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Oct 31, 2008

André Rieu on the Volle Kanna Show In Germany

►Video of André on The Volle Kanna Morning Show

John and Bobbie just sent the link to this saying that, "Even though you may not understand German, it is interesting to watch Andre on the "Volle Kanna" show."

If you scroll down on this page, you can also 'read' some of the things that André said that Ineke translated for us.

André Rieu On Australian Today Show

André Will Be On The "Today Show" In Australia!
Richard Wilkins will be interviewing André Rieu live from Melbourne's Federation Square on the morning of November 11th. The interview will be "over-broadcasted" back to the Channel 9 Studio's and aired simultaneously. The TODAY SHOW is broadcast between 6.00am - 9.00am and (André's) specific time cannot be given.

André Rieu Live on FOXTEL in Australia!

Andre Rieu is described as “The Modern King of Waltz” and he is bringing the biggest transportable stage production ever to visit Australia. Rieu will bring a 600 strong entourage for his concerts with his show including his Johann Strauss Orchestra and Choir, The Platinum Tenors and members of The Vienna State Opera Ballet. LIVE and exclusive to Main Event this concert spectacular will be broadcast from Melbourne’s Telstra Dome as a pay-per-view to Subscribers, giving you the ultimate front row seat in the comfort of your own lounge room! Reserve your seat now!

PLEASE NOTE: FREEVIEW PRE-SHOW ''ANDRE RIEU THE EVENT'' will be screening from 6:30PM TO 8PM AEDT. LIVE from the Telstra Dome in Melbourne and hosted by Steve Liebmann with Leo Schofield and special guest Maggie Tabberer. Our panel of classical musical enthusiasts will be looking at the phenonemen that is André Rieu - the Modern King of Waltz. This will be broadcast simultaneously on BIO, Ovation and Main Event.
Thanks to FOXTEL and Jann on ♦ Aussie Fans For André for the images and information.

Mirusia and Morschi in "All I Ask of You"

►Mirusia and Morschi "All I Ask of You"

Adele just spent several hours getting the the program on her computer and has added this song to Youtube for all fans to watch. Click on the link under the picture and enjoy ...

Thank you Adele!!

Oct 29, 2008

André Rieu in The Semper Opera House ~ True Elegance!

The Curtains Open and There They All Are ... André Included

No 76 trombones, no entry down the aisles, this is a beautiful Opera House and we are in for an evening of true elegance.

They play ‘Ich tanze mit dir in den Himmel hinein’.
Theme of the evening is marriage ~ the bride & groom arrive in a beautiful carriage, and enter the opera house to a standing ovation
and sit in the middle front seats for the whole concert. The Wedding March is played. (Hochzeitsmarsch)

André welcomes the Viennese Debutants. The audience is extremely well
dressed. The bride & groom dance with the Debutantes to Wiener Blut. (The debutants are situated above the orchestra)
André then tells us that he has got a wedding present for them, and there is a scene with him in a porcelain shop, as Dresden is so famous for porcelain. But then 2 ‘porcelain dolls’ arrive on stage (Carmen & Mirusia) they sing ‘Plaisir d’amour.

Now for some fun; Figaro arrives ( Morschi ) , Cord Peters (violin) is dragged onto a seat, where Figaro gives him a shave. (Barber of Seville). The acting was brilliant.
Next up, ‘Ich tanze mit dir in den Himmel..’ again.

Then André introduces the Platin tenors; they sing Tosca ‘ E lucevan Le stelle’. He tells us it the nicest rendition he has ever heard of this piece.

Espagna Cani (eviva espagna) is next, with the debutants dancing in Spanish costumes.
Then Carmen appears in a fabulous red dress and sings a Gypsy piece, can’t remember the name, but you all know it; I think it is on the ‘La vie EST belle DVD from Berlin.

Then the Du & Du Waltz from Die Fledermaus, during which some of the debutants dance in front of the front row of the audience.
From Phantom of the Opera , Mirusia sings ‘Wishing you were somewhere here again’ and then the duet with Morschi , ‘All I ask of you’. This was truly beautiful.

Radetsky, Blue Danube, with the debutants mixing in with the audience. This looked so nice. For encores, Strauss & Co, Adieu mein kleine garde-officier (without soloists, but André was singing with the audience)

And again ... ‘Ich tanze mit dir in den Himmel hinein’ … with the soloists ~ The end

Adele wrote this for us today after watching the concert on ZDF. She also said, "Buy the DVD when it comes out, it's a truly beautiful concert."

