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Apr 30, 2008

Photos of Andre's Concert in Kansas City

"Sonja's Photoshow of The Wonderland Tour in KC"

Click on Link Below To Watch Sonja's Photoshow

André Rieu Appearing in Melbourne May 12, 2008

Personal Appearance at Telstra Dome ~ Melbourne
Monday May 12, 2pm – 5pm

Victorian fans need not wait until November to see their favourite ‘King Of The Waltz’. Acclaimed violinist and current international phenomena André Rieu is making a surprise trip to Melbourne, ahead of his extravaganza series of concerts later this year.
André will be making his only public appearance in Melbourne at Telstra Dome in less than a fortnight and will be performing two or three songs from his new album ‘Waltzing Matilda’. Open and free-of-charge to the public, this one-off event will act as a precursor to Andre’s much talked about Australian tour in November 2008.
A temporary stage will be set up at the Coventry End (Southern end) of the Stadium and seating will be opened at Levels 1 & 2, to cater for the convened crowd.

Too Big For Queen Street Mall ~ Brisbane
Friday May 9th 2:00pm - 4:30pm

The man who has achieved the recent record of 50 platinum music awards in Australia has become too popular to hold a personal appearance in Queen Street Mall, with organisers fearing the venue will be too small to accommodate his many expected fans.
The ‘King Of The Waltz’, acclaimed violinist André Rieu was to make a surprise performance and signing session in Queen Street Mall on Friday May 9, however, due to the level of interest received from the public, organisers have had to relocate the appearance to; REDDACLIFF PLACE (between Treasury Casino and Brisbane Square) Friday 9th May, 2.00pm – 4.30pm
Located at the top of the Queen Street Mall, the Casino will play backdrop to Andre Rieu and his special guest, Brisbane-girl Mirusia.

Brisbane Marketing will provide 1,000 chairs, however, seating will not be allocated or reserved so visitors are advised to arrive early to avoid missing out. As it is an outdoor event, precautions against the weather are also recommended. ... Thank you Jann!

André Rieu Launches Official Australian Website!

♦André Rieu Official Australian Website
It was just launched today and they will be adding more to it
in the days to come ... but it is up and running now!!

They have ALL the shedules with times on his upcoming visit
to Australia in May on this new website!

Thanks for the Heads Up Jann!

Apr 29, 2008

Matt Lauer in Amsterdam

Where in The World Is Matt Lauer?
He's in The Netherlands With The Tulips!

There's some great video's here of Matt Lauer in Amsterdam!
He's on the canal's, Anne Frank's House, in the Tulip Fields ... and with
some very interesting facts about the Netherlands.
It's all current ... he was there today.
The video's are on the right side of the page if you scroll down a little bit.

♦ Click Here ♦

Thanks Chris and Betty for the heads up on this!

Andre's Last Concert of The Spring Tour With a "Cute" Treat

Last Concert of The April Tour

The first leg of the Spring Tour in the States here is over now and it seems André ended it with a bang! I talked to Ruth who was at the Miami Concert last night . She said it was a full house and even better than Jacksonville ~ André was jumping and dancing on the stage and even added a couple of songs to the encores! She also told the cutest concert story of Andre's I've ever heard ...
During the encores, a man was standing in front of the stage holding his little boy (that Ruth said looked about two years old.) The little boy had a toy violin and as his dad was holding him he was playing it in front of André while André was playing a song ... Then André, seeing this little boy playing his toy violin reached down, took him from his father, lifted him up onto the stage and stood him next to him ... They continued to play together, the little boy playing his violin standing side by side right along with André, moving his bow on his toy violin right in time with the music. At the end of the song, André took his hand and they bowed together ...André then picked him up laughing and said, "who does he belong to?" And then handed him back down to his father ... Thanks Ruth!

Nan's First Live Concert With André Rieu

My Very First André Rieu Concert
By NAN from Tampa!

Click on the link below to read all about Nan's experience at
her very first concert with André in Tampa, Florida.
Because it is longer than most posts, I made a separate page for it.

Thank you Nan for sending this to us, I really enjoyed reading your
account of seeing André in concert for the "First Time!"

♦ Click Here For Nan's Full Concert Report ♦

Apr 27, 2008

André Rieu Tulips Coming Up Around The World!

André Rieu Tulips in Holland!
Ineke sent some pictures of her André Rieu Tulips
in bloom now in Holland!

The last picture is of André Tulips, blooming in Gemma
and Nand's garden in Belgium ...

