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Dec 30, 2009

André Rieu's Wife and Son, The Unknown Rieu's

"The Two Unknown Rieu’s"
Wife Marjorie and son Marc active in the shadow of renowned violinist André Rieu.

December 30, 2009: It is a close family, the Rieu family ... Violinist and father André, with son Pierre (production manager of the travelling waltz circus) in the foreground. Marjorie (writer and mother) and son Marc (artist) in the sunny shadow. An interview with the two known unknowns.

What binds them is the music for which André (60), Marjorie (62), Pierre (28) and Marc (31) all have a deep passion. But whereas violinist and orchestra leader André and production manager Pierre lead a life in the spotlight of publicity, Marjorie and Marc have chosen a more tranquil shelter in the wake of the multinational Viennese Waltzes. But consider ... Marjorie’s recently published children’s book, “Dreams come True ~Twins Visit André Rieu”. And artist Marc displays his artwork on a regular basis in large exhibitions and galleries in the Netherlands, Belgium and the United States.

“What we lack” says Marjorie, “is the inner turmoil which André and Pierre possess, always busy, running from one thing to the other. Sure, André has an inborn desire to entertain, but he needs an audience for that, that is a vital necessity”.

And Marc, “I did inherit the love for drawing and painting from my Dad, if he would just take the time and effort, he would produce wonderful things”. Of the talent that prevails in the Rieu family, they both inherited more than enough. In her book, Marjorie is observed as an author who has an eye for detail and is humorous, her husband is called a “dumb sewer violinist” by one of the main characters. In the English and German translations he is very unflatteringly called a “Fiddle Fart” and “Geigenscheisser” (a cruddy violinist), she says laughingly. But, she adds reassuringly, “it is not that I am making André out to be ridiculous”.

It took her a couple of years to complete, because “in this 24 hour a day business, I just cannot say ... oh, sorry, I am writing now. I still assist André with his TV specials, CD’s and financial matters”.

The practical involvement of Marc in the Rieu firm is limited to moral support. Some of his land, sea, water and cityscapes appear on André’s CD’s and DVD’s. “My parents are two of my best customers”. He shows a painting that was commissioned by his mother for André’s birthday, a ghost ship, (á la Flying Dutchman) setting sail on a sinister sea. His paintings, fiery immensely happy or melancholy, always have a touch of mysticism and are known to have beautiful colors. “I want people to look at them with their hearts”. No, he would never use his father’s fame to ensure a glittering career. “Early on I wanted to study Art History and Paint”.

Marjorie: “As a child Marc already loved nice things. When Pierre and he were playing with cars, he would make nice mosaics with the dinky toys. But not Pierre, he raced them and threw them all over, a totally different child. The exuberant and always active Pierre was already helping his father behind the scenes when he organized the Maastricht Salon Orchestra, remembers Marjorie. In a way, he kept himself involved with all the artistic contents" ... “Can’t Daddy play this or that?”

Marc: “I have had a wonderful childhood. Brought up with the idea that one has to be happy with ones work, and show respect towards yourself and those around you, and that your dreams are stimulated. That’s what made my father what he is today”. The brothers get along very well together, and in many ways, their lives run parallel. Pierre and his wife Eefje became parents of twins Linde and Lieke in October, Marc and his partner Andrea had Ivan in June.

Marc: “I am nuts about that little boy. It seems as though an extra engine in your life has started. Everything is much more intense”.

Marjorie: “We are crazy about the little ones. Even though I am an Oma (Dutch for Grandmother), I do not feel that I am. And André, he could eat them alive. He was totally out of it when the twins were born while he was busy on the other side of the world. Every spare moment he had, he would call or watch the video’s of his grandchildren via the computer”.

Marc Rieu is the Ambassador for "Art of Looking" in Maastricht, which includes a strong commitment towards his disabled fellow artists. When Mayor Leers of Maastricht approached him, he did not hesitate one second. “To do for your fellow man, was an important part in my upbringing, and that I want to pass on to Ivan”.

Marjorie Rieu who wrote André’s biography, “André Rieu, My Music My Life”, has written enough for the future and is currently focused on the stormy career of André who is in the process of conquering England (where he met Queen Elizabeth), South America and South Africa.

“Sometimes I think back to the simpler times. The time of the Salon Orchestra when everything could be overseen. I did not believe André when we were in Vienna in front of the Schönbrunn Palace and he told me that he was going to copy the palace for a world tour. He was successful. Next year he wants to go to the North Pole, and afterwards he wants to do a concert in space. And you know something ... that will more than likely happen”... Translation by John

Another Article made possible by the cooperation and team effort of Ineke, Ruud, John, Jann and Sue. This translation is ©copyrighted and may not be used partially or entirely without specific written permission.