Click below to see André and the JSO play the title song with Mirusia singing it: ►André On Carmen Nebel Show

(The four photos are from Andre's Website. You can see all the Dresden photos on there)

André On The German Morning Show ~ Volle Kanne

André In His Garden With 6 Mo. Old, "Lowieke"

Ineke watched André on the German morning show Volle Kanne, with Andre as the breakfast guest. The host Ingo Nommsen interviewed him and these are a few of the things that André said that Ineke translated into English for us. ~ Thanks Ineke!

1. The Maastricht community intends to build the new music theater in Maastricht and they wish to name it "The Andre Rieu Theater!".
2. The Rieu family has a second poodle! They already had the boxer Tommy and the brown poodle Wily. Now they added a poodle named Lowieke (which means little Louise).
3. A doctor has been traveling with them for at least ten years, but Andre has never needed him, for he has never been ill.
4. People from the German Channel ZDF are recording an Australian special (with talk host Andrea Ballshu), which will be broadcast
on this coming New Years Eve.
5) This year 12 babies are born in the orchestra! And there are 5 couples in the orchestra.
6) Andre hopes Obama will win!
7) In 2009 he'll travel to Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Chili.
8) In 2010 he'll perform in South Africa.
9) He said it is impossible to insure his hands. Once, during a 3 day holiday in Rome, he fell down and injured his finger! Fortunately, he could still play the violin ...

André Rieu on Dancing With The Stars ~ Australia

Friday, October 31 Update from Laurie answering the questions that have been asked about the mention of the PBS showing in the US in this article:

MELBOURNE CONCERT BROADCAST UPDATE: I just got a call from National PBS and the gal said she really tried to get information, but couldn't learn anything. She thought it might be used at a future pledge drive, but that's just speculation. She mentioned that PBS does not prepare any programs, and must purchase them and then supplies (sells) the films to stations that request them. She also named two other firms that supply programs to various PBS stations.Other people have called their local PBS stations and no one has any information. We will certainly see it sometime, but I doubt it will be mid-November - at least on PBS. But keep your eyes open to any source. ~ Laurie

Our "Thanks" to Jann for sending the newspaper clipping!

Oct 27, 2008

José Carreras Gala at Royal Albert Hall

José Carreras 2008 Gala Concert Royal Albert Hall
Date: *December 11, 2008
Venue: Royal Albert Hall

See legendary tenor José Carreras alongside Dame Kiri te Kanawa and other special guests at the Royal Albert Hall in London this December. This exclusive gala concert is a fundraiser for the José Carreras International Leukaemia Foundation and Mencap.
José Carreras and Special Guests in London Celebrated dancer Sara Baras and her company Ballet Flamenco will kick off the gala evening with a fully staged performance. José Carreras will then be joined on stage by a host of exciting guests from the world of opera and entertainment, including the fantastic Dame Kiri te Kanawa and a few special surprises!
The performances will be accompanied by the City of London Sinfonia and the London Symphony Chorus, led by conductor David Giménez.

About José Carreras
One of the world's greatest tenors, José Carreras has enjoyed a prolific music career, which has seen him perform at some of the world's most prestigious opera houses and festivals.
José Carreras's impressive discography includes over 150 recordings, including 50 complete operas. He has been awarded many gold and platinum discs worldwide. Carreras has had record-breaking success over the last decade as one of the renowned Three Tenors, alongside Plácido Domingo and Luciano Pavarotti.
The José Carreras International Leukaemia Foundation
The gala evening will raise funds for the José Carreras International Leukaemia Foundation, a charity that aims to improve the lives and care of leukaemia suffers.

José Carreras recovered from leukaemia after being given a 1 in 10 chance of survival in 1988. The foundation has become one of José Carreras' most important priorities. Mencap, the UK's leading learning disability charity, will also benefit from proceeds from the show.

*Note: André has performed on the José Carreras Gala's before and has this one on his Website under his "TV and Radio Broadcasts", so we assume it means that he and the JSO will be one of the 'Special Guests' that will be performing in this special. The Broadcast is set for December 18, 2008 on ARD (German television) at 20:15.

