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Apr 17, 2016

André Rieu Dutch National Radio Interview on Windsor Waltz

André Rieu Gives Queen Elizabeth II a Waltz As a Birthday Gift

April 7, 2016 - Dutch national radio: Especially for the 90th birthday of Queen Elizabeth II on April 21st, André Rieu composed a waltz and named it the "Windsor Waltz" after the British royal family's name. We are going to speak about it with André Rieu himself, the King of the Waltz.

Good evening and welcome, Mr. Rieu.
André Rieu: Hello.

►First of all, let's listen to the beginning of the waltz. A beautiful trumpet chorus, very royal. Are you happy with it?
André Rieu: Yes, I see the queen entering ... No, now she is entering.

►A little bit louder please. Yes, this is very royal too.
André Rieu: At least I see her stride in, with her entourage.

►It seems to be a party to create this and that you know exactly what is happening
André Rieu: Yes, it is a lot of fun. I always compose together with Frank Steijns, a violinist in my orchestra. He is on the piano and I am with my violin and that's how we compose some nice things a few times a year.

►Do you know in advance, what you have in mind of what is going to happen when you compose the music on these images? Or is it the other way around.
André Rieu: Yes, of course you have an idea of what you want. We would love to see the British Queen enter and then something like this just flows out. And then the nice thing is that I immediately can try it out with my own orchestra. That is a very nice and luxurious situation.

►I understand that you have had previous contact with the Queen?
André Rieu: Yes, that is right, we played for her and that was also immediately my break-through in the UK, on the Royal Variety Show in Blackpool. She was in the audience. We played for her and after the show all artist were introduced to the Queen and she said: "Beautiful melodies, sir".

►In a while more about the Royal Variety Show of which we have some recordings, but first we are wondering: Did the Queen request you to compose a waltz, or is it your present to the Queen?
André Rieu: That is a present to the Queen.

►Is she going to judge it and will you receive an assessment?
André Rieu: I hope she will get a chance to hear it and that she likes it. I even hope that maybe we can play it for her live.

►So you have a little bit of a history together, but do you also have a love for the British Royal family?
André Rieu: I am a monarchist. All royal families. I don't hide that. We just returned from Bangkok where we performed. There is also a kingdom and you notice that when you are in those countries. It's like glue which keeps the people together. Of course Thailand is a completely different country than the Netherlands and a completely different country than the United Kingdom. But I always say when they have a republic, a boring republic, like Germany and France - you should take a King or a Queen, just like the one we have.

►I can imagine that. Back to the design table. How did you start? What did you think? How do you imagine that? 
André Rieu: You mean with the waltz? We had the idea to compose a waltz because of her 90th birthday. Then we just start.

►You just start? There must always be a first note, a first instrument.
André Rieu: Yes, listen, you are creative or not.

►We know you are, you don't need to prove that.
André Rieu: That's why I say: "We just start and it will just come." And now we have the tools to immediately record our improvisation. Then we decide: this is nice, that is not. That is how it grows. I think we worked on it for two days and there it was.

►I try to imagine how composing works. I always find it interesting. You are there with two people. Who begins?
André Rieu: Together. Of course. It has to click, otherwise it does not work. We smile at each other, saying: "Hey, that is nice, nice bars, good harmony, and that is how it grows. " You just have to want it, tomorrow at four we get together and we'll create something beautiful for the Queen, and that is how it goes.

►And then you are busy with that for awhile.
I imagine Mr. Rieu dancing with the Queen.
André Rieu: So nice that you selected this part, because the sound you hear now is what I had in my mind first. I said to Frank: "We need to create a real English ballroom sound. Many strings playing a compacted harmony, almost in close harmony. Many strings and that is what this sound became.

►And what was that that we just heard?
André Rieu: The beginning of the waltz. The trumpets are making the announcement: "Here comes the Queen!!!". Then the door opens and there she enters. She takes Philip and starts to waltz.

