich, so I ‘know the ropes’. We reach our seats in very good time, how can you be late for an event like this !

We're in Centre Front Row. The stage is not set nearly as high as in Maastricht, so I will easily be able to give him my carefully chosen flowers ; a half a dozen Roses with a Photo of myself and my little dog, Speedy (God rest her soul) with Franco and Cord, taken in Maastricht last summer ...

The Girls New Dresses are Beautiful!!

Feb 2, 2009

The Maastricht Banners Are Now In Progress!

The 2009 Banners For Maastricht Are Now in Progress!
Ineke has started the new Banners for Maastricht! She said it's a little difficult to work with them, but each year she gets better and better at it. After she has finished the banners, they will make a slide show of 'the making of '.
Here are a couple of pictures she sent just getting started on them. You can see the pictures of the last two years Banners she made too that shows you where they will go.

This Years Banners Will Say:


Peggy Gets TWO André Rieu Autographs!

"I was so surprised to get TWO Autographs from André!"

The concert last night was great!! André and his orchestra were in a very good mood and they had a lot of fun on stage! The audience in Karlsruhe was also fantastic, so we all had a very nice evening!

After the concert we went to the bus, but we were not the only fans who were waiting for André. About 30 people were there. It was a very cold night and we thought that André would leave the hall in a few minutes, but no way. We waited about an hour and 45 minutes for André! In the meantime some people had gone home and when André came out of the hall, there were only about 10 people among us left waiting for him.

André and Johann came to the fans and he began to give autographs, it was so great to see him! And then it happened! ... André began to autograph the new cards for us! After he gave us the cards, I gave him two pictures that I had taken a few days ago in Duesseldorf :-). Before I gave him the pictures I said to him, "Mr. Rieu I know you haven't much time, but it would be great if you could sign this picture." And he signed it, and one for my girlfriend! I said to him, that I took the picture in Duesseldorf and he said, " Ah okay!" After he gave the autographs I thanked him and he walked to the bus.

André looked right into my eyes when he gave me the autographs and I was very nervous but also very happy!!!

It was one of the best concerts I ever saw and I love the new program! Now I must wait for Maastricht to see André and his orchestra again!

Many greetings from Germany, Peggy




Pierre and André September 30, 2016 Maastricht












Photo Taken at Mexico City Concert ~ September 2013




"Hello to all my fans on The Harmony Parlor!"

Soundcheck in Maastricht 2013 (RTL Photo)

Maastricht 2012 ~ "André on The Theater Steps" by Bee

Maastricht 2012 ~ "André and Pierre on The Theater Steps" by Bee