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Nov 30, 2007

André in Sydney November 29, 2008!

Telstra Stadium ~ Sydney Australia
Saturday 29 November 2008

André Rieu ~ An Enchanting Waltz in Viennese Wonderland

Imagine the world’s most beautiful music staged in front of an enchanting Viennese palace with dancers in lavish costumes, elegant ice-skaters, regal horses and a full orchestra and tenor group.

You don’t need to cross continents for this majestic once-in-a-lifetime experience. It’s your night out with André Rieu and his Johann Strauss Orchestra.

Flamboyant violinist André Rieu, who has sold 34 million records worldwide and 500,000 DVDs and CDs in Australia, will bring his magical stadium spectacular, A Romantic Viennese Night, to Telstra Stadium on Saturday 29 November 2008.

Don't miss this magical event!
Tickets go on sale Friday 14 December 2007 from Ticketek at: or 132 849.

For those Fans from Perth still waiting, here's a little news that came out today:

The Catholic Roots of André Rieu

The Catholic Roots of André Rieu
From The Limburger Newspaper
Friday, 30 November 2007

The other side of Andre Rieu will be sketched in the TV program "Kruispunt" (Cross roads). Especially the Catholic roots of the Limburg artist will be the highlight. Amongst others will be his sister, friends and pastor who will give
their view on Rieu, who often denounces his faith, but in his successes is more Catholic than he thinks.

Sunday, December 2 at 22:40 (10:40 PM) on Nederland 2.

Thank you John for sending this with the translation!

Nov 29, 2007

Jean-Philippe Rieu Releases New CD ~ "AZUR"

Jean-Philippe Rieu Releases New CD
From The Limburger Newspaper

Friday 30 November 2007
Jean-Phillipe Rieu will release his new CD tomorrow, "Azur", as the new CD is named. You will find twelve romantic compositions, composed by him. They are played by harpist Manou Liebert, violinist Inge Stallinga-Gorissen and Rieu himself on the piano. (Fantiano)

With this new CD, Jean-Philippe Rieu will give a peek into a music theater program, with which he will tour this coming season. "Azur" is already his third CD that Jean-Philippe Rieu has published. In 2005 "Pour Toi' was release and last year "Ronde".

You can order the new CD here:

Thank you John for translating this and sending it!

André Rieu in Melbourne's Telstra Dome

André Rieu and His Johann Strauss Orchestra
Saturday 15 November 2008 8:00PM

One of the world's best violinists, Dutch classical musician André Rieu, is set to thrill Australian audiences with his world stadium tour. Don't miss your chance to see Andre Rieu perform live at Telstra Dome on the biggest stage ever witnessed in the Southern Hemisphere.

Tickets Onsale to General Public ~ Wednesday 05/12/07, 09:00
Presale starts November 30th

Click Here For ~ *Ticketmaster Melbourne

Thanks for sending this Bobbie!

Nov 26, 2007

Some December Traditions in Andre's Netherlands

Winterland In Maastricht on The Vrijthof
December 1, to January 6, 2008

Winterland Maastricht, on the Vrijthof, features a huge ice rink, a fairground, live music, a train and a Christmas market. Mulled wine, hot chocolate and pancakes in the square round off a magical experience for all the family.

Sinterklaas December 5th

In 2007 the official entry of Sinterklaas was Saturday, November 17, in Kampen. Each year he arrives at a different seacoast town or river harbor. Large crowds gather to greet the good saint, who arrives accompanied by many colorful Piets. Dutch National Television broadcasts the festivities so the entire country may share the celebration.
This is the official start of Sinterklaas season.

Throughout the Netherlands, the eve of his feast day, December 5th is
celebrated nationwide by young and old. Most places of business close a bit earlier than normal. The Dutch head home to a table laden with traditional sweets and baked goods. Chocolate letters are used to decorate each place setting, usually the first initial of each person. They share the table with
large gingerbread (Tai Tai) men and women.

Early in the evening sweets are eaten while those gathered take turns unwrapping their gifts.Traditionally this is the evening that Sinterklaas and Zwarte Piet ride across the rooftops of Holland looking for and rewarding
good children with small gifts and candies. In anticipation of the visit, children place carrots and oats for Sinterklaas’ white horse in their shoes by the door.

The following morning, gifts from Sinterklaas, many with hilarious poems attached, are opened and the poems read aloud.

A day of feasting follows. This tradition of a St. Nicholas celebration is credited with being the basis of our Santa Claus tradition here in the United States.