►Your main role model is Johann Strauss Junior and Queen Victoria loved to dance to his music. At that time it was secretly done because the waltz was something immoral, is that true?
André Rieu: Yes, that is true. It was even forbidden! Before the waltz, was the minuet. You stood 10 feet away from each other, no touching each other at all. Then all of the sudden they had the idea to start waltzing, and that was body against body. And that of course could not be! The church banned the waltz, also in the UK. But queen Victoria did not care. She liked it and waltzed all night long. Her court was already lying under the table, but she went on. That was the beginning of the waltz.

►And now it is normal, also for the royals?
André Rieu: Well, now it is even considered to be a corny dance as they say, and I would like to revive it a little. And that is what I am doing.

►In the meantime, does the queen know that you composed this present for her?
André Rieu: I have no idea.

►Would you like to know it?
André Rieu: Yes, of course. Every day I am excitedly waiting for her telephone call.

►You did not call, mail or send her a message?
André Rieu: No, I don't have her number.

►For sure you are one of the most famous international artists there. No lack of attention there.
André Rieu: No, it is very nice. We have been playing in the UK for 6 years in a row now, always in the month of December. Ireland and the UK - we tour all big cities. Very nice. Wonderful audience.

►The BBC said that you have a larger audience than Justin Bieber.
André Rieu: Yes, we can't complain. The 2016 and 2017 tours have already been confirmed and we are busy with 2018. We love to play there.

►You broke a record in 2012 with the album "Forever Vienna". Number 2 in the British charts. Who was number 1?
André Rieu: I think "TakeThat."

►It's not a shame to lose to them.
André Rieu: I thought it was "Take That" or "Robbie Williams" ... one or the other.

►In 2009 you performed for the queen in the Royal Variety Show. When playing the Radetzky March, the audience immediately went crazy with that kind of music.
André Rieu: This is the Radetzky March, composed by Johann Strauss junior's father. He composed it when the Habsburg Empire suppressed a bloody revolt in Italy. (General Radetzky was in command). And to celebrate the victory, he composed the Radetzky March. And with my concerts many balloons come down ... So that is why the march is always so available.

On The Telephone: Simone, royalty expert ... 
Good evening! AR told us about queen Victoria who danced all night long. What do you know about queen Elizabeth's preference for music?

We don't know much about that. Music is important in her life, she is constantly surrounded by music. It starts at 9 AM with a bagpiper playing under her bedroom window. Each morning, for 15 minutes.

André Rieu: Poor queen!

And she often hears brass bands when she goes somewhere, so music is a big part of her life. But her biggest hobby remains to be the horses! It's been said that she loves most light classical music, like operettas, musicals, even musicals from the 40's and 50's. But not opera or heavy classical music.

André Rieu: Well, then we are a perfect match!
Yes, she loves rhythm. Sometimes it is seen that she taps her feet with the music, like brass bands. Once she visited a Baptist Church in the US where a very enthusiastic choir was singing and there she too tapped her foot along with the music. So at certain times, she does appreciate music very well.

André Rieu: As long as she taps in rhythm.
Thank you Simone, thank you Mr. Rieu.

Thanks to Ineke for the Radio Interview and to John for Translating it for us.

Mar 24, 2016

British Queen Receives a Waltz From André Rieu

The British Queen Receives a Waltz
A Gift From André Rieu

André Rieu composed a waltz for the occasion of the 90th birthday of Queen Elizabeth II. The queen is a fan of the Limburg violinist. "She once told me, Beautiful melodies, sir."

Algemeen Dagblad: The waltz is called, what else, the "Windsor Waltz" and is named after the family name of the British royal family. Rieu (66) composed the waltz for the British Queen Elizabeth's 90th birthday. (April 21st).

It is no secret that the elderly monarch is a fan of André Rieu. During Rieu's English tour with his Johann Strauss Orchestra six years ago, the monarch herself even went backstage. She was primarily there to shake the hand of the Maastricht violinist. "She walked in between the rubbish, no security. 'Beautiful melodies, sir', she told me. That of course filled me with pride."