Apr 25, 2008

A Message From Ruth on Her Jacksonville Concert

Ruth called me a little while ago from Jacksonville, where she had just seen Andre's concert there. She was with Jeanine, and said that they saw Dan Lycon and his wife Alice who were there, and got to visit with them for a bit before the concert. She said they were in the front row on the isle and Jeanine got a "High Five" from André! ~ We know Jeanine's excited tonight! :)

Before the concert, they had a VIP Dinner they went to put on by PBS and they had two of the JSO members there for it.
Leon van Wijk and Teun Ramaekers were both there and she really enjoyed that she got to talk to Tuen for quite a bit at their table.

She said the concert was wonderful and Andre's new soloist, Donij did sing her solo tonight. (She sang solo in Chicago, but although she was there in Kansas City, she didn't sing solo as she wasn't feeling well.)

They're still on a cloud of course and are really looking forward to Sunday night now, where they'll be going on to the final concert of the tour in Miami.

Apr 24, 2008

Enjoy The "Fun" of Chris's Personal Concert Experience!

When we were all standing up at the stage at the end, as the orchestra was leaving the stage, (and… just wishful thinking…wild imagination…or not?)
I caught eye contact with Teun and Andre as they each passed! Whew!!!
It kinda took my breath away! Teun has big Dutch Chocolate Brown eyes!
(But I still can’t say his name, even though Sonja & John coached me on it repeatedly. Yeeees, John, I hear ya – they’re married! …well, not to each other)

Another thing that was a bit of a thrill, was when they were playing their opening song “Voices of Spring”, during a part in the middle that I really, really like, I gave a little “woo hooooo” and it made Andre SMILE!!!! On the “Andre Rieu in Concert” CD, that part is at minute 2:35 and again at 2:50. Throb, throb! It’s insanely flirty – makes me crazy, but it’s not always included when they play that.
I tried a whole bunch of times to get even an average shot of Marcel, like I have before. But darned if they didn’t ALL turn out blurry – not even usable! During one of the shots, Bobbie leaned over my shoulder and said she thought he was obliging my camera ;-). Taking pictures is so much a part of the fun, and then comparing with everyone else to see who got the cleverest one. I sure hope Andre keeps allowing it! My very favorite in my slide show is slide #25. I think it was either during Vilja Song or Komm Zigany – no explanation needed!!!

Back a few weeks ago, there was chatter about extra tickets at either Atlantic City, or Kansas City. It was so tempting, because we would miss their tour in the west this year, so, even though I had just seen them in October, I took the plunge and bought an extra KC ticket that Maggie had – I’ve never been there before. I couldn’t have been more blessed. We started corresponding right away and found a lot we had in common and exchanged poetry and life stories. My, that gal is quite a prolific writer – and it’s really good stuff – magazine worthy! A short story series she sent about her grandmother really tugged at my heart. If you haven’t met her yet, and ever get the chance, introduce yourself and you’ll feel like a part of her family right away. Meeting the others there, too, was such a privilege. Sonja, of course, who has provided the platform for so many of us to become friends over the years; John & Bobbie, who have helped provide many of the translations; Dimitri & Vasilia are a delightful couple with a cute sense of humor; Maggie’s high-school friend, Marian (Toots) was there; as well as Bobbie’s sisters and several others that I didn’t have a chance to get to know as well.
It was a terrific weekend, it was a birthday splurge for me, and worth every penny!!!
~ Chris T.
Click Here For Chris's Photoshow Of The Concert In Kansas City

André Tackles The Australian Classics in Waltzing Matilda

Thursday April 24, 2008

Acclaimed Dutch violinist Andre Rieu was so blown away by Australian support on his last visit Down Under that he has now taken on classics such as Tie Me Kangaroo Down and Botany Bay.
After being swamped with fans when he came to Australia last year Rieu was prompted to make an album of Australian classics to be released on Saturday.
Credited with revitalising international waltz, Rieu had only been familiar with Waltzing Matilda but wanted to go a step further.
He joined up with Brisbane soprano Mirusia, now based in Holland, and the two created the album which includes songs such as I Still Call Australia Home and Home Among the Gum Trees.
Speaking from the US, where he is touring, Rieu said Australia was number one for him.
"Because of the big success in Australia I thought this is the moment that I could adapt my record to Australia and that is what I did," Rieu told AAP.
"She (Mirusia) chose all the songs because I didn't know them but I could arrange them and make them, and it was great fun to do it."
Rieu has sold more than one million recordings in DVD and CD sales in Australia across 39 titles and last year he was Universal Music's biggest selling artist.
Rieu said that support in Australia meant the world to him.
"I'm a musician to make music for the audience, that is my life, that is my dream that is my whole being so when it works out like in Australia, then it's fantastic," Rieu said.
When asked what he thought of Australian classics when he first heard them he said: "If I didn't find them great, I wouldn't have put them on my record."
Rieu will be in Australia on a promotional visit next month, stopping off at Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.
In November he will tour Australia and is looking forward to being exposed to more Australian music."(Apart from Mirusia) I don't know any Australian musicians yet but I think I'll get to know when I'm there," he said.
~ Written by Katherin Field

Thank you Jann for sending this!