Sinterklaas Arriving in Maastricht

Maybe some Dutch fans can
tell what they do on Sinterklaas ...

Nov 24, 2007

Article From Minerva Theater ~ Maastricht


For the first time in its existence, the Andre Rieu production in conjunction with the Minerva Cinemas, will present one of his concerts on the big white screen in the cinema.
From Thursday 6 December to and including Wednesday 12 December the Minerva Cinema in Maastricht, will present a weeklong and exclusive showing of "Andre Rieu in Wonderland". It was remastered in sight and sound in High Definition for the cinema.

In his latest special, we see a totally different side of Andre Rieu than what we are accustomed to, that as an interpreter of Fairytales. Together with his orchestra, choir and many soloists, he conducted two wonderful concerts in the well known Dutch Fairytale Park, the "Efteling", in which the most enchanting melodies were incorporated. We hear and see fairytales from all over the world, from opera and operetta, musical, classical music, ballet and movie. Music from Hansel and Gretel, Swan lake, the Magic Flute, Land of the Smiles, Snow White, Peer Gynt, Mrs. Moon and many others. All of this in front of a real fairytale castle décor, with known fairytale characters, from princes and princesses to the Big Bad Wolf, the Witch and the Wizard.

Assisting in this special concert are: the young Australian opera star Mirusia Louwerse, sopranos Carla Maffioletti and Carmen Monarcha, musical star Suzan Erens, the Platin Tenors, American bass Brian Dickerson, soloists of the Vienna State Opera Ballet, the Volksmusikspatzen, the international Dance Theater and hundreds of fairytale characters.

"Andre Rieu in Wonderland", with its beautiful music and fantastically colorful figures, is a pure viewing and listening pleasure for young and old, is touching and compelling. But it would not be Andre, if there would not be things to laugh about.
A unique opportunity to watch and hear this wonderful special in High Definition

The reason for this presentation was an overwhelming response to a special closed viewing of the DVD, "Andre in Wonderland", which was presented on a large theater screen in high definition quality and sound. Andre Rieu as well as the theater management are in total agreement to have every Dutchman take advantage of and enjoy this fantastic spectacle in sight
and sound.

Thank you John for the translation of this!

Nov 23, 2007

André Rieu Concert On The Big Screen!

de Limburger Newspaper
November 23, 2007

André Rieu will appear on the big screen for the first time in his musical career.
That was announced Friday by the management of the director and violinist.

The movie theater Minerva in Maastricht will show "André Rieu in Wonderland" from 6 through 12 December, a compilation of the two concerts he gave this past summer in the fairytale park "De Efteling" in Kaatsheuvel. It will be a repeat of the concert DVD. According to Minerva's theater manager it is an exclusive celebration of representation and sound which was aired on television.
If the movie is a success in attendance, the possibility exists that it will be distributed nation wide.
Minerva Movie Theater Maastricht

Andre's "Dutch" Message on his Website for November 23, 2007
"If you have time, you must definitely watch "In Wonderland" in the Minerva Theater in Maastricht, between 6 and 12 December. A special opportunity to watch and listen to this special in High Definition."

Thank you John for finding all this, translating and sending it to us!

Andre's Wonderland Newsletter ~ Friday Nov. 23rd

Once upon a time...

After a long wait, we are finally there! For months now you have been able to enjoy watching the preparations for the most beautiful TV special ever made by André Rieu and his enchanting orchestra, whether on our website or on the television. This summer the fairy-tale world of the Efteling amusement park received an extra shot of magic with two unrivalled concerts by our Maestro combined with fairy-tale preliminary recordings demanding some very intensive preparations. And now… the DVD of this spectacle is in the pipeline! You can now place an order for the fairy-tale ‘André Rieu in Wonderland’, in your own familiar André Rieu Boutique.

Ordering NOW means you will be the first to receive the DVD!

This DVD is quite a problem for a newsletter author, because no words can really describe it…
It begins impressively with an introduction that will give you goose pimples: the amazing ‘Thus Spake Zarathustra’, which opens the doors onto an enchanted world. And from that moment, André brings well-known figures from fairy tales to life in an atmosphere of fantastic music, enchanting light and a spectacular background.
We really pulled out ALL the stops here: in the dead of night (as the Efteling park was open to the public as normal during the day) divers constructed a stage in the water for the scene from the much loved ‘Swan Lake’. Camels, snakes and a real elephant were brought in to create a ‘thousand-and-one nights’ atmosphere during the warm ‘Salomé’ and the rousing ‘Sabre Dance’. Never has the ‘Second Waltz’ sounded quite so beautiful or been played with so much passion and pleasure. In a stunning set, Hansel and Gretel dance with other children and sing the cheery ‘Little Brother Dance With Me’ (sung and danced by no less than Carla Maffioletti, Carmen Monarcha and the Berlin Sparrows).

