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Jan 23, 2009

André Rieu Adds 5th Concert To The Vrijthof in Maastricht!

Rieu Wants To Do More Frequent Concerts on The Vrijthof

De Limburger January 23, 2009

André Rieu would prefer to conduct his concerts on the Vrijthof in Maastricht next year during two consecutive weekends. Since the public interest has grown so large this year the world renowned violinist has added a fifth concert to his string of concerts in July.

The first three concerts on Friday July 10, Saturday July 11 and Sunday July 12 are already sold out and Mondays July 13th concert is almost sold out. Because of the brisk ticket sales, the decision of a fifth concert was made. If all concerts this year are sold out, 50,000 people will have attended the 2009 Concerts on The Vrijthof.

Two consecutive weekends would afford André the opportunity to perform 6 Concerts on the Vrijthof in 2010. The feasibility of spreading the concerts over two, possibly three weekends is not yet quite clear. "We are in discussion about that with the city of Maastricht", according to Rieu spokesperson Kirsten Cornelis.

We have to look at the possibilities of leaving the stage and other facilities on the Vrijthof during non performance days. The extra performances also come into play with the total of allowable performances of 50 per year on the Vrijthof. We are looking very favorably at all possibilities according to a city spokesperson.

Thank you to John for the translation! (again done over the phone ;-)

2 New André Rieu DVDs in New Zealand February 2nd

Two New DVDs for Award Winning Violinist André Rieu

New Zealand ~ Friday January 23, 2009 ~ Universal Music is releasing 2 new DVDs in New Zealand February 2nd by violinist André Rieu and his Johann Strauss Orchestra.

André Rieu - Live In Maastricht II This new live DVD will allow you to experience André Rieu at his best. It features the Johann Strauss Orchestra, 100 children from the music school, the Platinum Tenors, Mirusia, Carmen and Suzan and the 13-year-old musical talent Melissa Venema on the trumpet.

André Rieu - Dancing Through The Skies (DVD/CD) Enjoy André's exclusive concert at the famous Semper Opera the wonderful opera house of Dresden, Germany where he performed in 2008!

Jan 16, 2009

Carla Maffioletti Will Join André Rieu on 2009 USA Tour

Carla Maffioletti Will Be in The American Tour With André!
Dear André Rieu friends, I just received this from Carla Maffioletti herself ...."I'm going to join André in all concerts on the American Tour this year, which means APRIL, MAY and JUNE 2009."

Carmen Monarcha will be singing in the XIII Amazon Festival of opera's in Manaus Brazil, April, May and June 2009. ~ Arie

Thank you Arie for this GREAT News!!

Two New André Rieu Releases For Australia!

Two New Releases For Australia!

AVAILABLE END JANUARY: Live in Maastricht II A new live DVD will allow you to experience André Rieu at his best. Back in his home town of Maastricht in time for the traditional summer evening concert on the Vrijthof. Once again the famous square has been transformed into a fabulous open air temple to music.

AVAILABLE END FEBRUARY: Dancing Through The Skies A better party atmosphere than this you cannot imagine! A concert with André Rieu which is also a wedding party, which takes place in one of the most beautiful opera houses in the world, the famous Semper Opera in Dresden. Available on DVD and CD.

Jan 11, 2009

André Rieu in Dusseldorf January 2009

Here are some pictures from Hanne at the concert in Dusseldorf on January 10, 2009. It sure looks like André and the JSO are having a LOT of Fun!! ~ Thanks Hanne for the pics!

Photos of André Rieu in Dusseldorf 2009

Here are a few pictures from Peggy who also went to the Dusseldorf Concert
last night. ~ Thanks Peggy for the photos!

Jan 10, 2009

André Rieu Presents Rowwen Hèze With Their Awards!

André Reiu and The Band Rowwen Hèze

Here's an article that came out yesterday in the Limburger about the band, "Rowwen Hèze" that were the Guest Entertainers with André in Maastricht at his 2007 concerts on the Vrijthof. Those of you who were there will remember them in the Encores. ~ Photo by Marcel van Hoorn

The Limburger Maastricht by Peter van de Berg ~ The New Year for the dialect band 'Rowwen Hèze' started out extremely well this year. The group from America (a city in Limburg) was surprised last night at the Theater on The Vrijthof with a wheel barrow full of Solid Gold Albums. The band is currently performing in the second part of their very successful theater tour called, "Suas".