For visual accompaniment of the Windsor Waltz (A real English piece with a ballroom-like sound) André Rieu recorded a video clip in Maastricht . For this, a double of the Queen was flown in from Britain."Very hard to distinguish from the real Queen. I constantly had a tendency to address her as 'Your Majesty'. At the beginning of the movie the Queen is received with heralds by trumpets, after which I accompanied her on the red carpet. And then the waltz begins ... "

For Example
Rieu goes back to the time of his idol Johann Strauss Jr. (1825-1899), to whose music Queen Victoria loved to dance to. Secretly, because the Waltz in the Victorian era was considered immoral.

The Vrijthof, where in July André Rieu will traditionally perform a number of concerts, is part of the decor. Also for his two new CD's Rieu uses the renowned Maastricht square as an atmospheric backdrop. With no less than 150 waltzing couples.

Soon a new CD, "Waltzing Forever" with pieces such as "The Tennessee Waltz, Moon River", and theme from the "Godfather," will be released especially for the US market. For the rest of the world, we will be releasing "Falling in Love" which we are currently finalizing. It will contain romantic pieces such as "Hallelujah, Scarborough Fair, Titanic and Love Story. "

Incidentally, Rieu wrote a waltz earlier in the frame work of Queen Elizabeth's jubilee reign. Has he informed the queen of her birthday gift? "No - you can still write a plain letter to our Queen, but the one to England's Queen has to be of the highest caliber. Although ... You have given me an idea. And why not? I'm just going to send her an official message that I composed the Windsor Waltz just for her."

Thanks to John for the Translation

Mar 23, 2016

Carmen and Octavio
If you haven't seen or heard yet, Carmen has an important 
announcement she just made! 

Mar 22, 2016

The Most Spectacular Stage of All Time

Photo Taken of First Concert inToronto - December 2007

It Was The Most Spectacular
Stage of All Time

Out of steel, concrete and light, the Viennese Castle Schönbrunn arose ... And for André Rieu it became a triumph and also a nightmare.

At his concerts André Rieu lets every attendee revel in a dream world. A world with magnificent stages, wonderful costumes and beautiful melodies. A world full of waltz and bliss - from 20 metric tons of steel and 20 Kilos (44lbs) of make-up. Is there a setting which would be more suitable than the Schönbrunn Castle - there where Empress Sissi lived?

So Rieu erected a castle replica in original size (130 Meters wide and 80 meters deep) on his tour over and over again. That took a lot of sweat - and money.  This tour would almost drive Rieu into financial ruin.

It is  like documents of a piece of musical history - a piece of hitherto unprecedented stage equipment.  First of all an enormous steel construction is erected with cranes, it is the framework for the fairy-tale castle. 800 Lights are mounted, 10 kilometer (6miles) of cable laid and 150 square meters of LED screens are hung. Add to that 640 movable light spots and 12 spotlights ... Everything had to look as authentic as possible. The wood floor was an exact copy of the inlaid wooden floor in the ballroom of the original castle. To the left and right of the stage, two fountains are being manufactured - out of concrete.  He deliberately avoided synthetic materials, should one of the spectators by chance come in contact with one of the fountains he would think it was a dummy.  And to top it off, two ice rinks are also being built.

Rieu Leaves Nothing To Chance

 Even with the beautiful costumes he is the chef.  He describes to his seamstress exactly how the costume of a singer or musician in the orchestra needs to look. Several pieces of material are shown to him - and then he decides. Of each costume four versions are tailored. Just in case that today he performs in Europe and tomorrow in the USA, the costumes of the night before are therefore not taken with them -  but are found already freshly laundered when they arrive on the other continent. Exactly the same with the larger instruments. A flutist can pack his or her flute in their hand baggage, but for the man with the contra bass - that is a problem. 

There are also additional instruments which have been timely shipped to the next concert arena. With Rieu, everything is perfectly planned to within the smallest details: so for the 35,000 spectators in the (of course) sold out  Amsterdam arena when the concert started, it felt as if they were actually in Vienna on a balmy evening.

The Schönbrunn tour started in Toronto, Canada, then on to Düsseldorf and Leipzig in Germany,  Amsterdam in the Netherlands, and on to Brussels in Belgium and when it went to Australia (here Rieu had to book 15,000 hotel nights), it became an overwhelming success.

Thank you to John for the Translation 

Feb 1, 2016

André Rieu Dishes Up Good Food Like a God in France.