Oct 25, 2008

André Rieu's New CD "I Dance With You Into Heaven"

Ich tanze mit dir in den Himmel hinein
"I Dance With You Into Heaven"

"This must be a piece of heaven!’ That’s what they must have thought when they first met, my two hundred year old Stradivarius and the enchanting young singer Mirusia. It was love at first sight!"

►Click Here For Track List and Title Song Translations by John

Oct 23, 2008

André Rieu and Van den Ende Discuss a Maastricht Theater

Rieu and Van den Ende Talk About a Maastricht Theater

Orchestra Leader André Rieu and Theater Tycoon Joop van den Ende are Talking About Working Together To Erect a Huge Theater in Maastricht
Maastricht Netherlands October 23, 2008 By John Hoofs

The contact between the two champions of the entertainment industry came about after Van den Ende, during an episode of "Summer Guests" on television, had talked very enthusiastically about the Maastricht world star.
Since then, they have spoken several times about the chances of a commercial entertainment theater in the Maastricht inland harbor "t Bassin". The location is near the former site of the Sphinx, which is being converted into a residential and working district with new cultural facilities.

In principle, there already is an agreement between Van den Ende and the city of Maastricht. The producer of successful musicals does not want to invest in a theater, but has promised shows and other international productions for 200 days per year, as long as the construction is financed by others.
Such exploitations are far too narrow a basis for developers to come on board. The municipality is currently examining how the program can be strengthened. They are looking into the possibility if André Rieu could also fill a substantial number of evenings in the theater.
That also fits with his own career planning. Rieu still wants to travel around the world with his Johann Strauss Orchestra for about five more years, after which he would love to see the world visit him ~ in Maastricht ~ in his "Own" Music Theater.

Thanks to John for finding and translating this for us!

Oct 22, 2008

André Rieu's World Tour Soon To Be Aussie Bound!

Melbourne Adelaide Perth Sydney Brisbane

André and all will soon be on his way to Australia. I have created a page to put some of the pictures and stories that we will be getting on. We all wish them Safe Travels, Much Success and look forward to seeing and hearing all about it!

Click here to read an interview from the Women's Weekly Magazine in Australia.

Oct 14, 2008

Readers Digest Australia ~ Interviews André Rieu

Reader's Digest Australia Interviews André in Zurich

Dutchman André Rieu has brought classical music to stadiums around the world. And now the “Mel Gibson of the violin” is hitting Australia.

By Paul Van Riessen

Inside the cavernous Hallen Stadium in Zürich, André Rieu is pacing back and forth in his dressing room. His dressing table and his warm rug are in their usual place in front of the sofabed that travels with him everywhere he goes. This way Rieu, 59, can always return to a familiar environment. Even so, he is nervous about the upcoming performance. He will be supported by 50 experienced musicians this evening but knows that all eyes, 7000 pairs, will be mostly on him.

Click Link Below To Read The Very Interesting Full Three Page Article:

André Rieu Guest Editor of November Limelight Magazine!

Jann from the Aussie Fan Site recieved a letter from Limelight Magazine saying that they are making available The November issue, where André is the Guest Editor, as a "Single Issue" purchase. They don't normally sell the single issues online, but are going to for this one!

Click on The Link Below To Order The Nov. Issue

Oct 13, 2008

André Rieu "The Rapper?"

This is SO cute ~ ►RIEU THE RAPPER!
You may have to X The Parlor out to watch it because of the music on The Parlor, click on Return To Parlor when you're done.
Click Below To Watch It On Larger Screen
Turn up Your Sound And Clap Your Hands!!!
Note in the very beginning you'll see Pierre in the orchestra! You can only wonder what he thinks of his Dad out there Rapping. ;-)

Thanks to Sonja and Bobbie!

With André and A Little Scooter, The World Became Smaller

A Cute Little Story From Santa Doug

While in Maastricht this past June and July, we attended André's Concert on July 4th. I had my little Scooter with me and one of the usherettes (they call them Piccolos) took the scooter and stored it for me during the concert, then brought it back to me after the concert. She, (Henrike) fell in love with the Scooter and rode it around the Vrijthof several times before she reluctantly gave it back. After returning it, we talked and had a nice visit ... before saying good bye we invited her to come see us if she was ever in the states.

