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May 29, 2008

A High Five For Everyone From André!!

Here's Your Own High Five From André!!

For those that have been envious of the High Fives
the fans have been getting ~

Here's a High Five Just For You!! :)

Thanks for the Photo John!

Mirusia and André ~ Ava Maria

Mirusia Singing Ava Maria

As you know, Mirusia sang Ava Maria on the Spring Tour and she sings it Beautiful!! In Atlantic City André played solo in the middle of the song with her and it was so pretty. Robert made a video of it in Atlantic City and has placed it on Youtube ... here is the link to it. She really does have the voice of an Angel!

♦Mirusia and André in Ava Maria

Friends At André Rieu's Concert in Atlantic City

A Synopsis of My Weekend in Atlantic City

My day started at 3:30 in the morning leaving for the airport. I met up with Betty in Salt Lake City and we flew the rest of our trip together to Philly. From there we had reserved a Limo to take us the hour and 20 minute ride to Atlantic City. To our surprise and delight! when we got into the Limo there was music playing ... André Rieu's The Second Waltz!! I had told the Limo service when making my reservation that we were coming to AC for an André Rieu Concert and they were thoughtful enough to have a CD playing when we got in the limo. Not only that ~ it was an older CD that we didn't have and we just loved the music on it. When the Limo picked us up at the Sheraton to take us back to Philly to catch our flight home, they had Burned a CD for us to take home with us!
Meeting up with all the fans in Atlantic City is something that is so special. It's like a big family and everyone is so happy to see each other. Most of us hadn't met since we were in Toronto last December, so the reunion was exciting with everyone hugging and talking at once. We had the most wonderful fan dinner and after our meal, Laurie had each person stand up and give their name, where they were from and how and when they discovered André. Each and every story was so fascinating to hear. I think the most concerts would go to Ruth Morgan who is on her 30th now!! There are some close runner ups that are trying to catch up to her though! ;-) And as you have seen there were fans from 14 States, plus Australia and Argentina!! All who had flown in just to see Andre's Concert!!

After our Fan Dinner we all headed for The Boardwalk Hall for the Concert ~ None were disappointed! What an amazing concert it was! André was up, and so happy. And the music was beautiful as always! Jeanine and Laurie got another High Five and Sonja got a LONG eye contact look with a wink and a smile at the end of it! We didn't get to see the orchestra members after the concert, as we all were heading back to the hotel to get together at Tun Tavern for food and conversation. We DID see Franco though and there's a cute story about that with a few pictures. Bobbie took them though, and won't be back home until this weekend. As soon as she sends them I will post them on here with the story that goes with them.

Monday some of us went over to the Boardwalk to walk around before everyone either headed home or on to Reading for the concert that night. It was another memory making weekend and we are all getting anxious and excited now for Amsterdam and Maastricht!! ~ Sue :)

May 28, 2008

Fans Around The World Meet for André in Atlantic City!

Here is the picture taken of all of us that were together at the fan dinnerbefore the concert in Atlantic City. Andre's concerts are ALWAYS wonderful! But meeting with old friends and making new is what makes it Special ... We had fans from 14 states, plus Australia, Argentina and the North Pole at the dinner!
Photo by Doug Whalen

André Rieu King of Waltz Promises and Delivers in Reading!

King of the Waltz’ Promises And Delivers
Andre Rieu ~ “King of the Waltz” ~ couldn’t wait to come to Reading, he told A SOLD OUT CROWD Monday night at the Sovereign Center.Charismatic violinist Andre Rieu and his orchestra fill the Sovereign Center with joyful music.

André Again Gives It His All in His Atlantic City and Reading Concerts!!


Just A Few Pictures I Took in Atlantic City at The Fan Dinner
As soon as I get things organized here at home, I will add more pictures that you all have been sending in. Any of you that have taken pictures at Atlantic City or Reading ~ please email them to me so we can post them here for everyone to see!! And did any fans see the last concert in Baltimore? We'd love to hear about that one with any pictures you may have!!