André Rieu in Interview Reflects Back on 2009

André In The Castle Being Interviewed by Jo Cortenraedt

On December 26th, the local Limburg TV station L1 aired a three part special about André Rieu. Part of this special was an interview by Jo Cortenraedt in André's home where they reflect back to the past year and look ahead to 2010 ... Ruud and Ineke

Click Here To Watch Interview

Dec 29, 2009

André Rieu Performs a Victory March Across the World

André Rieu Performs a Victory March Across the World
But His Heart Remains in Limburg
Endive With Bacon Bits, Please ...

2009 was the year for André Rieu. But it has been like that for years.The Waltz king rules on earth, but now wants to go into space, which seems to be his answer to one of our reader's question.

Tours through Japan, Canada, Australia and the United States, on TV with Queen Elizabeth, and on a Postage Stamp with his characteristic head. That is only one of the many highlights of 2009 for the Maastricht citizen and his Johann Strauss Orchestra. Rieu still scratches his curly head every time he reaches yet another highpoint.

Not totally illogical for some one who came so far. In the seventies he was still playing in homes for the elderly with his Maastricht Salon Orchestra, his breakthrough came with a performance in 1995 during the half time break, mid field in the Olympic Stadium during the European Soccer championship match between Ajax and Bayern-Muenchen. Sixty thousand spectators crazily waved along with the melody of the"Blue Danube". (Translators note: I believe it was the "Second Waltz").

Center field has since been replaced by an immense podium, the likes of a copied palace, where he surrounds himself with many musicians, singers and soloists. His entourage these days consists of approximately five hundred people, and his legions consist of many millions of fans, spread out over the entire world.

From the very beginning, Rieu assured accessibility to the world of classical music, and that accessibility still exists today. Those who are fond of classical music and call it an intellectual challenge, call him the heir to James Last (German Orchestra Leader). And those who interpret his classical interpretations as festive, have crowned him the King of the Waltz. That polarization also occurs abroad, as evidenced during his recent tours through Australia, the US and Canada. There were many positive reviews, but also some critical ones. "His waving hair was more dramatic then his playing" wrote an American critic. "Walt Disney for grown ups" said another. "Master of fake art" judged the "Australian". Rieu would never let the critics' remarks get to him. "I never do cross over music" he said in an interview with Reuters. "I play my music in a serious manner, sometimes I play it a little faster, sometimes it is shortened. When Johan Strauss was alive there were no juke boxes or televisions, and people expected a waltz to last eighteen minutes, now they only expect them to last no more then four or five minutes. Who is opposed to that?"

In America they are happy with Rieu. There, a growing market exists for artists who bring classical music to the masses in a popular manner, such as the tenor group "Il Divo", it has become a nice union. Rieu's concerts are very well liked by viewers of the forty five plus years, the age group which PBS, the largest public television in the US, targets primarily. Classical melodies with show and bravura has brought PBS many new members. And on the other side, Rieu profits from his exposure on the US TV through the sales of millions of CD's and videos. As far as American concepts are concerned, Rieu is not an archetypical superstar. Away from the stage he is not the glamorized type. He is not recognized for his powerful or peppery statements during his interviews and his behavior can be called 100% down to earth. But on stage, this modesty disappears and he becomes the charismatic leader, who transports the Americans to a time of grandeur and politeness.In 2009, Rieu celebrated triumphs all over the world. Together with Bette Midler, Lady Gaga, Michael Bublé and Mika, he performed in front of Queen Elizabeth and her husband, Prince Philip. He became a Knight in the French Order of Arts and Letters, all due to his challenges towards and performances of classical music in France. As a commemoration of his thirtieth anniversary as an artist, his image appeared on a stamp of the TNT (Dutch Postal System). He belongs to a select small group of artists who has a request on the iPhone.

In 2009 he sold the most music DVD's in the Netherlands. The DVD "Live in Australia" led the DVD charts for seen weeks. And last, but not least, his Vrijthof concerts this year were again a thunderous success. Does it ever end? The now sixty year old Rieu has already filled 2010 with ambitious projects.

For the coming year, huge tours have been planned for South Africa, America, Canada and Central America titled "Celebration of Music". The success of the Maastricht stand alone violinist some times takes on strange and mysterious forms. Reporter Lisa Whithead of the American TV station ABC, placed several question marks behind the statements made by several Rieu fans, indicating that his music was better than any known medicine. Rieu answered her seriously. "I received a letter from a doctor who asked me: "How do you do that?" I have a patient who sits like a plant near the window, but when she plays your DVD, she dances around".