Melodies in "Ess-Dur". (Pun with: "eat"(B)-Major)
When the big hunger comes, Marko Schmidt jumps into action. 
The kitchen manager makes sure they are all content.

Bild Stars Magazine: The Waltz King dishes up good food like a God in France. André Rieu considers it of greatest importance that his employees and he eat the best and healthiest food. And that is Marko Schmidt's responsibility when on tour. The skilled kitchen Chef hails from Querfurt in Sachsen, Germany, leads a team of 5 persons, and takes care of the catering while on tour. During a one tour-day he has to prepare six meals.

The meals have to be fresh and healthy. Schmidt mostly buys at the local markets.

This is Schmidt's daily-schedule:
9:30 AM: A hearty breakfast with scrambled eggs and bacon for the crew.
12:30 PM: Lunch, we only offer one meal, often pasta or lean meat.
3:00 PM: Soup. For orchestra members who arrive in the afternoon.
5:00 PM: Dinner, buffet style, with more variety to choose from. We prepare fish-, pasta-, vegetarian and also two meat dishes. Always with fresh salads.
9:00 PM: During the concert intermission backstage we serve coffee with homemade cakes and cookies.
11:00 PM: After the concert we have snacks available. They are healthy bites, like deviled eggs for instance. And there is always cheese and fruit available. We dispense with deep fried snacks at this late hour.

For Schmidt the day mostly starts at 7 AM. Because he has to gather all the ingredients. No matter where Rieu is on tour, in Australia, China, Singapore, USA, Chile, France ..... "In those places we mostly use a so called runner. Which is often an employee of the local production company who knows the surroundings and knows where to find the closest markets. It is important that he has a car and can drive me." The kitchen is always there with us on tour. It is transported by truck and set up in the venue. Except in the USA, where that is not allowed. There we have to set the kitchen up in a tent in front of the concert hall".

Does Rieu personally determine the menu?
"No. It must be healthy food. He has, however, forbidden coriander. He does not like it, and neither do I. The Rieu chefs are all freelance workers, and with 100 concerts per year they are in his service for six months. The other times they have to find other jobs. For instance I have cooked for James Last or I did the catering for Stefan Raabs WOK-World Championship".

Which dish do the orchestra members prefer?
Something typical Dutch, like "stamp pot"
(Hodgepodge). That is mashed potatoes with endive and carrots. Or "Zuurvlees", a kind of goulash prepared with vinegar, apple syrup and gingerbread to give it the sweet and sour taste. And so Marko Schmidt serves them "a piece of home", although far away.

Rieu's Little Kitchen Music
Not only is the violin André Rieu's passion. Even in his kitchen he composes many top hits.

"A good steak and French fries" I indeed find that superb. But sometimes it has to be more refined. I love Italian cuisine. Especially "Ossobuco". Ossobuco means "Bone with holes", because of the hollow bone, which runs through the calf's shank. There are several recipes for Ossobuco. Here is André's personal recipe: the way he and his family like it best.

Ossobuco With Spaghetti:
Ingredients: 200 gram onions, 200 gram celery, flour, Chile powder, 8 slices veal shank, olive oil, salt, pepper, 30 grams of butter, 200 ml white wine, 300 ml veal stock, 1 clove of garlic, 8 stalks of parsley, grated lemon zest, and of course spaghetti.
1. First of all I chop the onions and the celery.
2. Then I mix three tablespoons of flour with the Chile powder and coat the shank slices on both sides in the mix.
3. I heat 5 tablespoons of oil in a frying pan, fry the slices, two at the time,. Salt and pepper them take them out.
4. Then I heat the butter in a frying pan, add the onions and celery, clear with white wine and add the veal stock. I let the shank slices stew for about two hours while covered. Please turn once.
5. Next I chop the parsley and garlic and add grated lemon zest.
6. Half of the mix I add to the sauce 5 minutes before the meat is ready. The rest I sprinkle over the dish.
7. Many like to eat Ossobuco the Milanese way with rice. But we prefer to eat it with spaghetti.

Translation by Ineke and John

Jan 24, 2016

Buying The Armored Mercedes From André Rieu?