Coaches, horses, a terrifying witch and a handsome prince are all to be found on this must-have DVD, a fairy tale with an important message: let’s all believe in fairy tales again and create a wonderful (and safe and free) world for our children. On this DVD André Rieu and the Johann Strauss Orchestra and Choir worked together with: Carla Maffioletti, Carmen Monarcha, Suzan Erens, Mirusia Louwerse, Brian Dickerson, the Platinum Tenors, soloists from the Vienna State Opera Ballet, the International Dance Theatre, the Berlin Sparrows.
ORDER NOW... and live happily ever after….

The Internet team

We've added this on the Parlor for the fans who didn't get Andre's Newsletter

Andre's New "Dutch" Message Translated

Andre's new message as follows: "For all the TROS (Dutch TV network) viewers tonight. Lots of fun with part 2 of "In Wonderland". It has turned out beautifully and I am extremely proud of every one who assisted in its production. Thanks to all".

Thank you John for the translation!

Nov 22, 2007

Australia ~ Free André Rieu DVD With Limelight Magazine!

FREE Exclusive André Rieu DVD In December Issue!

Every reader of limelight this month receives a FREE DVD, containing over 60 minutes of music and footage by violin superstar André Rieu, exclusively selected for limelight readers by André himself.

The track listing of the DVD in Limelight Magazine from Mike

My timing of the DVD was 49 minutes, not the 60 minutes that was advertised. The first two tracks are around 14 minutes. Thank you Mike

The Magazine can also be ordered online here:

Nov 17, 2007

The Sixth and Final Soap is Here!

Tears and Emotions of a Father and His Son At The End

It has been accomplished!
Wonderland (the fairytale) became reality ~ Enjoy!
Ruud and Ineke
Translation by Ruud and Ineke, corrections by John

Thank you Ruud for all the hard work you have put into these Soaps,
to bring them to us in English ~ for ALL the fans to enjoy!!

Nov 16, 2007

André In Wonderland on TROS!

Translation by John
Friday, 16 November at 21:00 (9 PM) on Nederland 1, you will be able to watch the first part of the successful concert of Andre Rieu and his Johann Strauss Orchestra and choir. In his second docusoap, we followed Andre, his Orchestra and choir, during the previous weeks on his way to this concert. It has been a long-time dream of Andre to record music with a fairytale theme. In this first part, we see how Andre's wish becomes reality.

The second part will be aired Friday 23 November at 21:30 (9:30 PM) by the TROS, Nederland 1.

Thank you for sending this John!

Today's Newsletter From Andre's Website

For those who didn't get Andre's Newsletter

Sparkling Vienna!
We have a World Stadium Tour to look forward to, entirely in the Viennese style. With the largest transportable set in the world: yes, André is off on a World Stadium Tour and he’s taking Vienna with him! First up is Toronto, in December, followed by Düsseldorf, Amsterdam, Leipzig and Brussels. In each city in turn, a big stadium will turn like magic into the imperial palace of Austria’s capital city. Just imagine: thousands of people under the spell of Vienna and its world-famous musical culture! And our boutique is taking part in this inimitable ‘Vienna Melange’…

From NOW you can order the DVD ‘André Rieu live in Vienna’! And don’t forget, this DVD is ONLY available through!

The DVD perfectly evokes the atmosphere of the concert last summer on Vienna’s famous Michaelerplatz, in the way you have come to expect of André: grand, sublime, romantic, tasteful.

During this waltzing extravaganza, which includes famous compositions by the best known composers, André and his enthusiastic orchestra are accompanied by the Platinum Tenors, the sopranos Dagmar Koller, Carmen Monarcha, Carla Maffioletti, Suzan Erens and Mirusia Louwerse, the fantastic Vienna State Opera Ballet and 80 debutantes from Vienna’s famous Elmayer Dance School.