May 23, 2008

From The Adelaide Now

There are so many reports from so called "Critics" that come out on a daily basis, and they just aren't worth posting. This one though had a GREAT picture with it, and I felt it only fair if I was going to share the picture with you on here, that I would have to also add the critics article on André.
Here is the link if you want to read it. But regardless of what the writer (and I use that term loosely) says, Enjoy the picture!

♦Click Here For Adelaide's Critic Report

There is also another article from Lyndall Freeman in Australia, you can click here to read what she wrote for the Adelaide Advertiser.

And last, here's a review of the Ottawa Concert: ♦Link To Ottawa Concert Review

Bye ~ and we'll see you all when we get back from Atlantic City, hopefully with some great pictures from all of us, and stories to tell .....

May 20, 2008

More André Rieu Tulips From Around The World!

Here's "André Rieu" Tulips
Blooming in Elke's Garden in Muenster, Germany now!

Thank you Ineke for sending the pictures for Elke!
(click on pictures to see full size)

No Third André Rieu Concert For Brisbane?

Earlier this month, internationally acclaimed conductor and violinist Andre Rieu visited Queensland, and during a press conference at Suncorp, pleaded with Spence to exempt him from the legislation to allow a third stadium extravaganza.

Click The Link To Read Full Article on The Situation:,23739,23729218-27197,00.html

May 18, 2008

André Rieu "Video Interviews" in Australia

Here are a couple of links to interesting "Video Interviews" with André
in Australia
that I recieved in my "News Alerts" ...

May 17, 2008

♦André Rieu Interview From Montreal Canada

Violinist Andre Rieu and His Orchestra Play Songs
That Touch Him and Audience
Saturday May 17, 2008
The Waltz King has beaten out the Queen of Pop, at least in one country.
You could almost hear Andre Rieu beaming over the phone from Montreal on Wednesday. “By the way, we’re number one in Australia,” said the violinist with a chuckle. “We knocked Madonna off, from place two.”
Rieu had just come off a four-day promotional tour in Australia, supporting his latest release in that country, “Waltzing Matilda.” His concert at 8 tonight at the Times Union Center comes after two dates in Canada, and is the first in a short string of Northeast shows before Rieu takes time off to record a special for European television and a DVD release.
That’s a pretty hectic schedule of recording and touring by most music industry standards, considering that “Waltzing Matilda” was only just released this month. Indeed, he said he releases at least one new product every year, out of necessity.
“I think I’ve been making records now for about 20 years — so I have about 20 CDs and 30 DVDs,” Rieu said. “Of course the live performance, being on stage [is most important], but you need the products out there so that people know who you are. That’s why I make them.”
The abundance of product, combined with Rieu’s flashy performances and appearance, have attracted quite a bit of attention over the years, and not all of it positive. Many classical purists have criticized Rieu’s stage shows; he has often been compared to Liberace in reviews and profiles.
Bigger and Flashier
And the shows are only getting bigger and flashier. His World Stadium Tour, which will follow the European special, is being billed as a “romantic night in Vienna,” complete with costumes, an open ballroom, ice skaters on two rinks and the Vienna State Opera Ballet, among other attractions.
But Rieu, who is classically trained in the violin, originally set out to change many of the preconceptions about performing in modern classical music.
“Nowadays, [the music] belongs suddenly to a small, elite group; it should belong to everybody, like always,” Rieu said. “When Mozart composed his melodies, everybody in the streets whistled his tunes. Now, sitting in a hall, if somebody claps too early, people turn around and give dirty looks.”
Rieu formed his Johann Strauss Orchestra, which he will perform with tonight, in 1987, with those goals in mind. But he insisted that changing the concert-going experience is not his main mission.
“I play music because I love it,” he said. “There are people around in my orchestra who think the same thing.”
Rieu was born in Maastricht, in the Netherlands in 1949. Classical music has followed Rieu throughout his life; his father was conductor of the Limburg Symphony Orchestra, and all of his brothers and sisters perform classical music as well.
“Everyone in our home was playing music all the time,” Rieu said. “There was no way not to play music.”
He got his start early, first picking up the violin at age 5. He studied for a time at conservatories in Liege and Maastricht before completing his training in Brussels in 1977. Until 1989, Rieu was a violinist in the Limburg Symphony Orchestra.
Waltz King
His association with the waltz form is widely known. While still at the music academy, Rieu performed “Gold und Silber” by Franz Lehar with a salon orchestra. In 1996, he earned the nickname “The Waltz King,” something that he is still proud of to this day.
His Johann Strauss Orchestra, as the name suggests, got its start by performing many of Johann Strauss’ works, and of course, waltzes. However, Rieu leads his orchestra through a wide variety of classical, popular and folk music, as well as soundtracks from movies and TV. His latest DVD, “Andre Rieu in Wunderland,” features renditions of “Over the Rainbow” and “Some Day My Prince Will Come” from the Walt Disney film “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.”
When asked how he chooses the songs his orchestra performs, Rieu responded, “With my heart.”
“It’s another cliché, but it’s true,” he continued. “When I choose a song, or a melody, or a piece of music, it’s because I love it, it touches me, it does something with me. That’s why on stage I play music that touches me, because when it touches me I know it will touch the audience. I think that’s the only way to play music.”
Wide Audience
This eclectic program selection, coupled with the flash of his performances, has attracted a wide audience to Rieu’s concerts. While traditionally classical music audiences have been getting older, attracting younger generations to the genre is not one of Rieu’s goals.
“Everybody can listen to my music and come to the concerts,” Rieu said. “And everybody comes, of all ages and educational backgrounds.” Humming music over the phone, he continues: “When I perform, you see the whole audience starting to move, to hum and to smile.”
Rieu credits much of his success to his on-stage demeanor, which he said is exactly the same as he is backstage.
“I know classical musicians who are nice guys, but when they go on stage they are completely different, so serious,” Rieu said. “People like when you go on stage and show your feelings, and that’s what I do.”