Mercedes-Benz To Be Traded For a Tesla Model S
Buying the armored Mercedes-Benz from André Rieu? by Bart Oostvogels | Autovisie

AMSTERDAM - André Rieu thinks it is time for a new car. Therefore he has placed his 2007 Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG with long wheelbase up for sale on Marketplace (The Dutch version of E-Bay)

The S65 AMG with long wheelbase was one of the most expensive Mercedes cars on the Dutch market in 2007. Back then the car had a price tag of over 309,000 euro, without the armor. The asking price now stands at 129,000 euro (figuring a depreciation of 20,000 euro per year). Still a big sack of money, but you will also get the necessary extras. Rieu's car for example, is heavily armored. It has extra thick metal sheets and reinforced windows. The S65 AMG has to withstand a hail of bullets without any problems.

It Is a Monster
According to the ad, it is a "limousine with a monster under the hood". And they are not lying, because the S65 AMG features a 6.0 liter V12 gasoline engine with two turbochargers. Enough for 612 horsepower! The car can travel at more than 300 km/h (180mls/hour) and has a modest number of 109, 321 kilometers (67,928mls) on the odometer. If it could be sold for slightly less than listed, is not known. But André Rieu's CD "Greatest Hits" will definitely be included.

According to a spokesman André Rieu now drives a Tesla Model S. 
With which he is overjoyed.

Thanks to John for this and Translating it for us.

Jan 12, 2016

Happy Birthday John From The Harmony Parlor!!

Photo I took of just one of my fun memories with John

There are not enough words to thank John for all the hours he puts into The Harmony Parlor to bring all of us the News of André in English with his German and Dutch Translations!

Happy Birthday and we wish you Good Health and Happiness for the coming year!!

Hartelijk Gefeliciteerd John!!

Dec 27, 2015

Son Pierre Rieu, The Manager

Son Pierre, The Manager
He is the most important man at his father's side - and he has a very remarkable hobby.

Bild Stars Magazine: When Pierre speaks about his father, he does not call him papa or dad, but always André. For the 34 year old, André is his buddy - and at the same time the chef. A Bochum social scientist once made a discovery that career men only have two minutes time for their children each day. "Although André is a world star, he was always there for us" says Pierre. "When my older brother and I were in school André practiced. And when we returned home, most of the time he was already waiting for us. Whenever possible, he took us with him on his travels." In the meantime, Pierre has been working for André Rieu Productions B.V. for the past 15 years. "When Pierre as a 19 year old started to work for me, he was the youngest production manager in the world" says a proud father. Today, junior as Vice President, meticulously prepares for the worldwide tours. His most spectacular project: the copying of Schönbrunn Castle in full/original size for the 2008 "World Stadium Tour."

Pierre actually wanted to become a lawyer. "But after five weeks at the university I had enough. I did not like those boring law studies. If you've only worked once behind the scenes in a concert, you'll always want to be part of this exciting club again. In the middle of a job he made the most important decision in his life, he says. Eight years ago, Pierre was busy with the production of a DVD in the Dutch fairytale park "the Efteling." One evening a colleague called and noted that he thought that the director of the DVD projects would be the ideal girl for Pierre. Pierre: "I did not take this matchmaking attempt seriously. But when I worked for four months very closely with Eefje on the DVD, I realized that she actually was my great love." The rest of the story is just as corny as the "Kiss-Waltz" by Johann Strauss. Pierre and Eefje married and had twin girls, Linde and Lieke (now 6) Pierre Rieu: "On the Efteling DVD one can listen to "Tara's Theme" by Max Steiner. No musical piece touches me as deeply as this one. André and my Mom, Marjorie had a music-box made with this piece of music. Every evening my daughters go to sleep while listening to this music."

But Pierre Rieu refuses to become a "Perfect World" type person. He has a very remarkable hobby. In a large warehouse, the André Rieu Production B.V. company stores beautiful ball gowns, noble costumes, golden carriages and other artifacts to be used for the Waltz-King's tours. On the same premises- hidden behind a heavy steel door -is a war like backdrop: here Pierre Rieu collects tanks, jeeps, uniforms, helmets, camouflage equipment, gasmasks and field telephones from the Second World War. No, Pierre is not a militarist-even though he has the biggest military collection in the Netherlands. He only has one mission. And that is to build a museum-for the young people-so that the atrocities of the Nazis never will be forgotten.