Apr 21, 2008

Our First Look At Some André Tulips!!

Maggie Sent Pictures of The First André Tulip's We've Seen!

She said she left for a week to go see André in Concert in Kansas City
and look who was waiting for her when she got home! ~ André!!
She planted 30 Bulbs and ALL 30 Bloomed!! They're Beautiful Maggie!!

Apr 19, 2008

Photo's of Kansas City Concert!

Photos of The Kansas City Concert From Bobbie
John and Bobbie said the concert was Fantastic!!

Photo Show Of Last Nights Concert in Kansas City!

Kansas City Concert ~ April 18, 2008

It seems the concert in Kansas City was a lot different than
the one in Chicago. In Chicago he played the Glenn Miller Medley
during the encores with the André Sisters, not so in Kansas City.
He also played the Song of The Volga in Chicago, but not in Kansas City.
He played Amazing Grace in Kansas City, but not in Chicago.

In Chicago he had a new girl, Donij that he introduced and she sang a
beautiful solo. She was at the Kansas City concert, but didn't sing a solo.
So it's anybody's guess what the concert will be that you're going to!
Whatever it is, you know it will be Beautiful!!

You can see the new soloist that André introduced in Chicago in
the pictures here with Bela ... she's so pretty and a beautiful voice!

Click on Link Below For John's Photoshow

An André Picture Just For Fun :)

I had emailed John and Maggie and asked them if they had more pictures
to send me for the Parlor. I got home and had a LOT of pictures
in my email from both of them and will put them on in a little bit ...
I saw this one in Maggies pictures though and it made me SMILE,
so thought I would put it on here now.
André is having so much fun in it you can tell.
You can almost hear the music ~ it makes you want to clap your hands! :)
It was taken at the Kansas City concert.

Thank you John and Maggie for the sending the pictures right away!

Maggie's Photos From Andre's Kansas City Concert

Glenn was playing the Drums next to his Dad!
He has become such a handsome young man and talented!

Click The Link Below For Maggie's Photoshow

André Rieu in Sydney May 10th

André Will Be Serenading Sydney Soon!

The Sydney Morning Herald ~ April 23, 2008

Speaking of international heart-throbs, the Dutch violinist Andre Rieu will make a Mother's Day trip to Sydney before his Sydney concert dates in November.
Rieu will be at Ticketek's Park Street offices on May 10, signing copies of his new album Waltzing Matilda, which is out this weekend. Tickets to his concert on November 28 go on sale at 9am today.

Apr 18, 2008

Andre's Wonderland Tour ~ Chicago April 15, 2008

André Rieu Kicks Off His US Wonderland Tour in Chicago!

April 15 was the first concert in Chicago of Andre's "Wonderland Tour" and I said I would let you all know who was there ... Mirusia was there ~ Suzan and Carmen are not with him ~ BUT don't be too dissapointed because you are in for some suprises!
There were of course the favorite songs ~ But there were new songs and some "new twists" to some "old songs." For example, Mirusia sang "Ava Maria" for her first song. I know we all miss Carmen, but Mirusia sang it SO BEAUTIFUL and you could have heard a pin drop! Her second song was "Memories" ... again just Beautiful!!!

André then announced that he is always looking for new talent and he had found a beautiful girl with a beautiful voice from Maastricht to add as his new soloists. I don't remember her name, but those of you that have "Live in Vienna" will recognize her from the chorus. She is so pretty and really does have a Beautiful voice. I loved her right away! She sang Song of Vilja. I have to admit at first I compared it to Carmen's, but as she sang her voice was so beautiful I was hearing and appreciating only hers. I just know you are all going to love her!! John is going to get some good pictures of her in KC!

There was more Beautiful Music in this concert and no comical skits.