May 13, 2008

Exclusive Photos in Melbourne of André and Mirusia

Jann's Daughter Rebecca Get's Exclusive Photos in Melbourne

Letter by Jann from Aussie Fans of André

After much liaising with Telstra Dome, my daughter Rebecca, who is a hobby photographer, was granted a Media Pass to capture the day's events as they unfolded on camera. This also included being present at the Press Conference prior to André and Mirusia entering the Arena itself. Initially daunted by being thrown amongst the "pro's" from the TV Channels and Paper's with their paparazzi camera's etc, and introduced as the photographer from the "website", many of them welcomed the opportunity to ask questions, although not a fan herself, Bec was able to answer most of them. When it comes to getting a particular photo, my daughter has no shame - she obligingly crawled on hands and knees to get from one side of the room to another to seize the opportunity, this brought laughter from Mirusia and a bemused look from Kerstin, from there she perched herself atop chairs and so on. She didn't go unnoticed. You can only imagine my frustration even though I had been allocated a front row seat, sitting there watching Bec having the freedom to go where ever she chose, standing out in the Arena chatting away with Pierre and Kerstin and only a foot away from André and Mirusia - hmmph.

Click Below To Watch Rebecca's Photoshow

Mayor Gerd Leers of Maastricht Doctor in Law

Mayor Gerd Leers of Maastricht, Netherlands

de Limburger

Mayor Gerd Leers of Maastricht received last Saturday an honorary doctorate degree from the University of central Missouri in Warrensburg, in the United States.
Leers, together with his wife, traveled to America to receive this great honor, which was bestowed upon him for his continuous fight of many years against the trafficking of illegal drugs. In addition, Leers' personal involvement in receiving and facilitating the American Students in Maastricht aided in the decision of the University council to award the highest academic honor to the Maastricht Mayor, according to a University spokesperson.
The personal friendship of the Maastricht Mayor and the University was also a reason to bestow Leers the title of Doctor of Law. This friendship is reflected in the expression of the Maastricht Center for Transatlantic studies, an international installation of studies in the capital city of Limburg.
The exceptional relationship between Maastricht and Warrensburg is in a large part due to business man Benoit Wesley from Maastricht. For many years he has been on excellent terms with the University of Central Missouri. Wesley donated a 78 feet high clock tower (The Maastricht Friendship)which has received a very prominent place on the university campus. Because of his merits and efforts to the educational institution, Wesley himself received an honorary doctorate several years ago.