Sometime after returning home, she contacted me to let me know that she and her boyfriend Jeroen were coming to the states! They came and visited JoAnn and me about 3 weeks ago. Prior to coming to see us, they were in Roanoke visiting Jeroen's brother who is attending college there.

Here are a few pictures we took while they were here. Included is a photo of Henrike sitting on the scooter at the concert on the Vrijthof in Maastricht, and some with Henrike, Jeroen, myself and JoAnn. We learned that Henrike is studying to be an attorney and Jeroen is studying to be a hospital administrator.

We had a great visit with them, albeit too short ...
It's a small world ... And with André and a little Scooter, the world became even smaller.

~ (Santa) Doug

André Rieu in Melbourne Televised on TROS

Melbourne Concert Televised on TROS

In the roadsoap "Andre Rieu, The World Upside Down", we will follow violinist and orchestra leader André Rieu with the preparations of his first ever concert tour in Australia. We follow him, amongst others on his promotional tour, are present at his rehearsals in the studio, and are with him during his big concerts in Europe.

Never before has André, together with his orchestra, performed in Australia. With more than 1.5 million CD's and DVD's sold, he too is a megastar "down under". Recently, the Limburger star even had 9 of his DVD's in the Australia top 10.

For the Australian concerts, Rieu launches out grandiose with his Vienese castle, ice dancers, a golden carriage and the Vienese Ballet. The start of the concerts will take place in Melbourne, where he will conduct a huge stadium concert in front of an audience of more than 35,000 strong.

André Rieu, "The World Upside Down", can be viewed on the TROS, starting 31 October at 21:30 on Nederland 1.

Thank You for the translation John!

Oct 6, 2008

The Tape of André's Radio Interview in Australia

►André's Radio Interview in Australia

Here's the tape of the interview that André did with Ian Maurice on Brisbane, Australia Radio last week. Click on the link above to listen to André talking about his Birthday, the babies in the orchestra and his upcoming tour in Australia ...

Oct 5, 2008

The 2009 Maastricht Fan Dinner

The Floating Restaurant For The 2009 Maastricht Fan Dinner
Ineke sent us these pictures of where we'll be having our fan dinner in Maastricht next year! It's funny, I remember seeing these boats every morning by where Betty and I would go to have Breakfast every morning on the Maas. It was our favorite spot! ~ Thank you Ineke!

* * * A Reminder From Denon * * *

As of September 30th the "Live in Vienna" DVD and CD's are now in the stores in the USA! You can order them on Amazon now too. Look on the left side of the page here for the links to order from ...

Melbourne Concert Will Be Aired Live In New Zealand

André Rieu's Concert A Romantic Night From Vienna

To Be Televised Live In New Zealand From Melbourne. This Is A Live Pay Per View Event on Channel 200 Date: Saturday 15 November ~ Time: 10:00pm Preview show: 8.30pm
Click Link Below For All The Details:

Oct 3, 2008

André Rieu ~ Live On TV!

Fans of International Musician André Rieu Will Be Able To Watch One of His Melbourne Concerts Live on Television

Melbourne Observer ~ The November 15 concert at the Telstra Dome will be Televised World Wide and available on the “Main Event” pay channel from 8:00 PM on Saturday night.

“Main Event” is available to Foxtel subcribers who have pay TV installed. Cost to view is $24.95. Foxtel subscribers can arrange to view the concert by phoning 1300 783 833. Optus clients dial 1300 300 666. Austar clients should phone 132 492.

The concert will be replayed every four hours from 6:00am Sun. Nov. 16. Prior to the concert screening, a preview show will be aired from 6:30pm. It will be hosted by Steve Liebmann and Leo Schofield with Maggie Tabberer as special guest. This will be broadcast simutaneously on Bio, Ovation and Main Event. ~ Thanks to Jann for sending this ~ Photo by Heather

André Rieu Does Radio Interview in Australia

André's Australian Radio Interview

by Rob from Australia Oct. 3, 2008

I just heard André speak with Ian Maurice on Brisbane radio thanks to Jann's link which was on the website. Doesn't HE (don't mean Ian) have a yummy voice and a charming sense of humour ... (talk about drooling over André from afar).
Firstly, we heard the first playing of his "Happy Birthday" mini CD/card with 3 cheers at the end for himself. He said Cyrus Meher-Homji at Universal suggested making it (André seemed to think it was a bit of a joke), and from the sound it seems to be sung by the Maastricht Starr Mens Choir. Then he told us he spent his birthday with his family & dogs and it was a very nice day. Marjorie gave him a very nice evening jacket that he is bringing to Oz and two nice shirts (hope one is blue and the other yellow, or any pastel - really-all colours suit him) and 3 dozen bottles of a white wine he had enjoyed in the south of France with some fois gras pâté - they only drank one bottle yesterday.