On Australian TV he was asked what he liked best to eat anywhere in the world. His answer was spontaneous and brought laughter from the Australians. "Endive with bacon bits" replied Rieu. Despite his hero status he still seems to have both feet firmly planted on the ground.

Thanks to John for finding and translating this for us!
This translation is ©copyrighted and may not be used partially or entirely without specific written permission.

Dec 26, 2009

André Rieu, a Sex Symbol With Strings Attached

André Rieu ... a Sex Symbol With 'Strings' Attached
The Sunday Telegraph
By Jonathon Moran December 26, 2009

ANDRÉ Rieu may woo the same female fan base but the classical music superstar insists he is no Tom Jones.

Happily married for more than 30 years, Rieu's many adoring fans will have to be content admiring the virtuoso violinist from afar. "Sometimes, people throw stuff up on stage, but I'm not Tom Jones," Rieu tells Insider when asked about some of his more eager fans. "I would be lying if I said I don't like it. I am flattered when people like my way of making music and that's why I do it." He says his wife, Marjorie, has no problem with his female fans, adding, "She knows it is part of the job and it is a profession."

Rieu is talking to Insider from Holland, where he and his family are celebrating Christmas and new year at the castle in which they live.

The violinist, composer and conductor, 60, is promoting the release of his latest DVD and album, André Rieu 'Live In Sydney', which he filmed on his recent October tour. It features guest appearances from Alan Jones (singing I Am Australian) and Dame Edna Everage.

Rieu's label, Universal Music, has high hopes for it, with 300,000 copies shipped to retailers before Christmas. His latest release also features Australian singer Mirusia Louwerse, who travels with him around the world.

"It is cool for me because the Australian audience is fantastic; the whole world can see how it clicks between the Australian audience and me," he said. "First it will be released in Australia, but later on of course it will be released around the world. All the products I make are for the world."

In October, 2010 Rieu will do it all again: he's booked for seven concerts in Australia and New Zealand. This time around, he is hoping to work with Olivia Newton John. "I met Olivia at one of the last concerts and I'm a big fan of hers," he said. "Probably we are going to do things together in 2010."

Rieu has sold millions of albums and DVDs around the world and Australia is one of his biggest markets. He puts his success down to hard work and passion. "When I analyse my success, I think it is because I make music with my heart," he said. 'It sounds like a cliché, but it's really true ~ I only play the pieces that are close to my heart. "Record companies all around the world forgot for a long time that there is also music besides pop music.

"My music is classical music brought with humour and brought with lightness and brought with tears and heart. There is a huge audience for this way of making music and way of loving music as a musician."

Rieu, an admitted control freak, runs his own company to distribute his albums and run his productions. That way no "middle men" get in the way. "I had this dream in my head and, to achieve that result, it is much easier and much faster when I do everything myself," he said. "I have a small group of people working for me and you see the results. We have very short lines with big arenas where we play all around the world."

Rieu isn't really comfortable with fame, either. His wife and two sons, Marc and Pierre, are all part of his business and they all travel around the world together. "Fame is nothing. Fame is something that exists in the heads of some people, but for me. Fame is nothing, everything is relative," he said. "I don't need managers or an entourage to prove myself."

Rieu recently became a grandfather for the first time and says he is committed to being a family man. His youngest son, Pierre, and his wife recently welcomed twin daughters. "They are now three weeks old," he said with pride. "It's fantastic but absolutely exhausting. They are so energetic ~ these babies should sleep! I am very proud, though. It's great."

André Rieu's Live In Sydney DVD and album are out now. Rieu plays Sydney's Acer Arena on October 31, 2010

André Rieu on The Carmen Nebel Christmas Show

How Many ~ Three? Can You Guess What He's Talking About?

Every year, André Rieu and The JSO traditionally appear in a Christmas Special on German Television. December 23rd, 2009 they appeared on "The Carmen Nebel Christmas Show" for the German ZDF TV station. On the show André gives a small private violin lesson, watch the video Ruud and Ineke have posted to see who it is!

Dec 23, 2009

An Interview With André Rieu and His Wife Marjorie

An Interview With André Rieu & His Wife Marjorie
Vara gids: December, 2009

André Rieu (Maastricht 1949) is a violinist and orchestra leader. Marjorie Rieu (Maastricht, 1947) together with André, leads the Rieu Productions Company and recently wrote the book "Dreams come True". André and Marjorie have two sons: Marc (31) and Pierre (28).