The awarding of the honorary doctorate to Leers, he received the special award from the hands of President Aaron Podolefskyrector, took place Saturday, against a background that in the Unites States is known as Commencement Day, the traditional ending of the academic year. This is the day that thousands of students receive their degree and commence their new careers.

Thank you John for finding and translating this for us. It was a nice article
to read of the Mayor and good friend of Andre's.

May 12, 2008

Richard Wilkins Interview With André Rieu

Richard Wilkins Interviews André in Brisbane

Here is the link below to the interview with André in Brisbane. At the top of the page where it says Find Video, type in André Rieu and then click on Search site'. The page will come up with the videos on them. (It's in two videos.)

André Rieu and Mirusia at The Telstradome

Al recorded the whole event in Melbourne at The Telstradome. Here is the link to listen to it. ~ Thank you Al!

André Rieu at The Telstra Dome in Melbourne

André at The Telstra Dome in Melbourne

Here's the link to a 20 minute video of André and Mirusia's appearancein Melbourne ~ He and Mirusia came in a two horse drawn carriage. He has an interview with Ernie Sigley first, and then he and Mirusia do Waltzing Matilda.

May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day To All The Moms Out There!

May 10, 2008

André Rieu Arrives in Sydney!

André in Sydney Australia!

The Sydney Morning Herald

May 11, 2008

HE'S bigger than U2 and a most unlikely musical sex symbol. If you have not heard of the 58-year-old Dutch violinist and conductor Andre Rieu, you soon will.
Yesterday thousands of fans lined for several blocks down Park Street in Sydney to meet the man and get their DVDs signed.
Rieu has sold more recordings in a one-year period in Australia than any other artist for music giant Universal, and his DVDs have gone platinum 50 times over.
Credited with bringing new audiences to classical music, the statuesque, floppy-haired Dutchman has also been dubbed the "Mel Gibson of the violin".
"The violin is the instrument that for me is the most near to my body. When I have it here, it really vibrates when I play and it looks like a lady," he said yesterday.
Rieu flew into Australia on Wednesday for a promotional tour of his latest album, Waltzing Matilda, featuring I Still Call Australia Home and Home Among The Gum Trees.
Music teacher Elizabeth Evans, 47, of West Pennant Hills, brought her daughters Cordelia Lily, 8, and Priscilla Rose, 11, to meet Rieu.

Thanks Al for sending this!

May 9, 2008

Photo's of André Mirusia and Pierre in Brisbane

André Mirusia and Pierre in Brisbane

Click on the link below if you would like to watch the Photoshow with pictures taken of their personal appearance at Brisbane's Reddacliff Place yesterday.

♦BRISBANE Fans Photoshow
Thank you for all the pictures Jann and Helen from the Aussie Site!