They were interrupted for the presentation of their awards last night by André Rieu. The surprise was the highlight of the evening for Jack Poels and his band members when the orchestra leader of the Johann Strauss Orchestra walked out on the stage unannounced, surprising the band and the audience with his appearance and a load of Golden Awards for the Band's CD's Dageraad (2003), Kilomaeters (2005) and Rodus & Lucius (2006) that have sold a minimum of 35,000 copies. Kilometers, has already sold 60,000 copies and will soon reach Platinum.

André Rieu, who himself this week was announced by Pollstar as being in the Top Ten Touring acts in the world, remarked to the fact that his musical colleagues from North Limburg have been performing and maintaining their Limburg dialect for the last 24 years and because of that Rowwen Hèze has developed their own identity. ~
*Thanks to John for the translation!

*I little note here ~ John who translated this for us, has been without a computer for several weeks now. He and Bobbie went to Kansas for the Christmas Holidays to visit Bobbies family and he did have a computer where he was staying there with Bobbies sister. That's how he has been able to continue with translations for us without interuption.
They are back home now though and their computer is still not ready. John and I did this article, by him going to the Library, using the computer there, bringing up the article and printing it out and taking it home with him. He then called me on the phone and read the translation to me over the phone while I typed it out. An Extra Big Thank You John!! :)

Jan 5, 2009

André Rieu Is Top 10 Touring Act!

André Rieu Is Top 10 Touring Act In The World
With 300,000 Tickets Sold for 2009 Already Rieu Is On His Way
To Become a Fixture in The Touring Charts

NEW YORK, January 5 /PRNewswire/ With an incredible number of 714,617 tickets sold and a gross revenue of US$76.9 mln André Rieu clinched the 8th position in Pollstar's top 10 of worldwide touring acts. At 59, Rieu is still burning from ambition and his next goal is to definitively conquer the USA.

Pollstar, the organization that keeps track of the concert industry just published their annual ranking of the top 10 worldwide concert tours. The list is topped by Madonna with a gross of US$281.6 mln. The top three is completed by Celine Dion, with a gross revenue of US$236.6 mln and Bon Jovi, with US$176.3 mln.
After almost making the top 10 in the past few years, Rieu debuts at number 8, with a gross revenue of US$76.9 mln. For his 71 shows, Rieu sold 714,617 tickets in 2008. The average of 10,065 tickets is without a doubt the highest a classical artist has ever seen.

With over 300,000 tickets already sold for concerts in 2009, Rieu is on his way to become a fixture in the worldwide touring charts. André Rieu has scheduled 35 concerts throughout the USA and Canada in April, May and June. He also rolled out plans to tour Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and of course his home country the Netherlands.

The success of Rieu was driven by strong ticket sales in Europe and Australia for his World Stadium Tour - Rieu's extravagant tour with a full size reproduction of Empress Sisi's Castle, the biggest stage ever to go on tour. The top 10 accomplishment is only firing up Rieu's ambitions. He is hunting for more success and bigger things. "The USA is next on the list. It's my goal to tour the States with the Schonbrunn Castle. The success there hasn't kept up with the success in Europe, Asia and Australia, and we're going to do everything possible to conquer the USA and sell out football stadiums," according to Rieu.

Rieu's benchmark for success lies in Australia, where he virtually owns the charts. Rieu has positions one to six in the Music DVD Top 50 and a total of 21 records in the top 50. Rieu recently reached 100x platinum sales in Australia for his CD's and DVD's. ~ Photo by G. Ramaekers

Jan 4, 2009

André Rieu The Entrepreneur From Maastricht

André Rieu The Entrepreneur

Maastricht citizen André Rieu is world famous from Appingendam to Adelaide. He draws full halls and stadiums around the world. With a large orchestra, beautiful costumes and an occasional wink, Rieu re-introduced classical music to the millions. Rieu gives his public a warm feeling, a hint of romance and makes it laugh. In the year 2008, he sold 27 million CD’s and DVD’s. Rieu’s organization from Maastricht to New York, entails 150 employees. André Rieu productions, is a mini multinational organization. And all the reigns come together at the violinist-conductor-entrepreneur.

►Click Here For André Rieu Entrepreneur Article

Thanks to Ineke and Ruud for sending this and John for Translating it!

André Rieu's New Years Day Concert 2009 Cologne

André's New Years Day Concert in Cologne
Here are some pictures and a little report on the concert from Simone.

They had the Clog Dance and André did the clog Dance with them! While the girls were dressing again into thier normal clothes the boys had a party on the stage. And during this party Franco was holding up the sign with André's picture and telephone number on it! ;-) Very funny.
It was a FANTASTIC concert! I love his new program. For me it was nearly the best he ever had.We had very good seats in the 3rd row exactly in the middle. André was in a very good mood. He smiled and made jokes the whole time. The time ran too quickly during the concert and I couldn't believe when I heared the "Radetzkymarsch" that the concert is nearly over. ~ Simone

Photos by ©Simone
ALL of Simone's Photos of the New Years Day Concert.