Carmen, Susan, Mirusia and the three tenors are coming to Oz (not Carla), along with the ice skaters and Vienna dancers and fountains. No mention of bringing the horses. He did not want to leak any of the surprises he has in store for us in the concerts other than to say there will be some Aussie stuff and many waltzes. He spoke of the difficulties, expense and big risk he is taking bringing it all here, and the live broadcast via Foxtel of the Melbourne Saturday concert and the DVD that will be made of it.

He also talked about all the babies in the orchestra (I think about 12, one year and under at moment) and his need for two rooms in the crèche at his studio, and how both Kerstin & Nicole (choir) have new babies who are coming to Oz each with a nanny. He was pleased to hear that the 2CD Schönbrunn pack on which his Stadium Tour is based has just been released here, along with his wife's book "My music, My life" that Ian really enjoyed (like the rest of us), which pleased André immensely - they joked about his brothers setting him up with the swinging incense burner in church and all the photos from his youth - he said that he still takes a lot of photos.

They spoke of the growing excitement for the first concert in Melbourne 6 weeks from today, and how Franz was already here in Oz preparing. In the next 6 weeks André said he will be doing a small concert tour in France followed by a few weeks at home before coming to Oz for 4 weeks !!!

It was very enjoyable and reassuring to hear from André, at last - it makes everything seem more real and less like a dream that never seems to eventuate but of course when the dream eventually comes true it will be over so quickly it will still seem like a dream.

Oct 1, 2008

♫ Happy Birthday André! ♫

André's Birthday is Wednesday ♫ October 1st

♫ I have made a photo page of some older photos of him that some of you may have seen, but thought it would be fun to have them all on one page to look at over his Birthday ... ♫

♫ Andre's Birthday Photo Page ♫

New Interview With André Rieu on Belgium Radio

Interview With André Rieu on Belgium Radio

André Rieu is not giving interviews quite often, but tonight he is here for an exclusive interview. You'll hear André in a different way. We'll talk about his expensive hobby, religion, family, why Marjorie was not immediately welcome in the Rieu family and his plans to conquer South America, etc.

►Click Here To Read Belgium Interview
Thank you to Ineke for this and her and John's translation.
The three photos of André were taken by John at a 2008 Maastricht Soundcheck

New Website ~ André Rieu TV!

A New Website ~ Andre RieuTV!
Bobbie emailed me the link to this last week and I haven't had time to get it on here ... it's really fun to look at what they have so far. They just started it about a month ago.
The official YouTube Channel of Andre Rieu & his Johann Strauss Orchestra. André Rieu is a Dutch violinist and conductor. Also known as the 'King of Waltz' he is famous for creating an international revival in waltz music and for his many top selling recordings & DVD's with his Johann Strauss Orchestra.
Click on the link Below

Live Radio Interview With André on The Internet

A message from Jann Down Under
(Jann's picture on the left)
André will be chatting with Ian Maurice live on Radio 4BC this Thursday night, between 8.00-9.00pm. I thought I would pass this on just in case you are interested in tuning in on the internet. I know for most of you because of the time difference between our countries that the hour for you may not make it palatable, however this way you at least have a choice. I have placed the link below for you.
Time differences: 8.00pm Thursday night in Australia will make it 3.00am Thursday morning on the West Coast USA and 12.00 noon Thursday in Holland. When you get on the page you will see to the right a place to click on ~ Watch Live or Listen Live.




Pierre and André September 30, 2016 Maastricht












Photo Taken at Mexico City Concert ~ September 2013




"Hello to all my fans on The Harmony Parlor!"

Soundcheck in Maastricht 2013 (RTL Photo)

Maastricht 2012 ~ "André on The Theater Steps" by Bee

Maastricht 2012 ~ "André and Pierre on The Theater Steps" by Bee