Who Is André Rieu

Sports Minister Judy Spence André Rieu and Mirusia

Brisbane Times
March 9, 2008

As his horse drawn carriage whisks him into Suncorp Stadium, a beautiful opera singer at his side and views of his gigantic castle playing on the big screen, the question begs - Who is Andre Rieu?
A prince, a pop-star or a time-traveller from the time of Beethoven and Strauss?
The best bet would be to ask your mum: just like every tween knows who Hannah Montana is, chances are the over-55s will have heard of Rieu.
The enigmatic Rieu, dubbed "The King of Waltz" is a Dutch conductor whose concert DVDs last year made up 48 per cent of all the DVDs sold in Australia.
Rieu will bring a lavish recreation of a Viennese castle to Suncorp Stadium for two big concerts in December.
Taking up one entire side of the stadium, 250 performers will transport the audience to classical Vienna complete with waltz, ice-rinks, ballroom, horse and carriage and giant fountains.
The humble Rieu was surprised to hear that he had sold more concert tickets at Suncorp than superstar acts like "The Police" and "Robbie Williams."
After being told to take his waltz music "back to your Grandmother's house" by major recording labels back in 1995, Rieu finally found a label and that year sold 850,000 albums in the Netherlands alone.
Rieu grew his Australian fan base from concerts broadcast on the Ovation channel on Foxtel and there were plenty of fans who paid up to $2000 for the chance to meet Rieu in the flesh at Suncorp today .
And what is the source of the allure of Rieu?
According to fan Catharina Hampson-Brans, it's his ability to reach everyone with his melodic music.
"He brings together so many people, the rich, the poor, young, old, all can appreciate his music," she said.
Resplendent in a saffron ball gown right out of a period drama, a Brisbane native also brought a local flavour to the event.
Mirusia is the main singer in Rieu's show and has come a long way from when she initially thought the offer to come and produce music with Rieu was a joke.
"It was just unbelievable, but I couldn't pass up the chance and was in Holland two days later."
The magic of Rieu's "Romantic Night in Vienna" will waltz into Brisbane to play for an estimated 54,000 people on December 3 and 4.
Thank You Chris for sending this!

André Rieu and Mirusia in Brisbane, Australia

André and Mirusia in Brisbane

May 10, 2008 12:00am

AS Australia's rugby league team was preparing to play before several thousand empty seats in Sydney last night, a Dutch violinist declared he could sell out Suncorp Stadium three times over.
And on the evidence of the adoring throng of 3500 fans who turned out to see him play two songs in Brisbane's Reddacliff Place yesterday, Andre Rieu was probably right.
Fans came from as far as New Zealand and Melbourne for the first Brisbane sighting of the 58-year-old showman who sold more DVDs and CDs than another other musician in Australia last year.
The zany conductor, who has torn the stuffiness out of classical music and again made it the fare of the masses, was in Brisbane to promote his two Suncorp Stadium concerts in December.
The first sold out in two days. The second is close to selling out, prompting him to ask Sport Minister Judy Spence for permission to hold a third.
She is considering the request, but is hampered by State Government laws which permit Suncorp only three concerts a year, meaning the quota is full already given Rieu's two dates added to the visit by British pop icons The Police in January.
The man dubbed the King of Waltz has become so big in Australia that six of Australia's 10 top-selling DVDs last week were his and the only problems for his promoters, unlike last night's Centenary Test at the SCG, is finding arenas big enough to cope with his fans.
Waltzing Matilda, his tribute album to Australia recorded with gifted Brisbane soprano Mirusia Louwerse, went platinum in Australia in 10 days.
Yesterday he spent two hours signing autographs in a queue which at one stage snaked 250m around the perimeter of Reddacliff Place. Not bad for a man who was told to "go back and play for your grandmother" when he first tried to make an album 15 years ago.
"That was what the recording people told me," he said.
"They laughed at me. They said they only made rock records.
"It took me seven years to convince a recording person to come to my concerts. He only stayed for half of it but agreed to make an album which sold 750,000 in Holland alone.
"Michael Jackson beat me by selling 850,000 but he took two years. I did it in one."
Rieu, who speaks seven different languages, is a big earner and a massive spender.
In December he will bring 500 people (350 performers, 150 crew) including his own chefs with him for a show which includes the construction of a giant castle and, perhaps even more incredibly, an outdoor ice rink designed to withstand Brisbane's scorching summer heat.
"I could come here and play a small show, squeeze in a big crowd and no-one would be happy. I want people to have an experience they will remember for life."
Rieu's concerts are renowned for their playfulness, featuring (among other things) a three-year-old violinist spitting water, and band members chatting and laughing with each other as if they are at rehearsal.
"I enjoy humour and fun and wanted to have some in my concerts. Why not make people happy?" he said.
Robert Craddock is a senior Courier-Mail sport writer. He watches Andre Rieu for fun.