Not to say Andre's humor wasn't alive and well!! ~ Just no skits.
A few of the songs he played that we haven't heard in awhile on tour were:

Gold and Silber (Live in Vienna)
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (Live in Vienna)
Three Tenors ~ This Land is Mine (Wonderland)
Salomé (Wonderland)
Sabre Dance (Wonderland)

In The Encores we also got the Glenn Miller Medley and The André Sisters
which I know a lot of us love and don't get to see him play live in concert.
He played of course the Blue Danube and also played Song of The Volga.
And, for those of you that haven't got to hear it yet, the Three Tenors are still singing their AMAZING Tribute to Pavarotti!

The concert was SO Beautiful and Somewhat different
I know you are all going to love it!!

♦Here's the link to a lot of the Chicago Concert Photos from JH

5.2 Quake Rocks Illinois Felt 350 Miles Away

This was the CNN Breaking News This morning ~ André and the JSO were
staying in Peoria last night!! ~ I wonder if the earthquake woke them up?!?
Peoria Illinois
If you woke up this morning to what felt like an earthquake, you're not crazy. The National Weather Service confirms that just after 4:30 this morning, parts of Central Illinois experienced an earthquake. The Unites States Geological Survey confirms the earthquake was at a 5.2 on the richter scale at the Epicenter near Mount Carmel in Southeast Illinois. We recieved calls this morning from several viewers saying they were woken early this morning, some even said they had pictures fall off their walls.

Leo Schofield Interviews André Rieu At His Home in Maastricht

Andre's (Late 2007) Interview With Leo Schofield

I am a little slow in watching this with my trip to Chicago and trying to catch
up on things ... but I just watched both interviews and they are so good!!
I know, all Andre's interviews are good, but for me in this one he really
seemed to explain his passion for music even more so than in other interviews.
Plus ~ another wonderful tour of his Palace and grounds.
I wanted to put this on the front page, because I know things get lost on the
Guestbook, so those of you that didn't see when Ruud posted it in there, this
will bring it to your attention ... They're "Must See" Interviews!!
Click on the link below to see them:

Thanks to Ruud, Ineke and Jann (Australian Site) for bringing us these!

Apr 17, 2008

André Rieu's Wonderland #2 on Billboard

Andre's Wonderland that was just released in the US
is #2 already on Billboard's Classical Chart this week!

André Rieu Announces Dates For May Visit to Australia

Australian fans need not wait until November to see ther favourite ‘King Of The Waltz’. Acclaimed violinist André Rieu will be making a surprise trip to Australia in less than a month - just in time for Mother’s Day. André Rieu will visit Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne during his brief sojourn May 8 – May 13.And the surprises keep coming. Making her first home-coming since being whisked away to perform as a soloist in Andre Rieu’s worldwide musical extravaganzas, the 23 year old Australian soprano Mirusia will join him to promote their new all-Australian album ‘Waltzing Matilda’, to be released April 26. Sumptuously arranged for voice, solo violin, orchestra and choir, the album features songs such as Botany Bay, Waltzing Matilda, I Still Call Australia Home and Home Among the Gum Trees.‘Waltzing Matilda’ is expected to follow the success of Andre Rieu’s previous releases. ‘The 100 Most Beautiful Melodies’, which was released March 22, is currently at #2 on the national ARIA pop charts and making history as the first-ever six CD box set to hold this position.

André Rieu’s sales are in now in excess of 1 million units, most of which occurred in the past 12 months making him Universal Music Australia’s highest-selling international artist of the past five years.In all, his platinum accreditations for his DVDs amount to 50 – a record unequalled by any other artist.Andre Rieu has cumulatively held the #1 DVD position for eighteen weeks over the last twelve months and for the last fourteen weeks has never had less than six titles in the DVD top ten ARIA chart. In October 2007, he became the first artist in history to hold nine of the top ten DVD spots. This week, Andre boasts fifteen DVD titles in the top 40. Just last week, sales of his DVDs accounted for a staggering 48% of total top 40 DVD sales.

Andre has this message for his fans; “My success in Australia has touched me deeply. I make music to touch the souls of people as it’s a language we all can speak. I thank all my friends and audience in Australia for believing in me, and with my forthcoming album ‘Waltzing Matilda’ which I dedicate to Australia, and my forthcoming debut tour in November this year, I look forward to strengthening this bond. God bless you all!”

Thank you to Jann from ♦Aussie Fans For André for sending this to us!