You will enjoy, of course, the Blue Danube Waltz, as well as the Chit-Chat Polka, Komm Zigany, melodies from the famous operetta Die Fledermaus, music by Mozart, Lehár, Kálmán and Robert Stolz, and lots more fabulous music. And all of this takes place on a set that reproduces the Hofburg, the magnificent imperial palace in the heart of Vienna. This DVD is pure enjoyment, in the Viennese style!

So order now, and be among the first to get the DVD as soon as it is released!

We wish you wonderful musical evenings...
The Internet team

Andre's "Dutch" Message Today on His Website

Andre's "Dutch" Text Message Today Translated

"Don't forget to watch the "Special" at TROS TV tonight . After having worked nine months on it, we are very proud of this wonderful "baby".
I want to thank everybody who worked on it. You were fantastic!!

Ineke added this note about what André wrote:

Maybe it is not clear, but tonight first the soap episode 6 (that is the last!!) will be broadcast. And afterwards .... Part 1 of the Efteling "Special", that is the new DVD "Andre in Wonderland."
Part 2 of the DVD will be aired next week.

Thank you Inke for translating it so we all know what André is saying!

Nov 10, 2007

André and Soap Number Five in English!

Soap Number FIVE Is Ready to Watch Now
(November 9th Soap With English Subtitles for us)

"Thank you so much to Ineke and Ruud"

André and Pierre on Dutch Television

Interview with André and Pierre on Dutch Television
Thursday night ~ November 8th
From Ineke and Ruud

Nov 7, 2007

New "Old" Videos of Mirusia

I got a note from Henriette, Mirusia's mom and she said that Bert & Shirley from Mirusia's fansite have put a few videoclips on Mirusia's Fan Club Site. She said most of them are from small shows Mirusia gave a few years back, and she thought it was nice to see them again ... :)

If you look at the top of the page, it says "Media Releases"
Click on that and you'll see there are 3 more pages of video's.

Nov 6, 2007

A Dream come True ~ Waltzing with Andre!!!

Written by Mone/Translation Sonja

My husband told me he had won the tickets to the Carmen Nebel show…. Hahaha, what a joke!!!
A Mr Teufelsdorfer from ZDF called my parent’s house and he said that the people at ZDF(German TV station) would like to surprise me. He said they liked
the show from 37 degrees very much. (Show which followed Mone last summer during her trip to a concert in Maastricht) My parents referred the TV people to my husband and they decided to act as if my husband had participated in a lottery and won the tickets to the Carmen Nebel show.
The tickets arrived by mail. I even opened the letter and everything looked normal.

Well, Then that big shock that came during the show. I swear that I knew nothing until Carmen stood in front of me. Even when they played the video of 37 Degrees did I not suspect anything, I just thought what a funny coincidence….. How naïve can one be. But my husband is also a very good actor.

Wow then I stand face to face with HIM … I will never forget that feeling.
I received three kisses (Dutch style) from him and we sat down on the couch.
Very close together. *sigh*

Instead of the plain water they offered I asked for a beer *laugh* Carmen first was shocked.
The words “I cannot believe it, now she also requires a beer” I will never forget.
But with much difficulty they did get it for me. (My husband in the audience)
Andre then felt my knee to see if it was trembling. But it was not, however my hands were soaking wet, which he determined with a big smile.

Carmen took the long desired picture of Andre and myself. When he had his arm around me I noticed through my blouse that his hands were cold. So I took his hand and I said to him “I think one must take advantage of the situation and get as much body contact as possible”. *grin*

Then we chatted a bit and I was able to look into his eyes time and time again. (He had mascara on his eyelashes) From so close he does look very different. But I think he looks even MUCH better.

Well.., and then he played the Cinderella Waltz for me. What an experience.
The climax came when Andre asked me to dance. My husband knows what I terrible dancer I am. But when the people from the TV called him and asked him if I can dance he boldly told them “Yes”. I will not forgive him for that!!!

Nevertheless it was an indescribable experience to dance with Andre. It also actually went quite smoothly. I think I only stepped on his feet once. Oh well, he will survive it. *grin*
He pulled me very close against him during the dancing, WOW, what a feeling. And when in the end he made the very fast turns, I was completely dizzy, however he took me firmly by the arm.

I have experienced it all as if through a fog, but slowly it starts to sink in that
it really did happen. Then it was already over *sob* I think it was absolutely adorable that he brought me back to my seat and even shook my husband’s hand.

Anyway, that night I could not sleep. And after the show my husband and I stayed at a bar until 3:00AM and drank one beer after the other and talked about the whole show again. I am still not quite back to reality.