Marjorie: After a day of work we switch on the TV and relax. When I don't have anything to do anymore it is wonderful to watch TV. And that has nothing to do with getting away from a hectic life, my life is not that hectic at all.
André: Ho, ho, just a minute! You recently finished three books, wasn't that hectic?
Marjorie: Back then, yes, but during that period I didn't watch TV. And then it all depends on what you want to watch, whether we watch together or not. When you want to watch your favorite action films, I'll do something else.
André: I love shoot-them-up films. Great!
Marjorie: Those kinds of boy's films.
André: With those kinds of films I'm able to get totally relaxed! And the same with "The Sound of Music". Sorry, I am just an Old Fart, but I adore that film, I can watch it 15, 30, 50 times.
Marjorie: Together we can watch it at least 500 times!
André: And of course I like Matthijs in "De wereld draait door" (As The World Turns) and late at night "Pauw and Witteman". I am touched by people with a passion, drive and zeal, and these men have it! When I see people who go for 100%, that touches me.
Marjorie: Yvon Jaspers has that passion too, it all seems so simple, but it sure is not. Yvon's power is her capability combined with her natural charm.
André: Joris Linssen in "Hello, Goodbye" has it too. When you hear some of the stories he can get out of people in Schiphol airport, I have tears rolling down my face. He has a unique way of combining respect and insolence in his interviews.
Marjorie: If we cannot watch "Hello, goodbye", we record it.
André: Ivo Niehe is a TV genius, he is a master in the making of portraits. A man with emotion. He is honest. People sometimes ask me: "Where does your success come from?" I think it is honesty. Recently I had a part in "Flikken Maastricht"; fortunately I played myself, because I cannot play a role. I don't like reality shows and all those programes where people are sent away or rejected.Television at the expense of people is repulsive. Ultimately for me the most important things are passion, sincerity and authenticity.
Marjorie: And humor. "The Nanny", great!
André: Yes, wonderful and so pleasantly fast. And don't forget" Fawlty Towers" (English comedy about a hotel).
Marjorie: We also like André van Duin. So clever!
André:You almost forgot Dame Edna! Sometimes I wonder why there is so little music on TV, yes on Sunday mornings "Vrije geluiden" is very nice, but that is all. My specials are always broadcast by the TROS, with a lot of viewers. So why not more music on TV? In my younger years we watched "Toppop" with Ad Visser. By the way, I never understood why they dismissed the announcer (female). I am pleading for the return of this announcer. Then you can form a bond. Now it is, tsjak-boom, next program.

About André:
Favorite Book: Dreams come true, by Marjorie.
Newspaper: Definitely not the NRC, who four years ago wrote that I was bankrupt, and with that downgraded themselves to a gossip sheet.
Magazine: Everything available.
Country and City: The Netherlands and Rome.

About Marjorie:
Favorite Book: Buddenbrooks, Thomas Mann.
Newspaper: I don't read newspapers. Love it!
Magazine: Our language, Psychology magazine.
Country and City: Italy and Rome.

Another great Team Effort with John & Ineke translating and Jann and myself burning the "Midnight Oil" and "Telephone Wires!!" :)

Dec 22, 2009

Frank Steijns of André Rieu Orchestra Carillon Stolen

41 Carillon Bells Stolen In a BURGLARY

City carillon player 'Frank Steijns' is hit hard by the disassembly of the instrument ... By our reporter MAASTRICHT (Click on the link at the bottom of the article to see the interview with Frank last night on television news that Ruud has posted on their site.)

The Limburger Dec. 23, 2009: The 41 bells of the mobile carillon of carillon player Frank Steijns were probably stolen by bronze thieves. The musician found the instrument disassembled in the shed where he thought it could be safely stored after each performance, since it is guarded by cameras.

Steijns suffered a great loss by the theft, since the carillon could only be insured for it's metal value of approximately 5000 Euros. The carillon player built the instrument himself. "The value of the many hours in building this instrument can not be measured in monetary terms", says Steijns. The insured value is only a fraction of its true value.

Steijns found the entire carillon disassembled in the storage shed, where ten boxes were found to be broken open, this according to the Maastricht police. Whether things from other victims are missing is being investigated. However, a trailer was found to be stolen, almost certainly used to transport the stolen items. No trace of the carillon bells can be found, and the rest of the instrument was scattered throughout the inner storage area.

The thieves were definitely after the bronze, concluded the musician. Shed and grounds are monitored by two cameras. "One was hanging at six thirty, and the second one filmed how the thieves did their work" says Steijns. Due to privacy reasons, he may not yet view the images. Steijns hopes that smelters have been notified in order to avoid the 41 bells ending up in an oven and disappear forever. Maybe the thieves will become remorseful when they realize what they have done, so hopes the carillon player.