An Important Note from JH about the CD on! is accepting pre-orders for the May 6th release of this new Waltzing Matilda CD.You'll need to search for it as "Rieu Matilda" since they list the performer as "Rieu & Andre Mirusia".So far, the album #20,470 in the Amazon Music sales rank. It will be fun to see how quickly that number changes! :-) JH

Apr 8, 2008

André Rieu Awarded The "Honor Medal in Gold" in Maastricht

After Eight Years, André Rieu is Again Being Honored in Maastricht

"de Limburger", 8 April 2008
By John Hoof

Last year the city decide to bring a halt to all their city distinctions, but André Rieu is the exception. Yesterday the orchestra leader and the musicians of the Johan Strauß Orchestra received the honor medal in gold for their exceptional merits.
Maastricht. In 2000 Philip Houben surprised André Rieu with the highest decoration Maastricht could bestow upon it's citizens: the order of Merit.
The then mayor, one who had quite a way with words and who could teach comedians a thing or two, always had something special up his sleeve. He was the one who changed the title of the well known French song, J'attendrai" to J'attANDRE. The orchestra leader and violinist thought it to be colossal. It was so immense to him that during the recent Ivo Niehe tv-program, while in front of his overfull trophy case, he pointed very proudly toward his most treasured award.

That was 8 years ago. Fast forward to 2008 where Maastricht surpassed the honoring degree of it's citizens:namely the "Honor Medal" in gold. Last night, Rieu and the members of his Johan Strauß Orchestra received this honor at city hall, voted upon by the city council, the only governing body authorized to decide the award.

A few weeks ago during a secret meeting, the council decided to honor the world renowned violinist and orchestra leader once more for the manner in which he tirelessly promotes Maastricht. The "Honor Medal in Gold" is presented to people who display exceptional achievements in promoting the city, it's social unity, cultural identity of it's economical fighting spirit, and have influenced these positively for several years. In addition, outstanding services for the future of Maastricht which are unsurpassed by any one are very seriously taken into consideration.

It is very infrequent that a selectee meets all the criteria for this award. André Rieu is the exception of the rule, according to the Mayor, the city council and it's aldermen. The highest city decoration is the only befitting honor bestowed upon the man, who seizes the programming of his own production in order to bring forth the "soul of Maastricht" and "joie de vivre" (joy of life).

Mayor Gerd Leers not only praised Rieu for his continued advertising campaign for Maastricht, but also for the economic values of his efforts. "That can not be under estimated". Millions of people throughout the world hear loving words from their idol about his birthplace and why a visit to Maastricht is well worth the effort. A VVV campaign is no match.

Thank you to John for translating and sending this to us!

Apr 7, 2008

André Rieu Takes a Musical Trip to "Wonderland" on U.S. Tour!

SANTA MONICA, CA -- 04/07/08 -- Incomparable Dutch maestro Andre Rieu is set to embark on a tour of the U.S. to celebrate the release of "ANDRE RIEU IN WONDERLAND," an all new blockbuster production from the stalwart crowd pleaser and "Waltz King." There has always been an element of fantasy in Andre's productions and with this new PBS pledge drive special, he takes audiences young and old on a bona fide magical trip with whimsical music and transporting visuals. More than any other of his phenomenally successful concerts, this production is geared toward children of all ages -- the perfect evening out for kids, parents and even grandparents. The tour kicks off April 15th in Chicago and continues through the end of May (dates listed below).

Recorded at Efteling, a beautiful fairy-tale theme park located in central Holland, "ANDRE RIEU IN WONDERLAND" is a showcase for Rieu, his orchestra, dancers and special guest soloists. The DVD and CD capture performances taken from or inspired by classic fairy tales such as Hansel and Gretel, Cinderella, Swan Lake, The Magic Flute, The Old Castle and others. Accompanying Rieu on this unforgettable show are the Ballet of the Vienna State Opera, The International Dance Theatre and The Berlin Folk-Music Sparrows. "ANDRE RIEU IN WONDERLAND" is available now on DVD and CD formats.

Andre Rieu has earned the distinction the #1 pledge drive artist for PBS. With the release last year of one of his most successful projects to date, "RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL LIVE IN NEW YORK," the Dutch maestro known fondly as "The Waltz King" took U.S. audiences by storm with frequent and high profile airings of the DVD on PBS' pledge drives in the Fall and throughout December. Already established as one of the top performing and selling classical artists worldwide and a platinum selling artist in the US, Rieu's popularity shows no signs of waning as "RADIO CITY" debuted at #1 on the Billboard Classical Crossover chart shortly after its release on September 11. Rieu's worldwide appeal is as strong as ever having recently earned a Gold sales award in Canada and continues to sell out arenas around the globe as well as in the U.S. Rieu's U.S.-based label Denon Classics was the #1 Independent Classical Label for 2007 and #3 Classical Label overall for 2007.