I will also still get a signed CD from him in a few days and all the pictures that the ZDF photographer took. They will have Andre sign the best one and they will send that to me.too.

Something like this one only experience once in a lifetime.
In a little while my parents will stop by and then we will watch the show again together.

When I was on the couch next to Andre I thought that my parents did not know a thing. And I thought if they knew they would fall dead from their couch.
Great, once in my life I sit next to Andre and I think of my parents. *Laugh*

So … that was my story. Many friendly greetings from the still floating Mone, who certainly will need a few more days….weeks…..months…..years…* laugh*
to come back down from the clouds.


Photos of Simone's Dream Come True!

Pictures of A Dream Come True

Simone put the link to her Website in our Guestbook and I'm going
to add it here to make sure everyone sees it.
She has put pictures of her with André taken Saturday night.
We will be hearing more from Simone soon, she is writing about her
experience dancing with André and all about her Dream Come True for us!

Click here for Simone's Website with the pictures she's put on.

Nov 4, 2007

André Rieu Adds Canadian Distinction to Toronto Concerts

November 2007 Rogers Centre Event Newsletter

Adding a distinctly Canadian flair to his concert spectacular, Rieu has tabbed two up and coming Canadian Pairs figure skating teams to participate along side him in his full-stadium show at Rogers Centre. This latest announcement comes on the heels of interest from The Guinness Book of World Records as they have their eye on a number of records he could set in Toronto with the unveiling of his World Stadium Tour: A Romantic Viennese Night.

The Guinness Book of World Records has their eyes on André Rieu’s full-stadium show as the extravaganza may set three new world records. This show, with the full opulence of a romantic Viennese night, could potentially set new records for the biggest set ever built; the largest logistical operation ever undertaken; and the largest number of performers for one show.

Master craftsmen in Europe are working hard to get all the intricate details of the Castle of Schonbrünn just right in preparation for its shipment to Canada in an incredible 125 sea containers. In addition to the magical castle, 250 performers will dazzle audience members through music, dance and even skating during Rieu’s world premier concert series on December 14 and 15, 2007.

Be part of history and join the largest crowd to ever watch an indoor classical music concert. Tickets, ranging in price from $84.50 to $124.50, are available at all Ticketmaster outlets, including Rogers Centre – Gate 7, charge by phone at 416-872-1111 or online at Ticketmaster.Groups of 20 or more are encouraged to contact the Group Sales Office via e-mail or call 416-341-2255.

André CAN Waltz!!

November 4, 2007
From Ruud and Ineke

37 Degrees is a program from the German broadcast company ZDF.
In this program they follow "superfans" and their idols. On the show of
August 21, 2007 Simone Arnold was followed to the concert of
Rieu in Maastricht.

On November 3rd, 2007, André and his orchestra performed in the
Carmen Nebel show. Simone was in the audience as well, unknowingly
what would happen next. Who said that André could not waltz?

Click Here To See The Video of André Waltzing !

Nov 3, 2007

Andre's FOURTH Fairytale Soap Is Here!!

Ruud has added the "Fourth Fairytale Soap" with English subtitles.
I just watched it and André is Really Funny,
showing us his "Very Playful" side throughout the video.
I swear each Soap gets better than the last one!

We can't thank you enough for these Ruud and Ineke!!

Nov 1, 2007

André Rieu In Wonderland CD Now Onsale!

Andrè has his new Cd "André Rieu in Wonderland" onsale today!
You can now buy it from his Website.

I know many get the Newsletter from Andre's Website, but for those that don't,
here's the description of the CD that they sent out in the Newsletter today.

Dear Fans,
Time has flown, and it is high time to update you again. You have had to wait a while, but now the waiting is over: the new CD ‘André Rieu in Wonderland’ is now available to order from our boutique on the website
WWW.ANDRERIEU.COM. It is a double CD with an extra thick booklet full of photos and information on the CD. The recordings were made this last summer at the Efteling amusement park. If you are looking for music that calls up images of a fairy-tale world where you can drift away on your dreams, this is a CD you mustn’t miss!






Pierre and André September 30, 2016 Maastricht












Photo Taken at Mexico City Concert ~ September 2013




"Hello to all my fans on The Harmony Parlor!"

Soundcheck in Maastricht 2013 (RTL Photo)

Maastricht 2012 ~ "André on The Theater Steps" by Bee

Maastricht 2012 ~ "André and Pierre on The Theater Steps" by Bee