Jan 2, 2009

The André Rieu Legend Continues

The André Rieu Legend Continues

Cameron Adams January 2, 2009

André Rieu is the unlikely success story of 2008. He's the licence to print money no record company or tour promoter wanted to touch.
With more than two million DVDs and CDs entering Australian homes in the past 18 months, and ticket sales of more than half a million on his November Australian tour, Rieu outsold "cool" artists such as Madonna, Pink, Kylie and Kings of Leon. His Live in Australia DVD has sold almost 300,000 copies in three weeks, becoming the No. 1 music purchase for Christmas.

Rieu is the face of the older demographic the music industry forgot or ignored. They don't illegally download music and buy CDs, DVDs and concert tickets. What's the secret to his success? It's simple, says record store owner Brian Harris, who championed Rieu years ago.
"He makes people happy. The media is full of negative stories of doom and gloom. When you watch an Andre Rieu performance you get wonderful music but you also see people being genuinely happy. "There's very little pretentiousness in his shows . . . people who go to them are not classical music fans. Indeed, the classical music fraternity don't like the guy. But he has added colour and vitality to classical music."

Mr Harris says Rieu's older fans get transported back in time at his concerts. Mr Harris, who runs Canberra's Songland records, saw Rieu's potential three years ago. He called him "the most important act the music industry has seen in the past 10 years". "People laughed at me, but I think I'm having the last laugh," he says.

Cable channel Ovation was first to give Rieu exposure. It played his live concerts, which led to DVD sales. It was word-of-mouth marketing in a time of hi-tech, expensive promotion aimed at people buying less and less music. "That (older) demographic is so poorly serviced by record companies and the media," Mr Harris says. "There are people in that demographic who still love music and are still inspired by it." But Mr Harris says Rieu's audience is getting younger.
"Are there 18-year-olds buying Andre Rieu? No. But over the holiday season you hear about families watching his DVDs, perhaps reluctantly, but going, 'That's actually pretty good'. So there's a trickle-down effect." Not bad for a man who was so spurned by record companies he embarked on a DIY operation.

"Nobody wanted to make a record with me," Rieu says. "I was ringing record companies, and they'd say, 'You play waltzes? Go home and play for your grandmother'. "I always said, 'When you make a record for me, it will explode'. And I was right. Nobody expects in a time of heavy metal and rock, there comes a violinist from Holland who sells a lot of music."

He not only pays for his music, he runs his touring company. Rieu financed his Australian tour, making up the $5.6 million he spent on each show with pricey tickets, paid meet-and-greets, merchandise, a pay-for-view special and CD and DVD sales. He pays for the recording of his own albums and DVDs, bypassing the method by which record companies usually make money. Rieu has a licensing arrangement with Universal in Australia; he provides it with finished CDs and DVDs, it produces, markets and promotes them. It's a lucrative set-up. Most artists make about $4.00 from the $25 or $30 price of each music DVD. Sources suggest he is pocketing at least $10.00
Record companies have a habit of chasing trends; the search for the next Andre Rieu is already on -- Helmut Lotti is being groomed for a Rieu-style push next year. And Universal will release three more Rieu CDs before April.
"It's simple," Rieu said. "There are millions of people out there who love this sort of music and love the way I play it."

Article From The Herald Sun ~ Photos from 'André Rieu Live in Australia' DVD

Jan 1, 2009

When Suzan's Microphone Didn't Work

As most of you have heard, in Melbourne when Suzan started to sing "I Belong To Me", her microphone didn't work. It turned out a very cute and funny situation ... Just for fun, I snagged some pictures off the DVD and put them in the order it was happening to look at. Click on the link below to see them.

►Suzan and André From "Live in Australia"

André Rieu Looks Back at 2008

Son Pierre Almost Collapses After Canadian Adventure

By Jan-Jaap de Kloet Hilversum December 29, 2008 The Telegraph

In a furious tempo, André Rieu travels the world over, he sells hundreds of thousands of CD’s and DVD’s in almost every continent and after a five week tour in Australia he does not even take the time to relax at home. No, it is immediately in the plane to Amsterdam to visit the radio and television studio’s in order to talk about amongst others, his adventures. The music is what has kept him enthusiastic for almost thirty years.