May 7, 2008

Fans Greet André Rieu at Brisbane, Australia Airport!

André Is Greeted by Fans on Landing in Brisbane

André is on his promotional tour now in Australia and a small group of fans were given a surprise opportunity to be at Brisbane Airport to welcome him as he arrived from Holland last night. They were pleasantly suprised to see Pierre with him too!
Click on Link Below to Read Full Story and Watch Photoshow

May 6, 2008

André Rieu To Tour Austria in February 2009

André Rieu Concerts in "Austria" February 2009
Tickets Onsale Now!
Sonntag, 15. Feb 2009
Stadthalle Graz, Graz, Österreich
Montag, 16. Feb 2009
Wiener Stadthalle, Wien, Österreich
Dienstag, 17. Feb 2009
Intersport Arena Linz, Linz, Österreich
Mittwoch, 18. Feb 2009
salzburgarena, Salzburg, Österreich
Donnerstag, 19. Feb 2009
Olympiahalle, Innsbruck, Österreich

Thank you to Adele for alerting us about this!

André Rieu Expected To Attract Thousands in Sydney

André Rieu Will Be Appearing in Sydney

May 10th, at the Ticketek Offices on Park Street
10:30am to 2:00pm

Thanks Jann for sending the news clipping!

May 4, 2008

The Mirusian Dream With André Rieu

Mirusia Records With André Rieu

How a young local singer got to Record with the King of The Waltz! Performing to the masses and recording a new album with André Rieu, it's a dream come true with Brisbane singer, Mirusia.

Click on the link below to read the article:

♦ Full Article With Mirusia

Thank you for sending this Jann!

May 3, 2008

André Rieu One Night Christmas Concert in Arnhem

André Rieu Christmas Concert

Friday 19 December in the Gelredome, Arnhem, the Netherlands.
Ticket sales effective 3 May via Ticket service:
or 0900-3001250

André Rieu and his Johan Strauss Orchestra will perform a one time only Christmas concert in the Gelredome in Arnhem. This will take place on December 19th. Ticket sales for this unique Christmas Gala will start on the 3rd of May.
Rieu is currently celebrating his big successes all over the world, and has very little time to perform in his home country.

For the Christmas Gala, Rieu will bring a special program, which will encompass the Christmas spirit and the Viennese romance. "We have developed some very special ideas. I am already excited about them. We are thinking amongst others about a huge ice rink, a dance floor, with dancers and ballet", said the renowned Maastrichter violinist and conductor.
Rieu will travel in November and December to Australia where he has been breaking all records. Without having played there, André Rieu has become the most successful artist in Australia. More DVD's and CD's from the Dutch violinist and his Johan Strauss Orchestra are being sold than from any other artist. In the last 12 months Rieu has sold more than a million DVD's and CDs, and in 2007 he was the best selling musician. For 18 weeks André Rieu was the number 1 in the Australian top 10, and in the same top 10 were 6 Rieu albums for a 12 week period. At a certain moment 9 of Rieu's DVD were in the top 10. In total, he reached platinum 49 times in 12 months. Rieu and his Johan Strauss orchestra will go to Australia under the theme of the "World Stadium Tour", which will carry with it a copy of the world famous Viennese castle Schönbrunn. Ticket sales for these huge concerts a running wild in places like Melbourne and Sydney.
Prior to those months there will be tours and concert in countries like Germany, France, Belgium, the United States and Canada.
Thank You for Translating and sending this John!






Pierre and André September 30, 2016 Maastricht












Photo Taken at Mexico City Concert ~ September 2013




"Hello to all my fans on The Harmony Parlor!"

Soundcheck in Maastricht 2013 (RTL Photo)

Maastricht 2012 ~ "André on The Theater Steps" by Bee

Maastricht 2012 ~ "André and Pierre on The Theater Steps" by Bee