André Rieu and Mirusia ~ Waltzing Matilda

Andre's New CD April 26th ~ Waltzing Matilda
André Rieu and Mirusia

1. Wiener Melange 2. Scarborough Fair - featuring Mirusia 3. Waltzing Matilda (instrumental version) 4. Treasure Waltz 5. La Vergine degli angeli ( from La forza del destino) - featuring Mirusia 6. Wine, Women and Song 7. Botany Bay - featuring Mirusia 8. Du und du (You and You: Waltz) 9. Thorn Birds: theme 10. I still call Australia home - featuring Mirusia 11. Viennese Citizen 12. Benedictus (Saint Cecilia Mass) - featuring Mirusia 13. Charmaine 14. Wishing you were somehow here again - featuring Mirusia 15. Fledermaus Quadrille 16. Tie me kangaroo down - featuring Mirusia 17. Home among the Gumtrees -featuring Mirusia 18. Waltzing Matilda - featuring Mirusia
This is going to be released April 26, in Australia ~ I still have heard no news when it will be released in the US though. This is the first I have seen of the CD
cover and thought I would put it on here. (I would buy it just for the CD Cover!) What a Cute Picture, and so different to see someone on a cover with André! :)

We still don't know when it will be available in Andre's Boutique for sure ...
Here's the link to the Australian Music Shop to order it:


Apr 2, 2008

André Rieu Sales Hit One Million in Australia!

André Rieu Achieves Sales Of One Million Units In Australia

André Rieu has certainly proved his title of 'The King Of Waltz' this week, dancing away with sales in excess of 1 million units, most of which occured in the past 12 months. As Universal Music Australia's highest-selling artist in 2007, he has now also become the label's highest-selling international artist of the past five years. In all, André Rieu's platinum accreditations for his DVDs amount to 49 - a record unequalled by any other artist.

Andre Rieu has cumulatively held the #1 DVD position for eighteen weeks over the last twelve months and for the last twelve weeks has never had less than six titles in the DVD top ten ARIA chart. In October 2007, he became the first artist in history to hold nine of the top ten DVD spots. This million-unit week, Andre boasts fifteen DVD titles in the top 40. Just last week, sales of his DVDs accounted for a staggering 48% of total top 40 DVD sales.

André Rieu said "I awoke to a text message on my mobile phone from my friends at Universal Music in Australia announcing that sales of my recordings in their country had just crossed 1 million units. I have always felt a bond with Australia, something that was strengthened when I visited for the first time in September 2007. I was overwhelmed by the sincerity and enthusiasm of Australians, it is nourishing for any artist." Andre also had this message for his fans; "My success in Australia has touched me deeply. I make music to touch the souls of people as it's a language we all can speak. I thank all my friends and audience in Australia for believing in me, and with my forthcoming album 'Waltzing Matilda' which I dedicate to Australia, and my forthcoming debut tour in November this year, I look forward to strengthening this bond. God bless you all!"

As further evidence of Andre's success, the DVD of his concert at the Schönbrunn palace, Andre Rieu at Schönbrunn, Vienna has now gone eight-times platinum. The life-size set of this grand castle will be replicated at his concerts during his imminent Australian tour in November and December 2008.
Commenting on this phenomenal achievement, George Ash, Managing Director of Universal Music Australia said "I can confidently say that I am Andre's #1 fan. Andre's achievements in Australia are unparalleled in the music industry. The bond between Andre and his fans is incredible and is a testament to Andre's passion for music and performance. This bond will be consummated later this year when Andre brings his phenomenal stage show to our country. Congratulations to Andre on the magic million!"
Thank you to Jann from Aussie Fans For André for sending us this news article!

Apr 1, 2008

The Interview of Ivo Niehe With André Rieu

The Interview of Ivo Niehe With André Rieu
from Ruud and Ineke has now been posted with "English Subtitles"
of the "TV Show on Tour" broadcast of March 28, 2008

Click here to enjoy one of the best interview's with André!
♦Ivo Niehe Interview With André






Pierre and André September 30, 2016 Maastricht












Photo Taken at Mexico City Concert ~ September 2013




"Hello to all my fans on The Harmony Parlor!"

Soundcheck in Maastricht 2013 (RTL Photo)

Maastricht 2012 ~ "André on The Theater Steps" by Bee

Maastricht 2012 ~ "André and Pierre on The Theater Steps" by Bee