That ambitious project is also the focus of their own family history: Marjorie Rieu's German-Jewish father was being persecuted during the war, while Marjorie's mother joined the resistance. Pierre Rieu: "The students of today may never forget that real war is not a video game. What it means for someone, having to flee and leave all their belongings behind. What is it like to lose a family member. And, would I be brave enough to bring a persecuted person into my house?"

When André hears the words of his son, he says thoughtfully; "If the Americans had not freed us, we would not be able to travel all over the world with our own orchestra." In moments like this, the bond between father and son is now much more noticeable than ever before.
Thanks to John for the Translation 

Dec 14, 2015

Interview with André Rieu about Christmas, Family and Music

Interview with André Rieu about Christmas, Family and Music

From a German Roman Catholic paper: Religion had an unbelievable influence in my life. By Sabine Just.

Star violinist André Rieu fills the biggest stadiums in the world. He started his musical career as a child in a church choir. In this interview the 66-year old speaks about childhood memories, music from the heart and his plans for Christmas. Beginning January 14th 2016 he will be touring through Germany.

Mr. Rieu, soon it will be Christmas. How do you celebrate these holidays?
I have been offered millions for giving a Christmas concert somewhere. But for Christmas, I am at home. My children will cook, that is a nice tradition. We will all be together with the children and four grandchildren. No one can tear me away from that!

You love to play "Ave Maria" in your concert. Is this religious touch in your music important for you?
Yes, I was brought up Roman Catholic. Here in Maastricht we are almost all Roman Catholic. And I can tell you that this religion has had an enormous influence on my life. From the age of 5 to 11 I sang in the church choir. I always tell the audience that if they like to give their children a musical education, the best is to send them to a church choir for their musical and social development. I have very fond memories of the time in the church choir.

What are these memories?
I remember one festive day that we had sung a long Mass by Haydn. The sun shone through the colorful stained glass windows, ten priests stood to the right side and ten to the left, and the church was filled with incense. This atmosphere impressed me so much that it will never leave my life. In the meantime I don't go to church so very often anymore, which I have to admit. But the Christian values that have shaped and characterize my life are still part of that today.

What outside the Christian values is important to you?
My family is most important in my life. I travel around the entire world and I can do that just because I have a family. I was born in Maastricht, I live in Maastricht and I will die here. I firmly believe that a permanent residence is a place to come home to and that is simply important.

And of course the music.
Music always plays an important role in my life. Music, I think, is the kind of art that touches most hearts. And I make music for others, with my heart. When I am asked where my success comes from, I usually answer: "It's the way how my orchestra and I make music together. We just don't play notes, we play with our hearts. I wanted people around me who just want to play together, and be friends; that is our secret. Although I am the boss, I and all the orchestra members are always there for each other at the same time."

Translation by Ineke and John

Dec 13, 2015

Marc Rieu The Painter, He is Romantic and Dreamy ...

Marc Rieu The Painter
He is romantic and dreamy. He loves the beauty and quiet.

Bild Stars Magazine: The father makes music. The son cannot paint without music. "Just like my father, beauty touches me very much", says Marc Rieu. Just like André, it gives me great satisfaction to create something. My father is a dreamer and in this respect I am like him".

The 37 year old is the Maestro's eldest son. As a young child he took all the books from the book shelf at home and he looked through art books for hours. When at the age of 11 he saw a TV documentary about the genius Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890) Marc then realized: I have to be and must be creative in my life.

For a short time I had the ambition of becoming a magician. It turned out to be painting! Today my paint brush is my magic wand.

After his final college exams, he studied Art History and Archaeology (I was a big Indiana Jones fan). He wrote his term paper about the early romantic German painter Caspar David Friedrich (1774-1840). There is no painting he loves more than Friedrich's "Der wanderer über dem Nebelmeer" (The Wanderer above the sea fog). Marc's favorite subjects are scenery. "People of today do not take enough time to really look at nature. Instead they fight. When I see the many wars in the news , I become sad."