With almost 700,000 attendees worldwide, the sympathetic Maastricht citizen (59) is one of the most sought after artist in the past 12 months. What exactly his secret is, he does not know himself. It sounds kind of vague but, "Maybe I feel what the people like."

Easily Accessible
What I do know is that I do not do anything complicated with classical music. I transfer a concert into a nice evening in a manner which is easily accessible. And I play what I like and I support that 100%. I do not pull any stunts. And that apparently is what the people notice. Apparently it is pleasing".

Looking back, the violinist from the southern part of the country, hails 2008 as an exciting year. Exactly one year ago he started his World Stadium Tour in the Rodgers Center in the Canadian City of Toronto as the world premier. A true copy of the Viennese Schönbrunn Palace complete with a one- on- one scale copy of its famous ballroom, and two ice rinks on which world champions could show their skills during the concerts.

The décor did cost Rieu a bundle, but the troubles started when the trip to Australia was accepted. The TÜV, (the German Department of Environment Health and Safety) rejected the décor for open air concerts. The stadium in Canada is covered and on that we had based our calculations. With an open roof where wind and rain can have an effect on the décor, well ... we just did not take those matters into consideration.

Looking at it from a public standpoint, Rieu and his Johann Strauss Orchestra had a banner year. Financially not so. "I have very little left. I had to promise the bank never to do that again". And to cancel was not an option. I could not let the fans down. I look at it as an investment in marketing. Every one now talks about us. And I have to add that those weeks in Australia were really fantastic. But for 2010 I have given the orders to place all covered stadiums in a row.

He is less enthusiastic about Canada. "Not because of the public, they were also furiously enthusiastic". But the goings on behind the scenes with the unions, the technical shortcomings were just appalling. Because of the experience in Canada, Rieu decided to permanently add three generators for electrical power. "I almost had a coronary when half an hour before the Toronto concert the electricity failed", says Pierre, André’s son. "We barely made it. That incident, the bad Canadian crew with whom I had to work with and also had for the entire night to disassemble the décor. It was just about too much for me".
Pierre completely collapsed upon his return to the Netherlands. "I noticed that nothing was affecting me. I returned home just before Christmas, but it did not faze me at all. My emotions were gone. I was done. I discovered that I too, was only human."

André, the father, "Of course it also took me totally by surprise. I noticed that Pierre had been working way too hard. And that touched me very deeply. We have had several intense conversations about that. Those were emotional moments because they entailed everything in which we were involved. But it has strengthened and deepened our bond, which was already very good. We have grown even closer. Mainly because we keep no secrets from one another. We’ve learned a lot from it". That process was necessary to change the organization. For the nocturnal hours a team, on which Pierre can depend upon, has been hired. Rieu Jr. is still in charge, but can delegate matters much better now. In addition, he has also received a spot in the direction of the company around André. "Yes, I just found out about it myself" quipped Pierre who earlier this year on 18 October married his beloved Eefje in the castle of Dad André. "It was really nice".

Because of Pierre’s new position, André can concentrate more on his music and concerts. And new talents. In that respect, I am busy with my record company, "Universal Music" to fly under their flag and establish my own label "André Records". "With that I would like to publish music which I myself find interesting and nice. Maybe that might still have to be discovered and probably has been hidden underneath some stairs in Berlin for the last thirty years. "André’s Choice" seems to be a nice title. I would also like to give young talents a chance. People who love my concerts will buy my CD’s blindly anyway".

André Rieu conquers the world in his very own manner. Although there are still a few empty spots on his chart. "South America shows a lot of interest and of course we are working on that". Noticeably barely anything is going on in Great Britain. We did notice however that the people there have become more aware after the Australian success. This coming year, the Schönbrunn will be stored somewhere in the vicinity of Maastricht. It will only appear once in all its glory on 5 September in the ArenA in Amsterdam. "After that, no world tour. At least not for a while. But of course we will perform many concerts nationally as well as internationally.

"And yes, I have been in this business for thirty years. But for that, I will not stop in any given moment. I loathe the predetermined time for when we have to celebrate such an event. I am much more in favor for spontaneity. Just like after a concert. Than you can let everything go. That I enjoy much more.

Thank you Ruud, Ineke and John for sending this translated for us!




Pierre and André September 30, 2016 Maastricht












Photo Taken at Mexico City Concert ~ September 2013




"Hello to all my fans on The Harmony Parlor!"

Soundcheck in Maastricht 2013 (RTL Photo)

Maastricht 2012 ~ "André on The Theater Steps" by Bee

Maastricht 2012 ~ "André and Pierre on The Theater Steps" by Bee