The dream waves which develop in his head are put on white canvas with acryl and oil colors. Music is always playing in his small studio. "No waltzes by Johann Strauss", says the artist. The film music of "Lord of the Rings" is very inspirational to paint by. Very often I also listen to Gustav Mahler and Richard Wagner. Or the Dutch singer Trijntje Oosterhuis.

Some of his creations were used as covers for André Rieu's CDs and DVDs. Many of his paintings hang in his parents' castle. They are my best customers, says Marc and smiles.

Is his famous name helpful for his career or is it distressing?
"I don't feel that the name "Rieu" is a burden although I am very often asked: "Are you the son of...........?" "Yes, but please call me Marc", I then tell them. It was once said that an organizer of an exhibition canceled at the last moment because father André was not able to give the opening speech. "I did not mind that. I should be invited because of my creations and not because of my father".

André Rieu himself was outshone by his own father for a long time. "He was the son of André Rieu senior, the famous conductor of the Maastricht Symphony Orchestra. And another surprising parallel: "I was a very quiet and shy child" says Marc. "My father was like that too, who at the beginning of his career did not dare to speak one word in public.

And how does André see his son today?
"I am unbelievable proud of him. He is a romantic person who thinks: "Everything is possible". I believe that Marc inherited that from me". "And from mama", Marc adds, "I inherited the love for writing". "I consider myself the perfect mix from my father and my mother".
Only in one point does he not have Marjorie's genes: "She has an economic acumen. And I know of no artist who is a good businessman. Fortunately my wife manages my business."

Andrea and Marc Rieu have two children: daughter Fleur (5) and son Ivan (6). "I am totally crazy about both of them", says Marc. "It felt as if an extra engine started in my life. Everything is more intense". (Marc and Andrea are expecting their third child in January 2016!)

"Sint Pieter" by Marc Rieu

Translation by John and Ineke

Dec 10, 2015

Marjorie Rieu makes an Exception and Talks to Bild Stars

André Rieu's Wife Does Not Like To Speak About Herself
She Makes An Exception For BILD Stars

His Family ... Wife Marjorie: the soul: 
For 40 years she has been a wife. But who is she really -- very few really know that.

BILD Stars: Novemeber, 2014: Marjorie Rieu is the woman in the background. She shuns the spotlights and seldom speaks in public. For BILD Stars she was willing to make a huge exception. In this first interview after a long time, she reveals her love secret, speaks about family happiness and swimming suits in the closet.

Four decades of marriage with a star. How does that function?

That is not entirely correct. I have not been married to a star for 40 years. When we married André was a very sympathetic, poor music student. After our wedding he accepted a job in a Symphony Orchestra and at the same time started to play in a small ensemble playing Salon music. I assisted him in finding a proper repertoire. The huge fame which he now has came gradually. Only 20 years ago did he have his great break through with the "Second Waltz" by Shostakovich. So we have had many years to get used to Stardom.

What is your secret for happiness?

We love and respect each other very much. We love to work together and we complete each other perfectly. I am not a musician, but do love music very much. Also privately we have many common interests. But fortunately each of us also has his own interests and hobbies.

What do you love about your husband?

Almost everything! Most of all that he is a loving person, always willing to help other people.

And what do you admire most about him?

His courage. He always has the courage to leave known ways and start new ones. He gave up his job, jumped into a total state of uncertainty, all to realize his dream. That's what he does all the time, boldly breaking new grounds.

Women all over the world lie at his feet. Why aren't you jealous?

Why should I? They don't know him at all. They only know the star on stage. Having a crush on him goes with this job.

When was the last time you argued and about what?

We never argue. Nobody believes that, but it is the truth. We do not always agree, but that should never end in an arguement.

I think it's most important to control my own life,
without being asked all the time whether I am the wife of ... I am simply me.

Was it love at first sight?

At that time we were still too young for that. I was 15 and he 13. At that time you had no idea of "big love" at that age. But we liked each other from the beginning.

You have been a harmonious couple for decades. But, what do you have which he does not have yet? And what does he have that you don't?

I think I have more patience, I am less impulsive. He does things too quickly, drives fast too, which I definitely do not like. And whatever he has in mind, will happen. I am more relaxed, and rather adapt myself to the circumstances. When something does not work, then don't do it.

Please give us 5 reasons why you ever would want to marry him again.

He is the most loveliest human being I know and he still looks very attractive. He accepts me the way I am, from 40 years ago and still today. He is very emotional. He loves nature and all animals.

Why haven't you given any interviews in many years and why are you seldom seen in public?

That depends on what you mean by "in public". It is not that I hide in my house. Why should I? The only thing I don't like is to be known as the wife of André Rieu. I am still the same independent person I was before he became known and famous. And I prefer to stay like that. That is the reason why I, for instance, am not together with him in public to receive awards. I will never walk with him on a red carpet. He is the star, not I. And I place a lot of emphasis on leading my own life, without constantly being asked, if I am .......'s wife"? I am simply me.

How do you spend your spare time together?

Probably like every other normal human being. At home, cooking, playing with the grandchildren, our dogs, reading, or watching TV. And actually we are always busy with our jobs. We talk about new ideas, programs, concerts, CDs, businesslike items. There is no clear separation between spare time and work!

Can you actually still listen to Strauss waltzes and which music do you like most?

Strauss composed wonderful waltzes and I can always listen to them. I love to listen to all the CDs André has recorded. I also love watching his DVDs.

Actually they are the result of our mutual work and it would not be good if I did not like to watch them. We both value the details in our work and then it gives us joy to watch and listen to the concerts again later on.
And what else do I like to listen to? Well, there is hardly any music I do not like. Jazz maybe, that does not do anything for me. And I do not particularly care for today's Pop-music. Older music, yes: and classical, opera, operetta, musicals, songs. As long as I won't go deaf, I'll keep on enjoying music.

Could you please mention three things which you would rather not have experienced, and three things which you still would love to experience together.

The passing of my parents was of course very tough. That was a hard blow for me as well as André. At some point, most of us experience the death of their parents. You have to deal with it. Somewhere you find the strength to go on without your beloved parents. My mother really was André's biggest fan. Otherwise I have always been very lucky in life.

I cannot say that there are things which I did not want to experience. Sometimes you simply just ignore many. As an after the war (WWII 1940-45) born child, I was brought up very strict and therefore might take life as it comes. My parents had a very hard time during the war. My Jewish father had to go into hiding and almost lost a big part of his family. My mother was a resistance fighter. As a child I always got to hear: "You did not experience the war, so don't be griping". That influences you of course.

What we still like to experience together? In any case that our four grandchildren - the fifth is on its way - grow up healthy. Hopefully we live long enough that we may see them as adults. They are such sweet children now, they will become great adults for sure!

Imagine, your husband says: "I'll have my hair cut short". What will your reaction be?

If he wants to do that, why not? I am sure he will look good that way too. When I learned to know him, he had short hair. He looked good. He always looks good!

Do you have more evening dresses in the closet, or does your husband have more tuxedos?

Haha, I definitely do not have any evening dresses at all, so that answer is clear! But I definitely have more swimming suits than he has swimming trunks. I swim for my health, he does not.

Together you survived your husband's illness (2012 Virus Infection, a three month break) and financial problems. Is there still something that can make you fearful?

Although we know now that we have had some experience in coping with worries, it is still terrible if someone in our family were to suffer from something bad. You cannot prepare yourself for this in life. But we know, that no matter what happens, we will always stick together.

Profession of Love Between Two Book Covers

Marjorie Rieu wrote for André "My music, my life". And as a token of his appreciation he gave her a small golden booklet on a chain, in which both their names had been engraved."
Translation by both Ineke and John

Dec 8, 2015

Happy Birthday to you......

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Happy Birthday to you..........

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Photo Taken at Mexico City Concert ~ September 2013




"Hello to all my fans on The Harmony Parlor!"

Soundcheck in Maastricht 2013 (RTL Photo)

Maastricht 2012 ~ "André on The Theater Steps" by Bee

Maastricht 2012 ~ "André and Pierre on The Theater Steps" by Bee