Steijns, is city carillon player for Maastricht, Weert and Heerlen, and played the mobile carillon in 2007 during André Rieu's world tour, who was then the owner of the bells. The tour included one hundred concerts from Tokyo to New York. After the tour Steijns bought the carillon from the orchestra leader.


Last year the carillon, contained in six boxes each averaging 200 pounds was used on a boat during the first water procession in Maastricht.

Click on link to see a video of the bells as Frank tells how he and André designed them. Also a video TV news clip from last night with Frank telling of the theft: ►

Thanks to John for the great translation as usual and Ineke and Ruud for providing the extra photos and News Video for us.

André Rieu's Little Angels

André Rieu's Little Angels With Their Dad, Pierre

Australia: December 21, 2009 Christmas has come early for the famous violinist.

Famed musician and composer André Rieu proudly shares the very first pictures of his twin granddaughters Linde and Lieke, after his son Pierre and the beautiful bubs paid a visit to his Holland castle.

Having played for the Queen at The Royal Variety Concert just prior to the release of his CD and DVD "Live In Sydney", the violinist decided to take a break before returning to his hectic touring schedule, including a tour Down Under in October.

"I'm really looking forward to spending Christmas with all my family, especially my new granddaughters!" he beams.

"It's been such fun choosing gifts for them and it's a really special family time for us. We stay at home and cook and eat - I can't wait! I love Christmas in Holland when it snows and there's a fire roaring in the castle".

"Live In Sydney" is available now. To reserve Concert Tickets, see

Thanks for the heads up Mother Superior and Jann sending this to us!

André Rieu Video From Arnhem

This week, two appearances of André on the Dutch TV! First of all he ended in sixth place in the "Dutchman of the Year" (not the Person of the Year) election and the RTL Boulevard gossip follows André before and after the Gelredome (Arnhem) concert. Who is the lady kissing André? There is no mistletoe around ...We have posted the 2 new (short) video's on ... Ruud and Ineke

Dec 20, 2009

André Rieu, "Christmas With Grandchildren"

"André Rieu ~ Christmas With His Grandchildren"
André Rieu Three Times an 'Opa' in 2009

The violin virtuoso is performing his Christmas show tonight and tomorrow night in the Gelredome (Arnhem) and in July 2010 will perform again on the Vrijthof in Maastricht.

For the first time André Rieu will celebrate Christmas with his grandchildren.
The 60 year old Waltz King became an Opa last year for the first, second and third time.

André laughs, "In between all the feedings we'll have our Christmas dinner. It will be a very cozy Christmas".

André's son Marc became the father of Ivan 5 1/2 month ago and son Pierre in mid October of the twins Lieke and Linde.

"It's nicer to be an Opa than a Father, when it gets to be too busy you say, "Boys, here are your children back". Ha ha. "Ivan is the spitting image of his father Marc. Linde looks like her mother Eefje and Lieke looks exactly like my wife Marjorie".

The musical Opa had to wait awhile before he could embrace the twins. "I was on tour in Australia and I had to remain there for three more weeks. I had a very hard day when they were born, I just wanted to go home, but one minute after the birth I already received a photo on my iPhone, and afterwards, real soon, videos".

Thirty years ago André decided never to perform on Christmas day. "Marjorie and I were sitting around the Christmas tree and I had to perform during a Midnight Mass. I did not like that at all. And that was the last time".

The Maastricht citizen is performing a Christmas warm up this weekend in the Gelredome Stadium in Arnhem. Passionately he tells us, "With amongst others, 400 brass players. It is a fantastic program with a high level for goose bumps. André van Duin will sing "Het Dorp" (The Village). He sang that song previously in the Amsterdam ArenA. As soon as I announced that song, people started to cry. André sings so beautifully, I myself, have to hold back".

What does the violin virtuoso wish for the Netherlands in 2010?
"Keep dreaming in your life, try to make dreams come true. And maintain hope for the future. Hope is life".

For Andre the New Year looks to be very successful. "For my concerts in South Africa 5000 tickets were sold within one hour. That is a record for an artist over there. I like those sort of things. That gives you energy, keeps you going. Australia was also a huge success last year. My next CD will be one for Mother's Day. We'll start recording in March, and will be for the worldwide market: "Songs For My Mum!"

Thanks to Ineke for sending and translating this and Johns help with it. And our Thanks to Hans for sending us the great Photos that went with the article.

Dec 19, 2009

André Rieu Christmas Concert in Arnhem

ARNHEM December 20, 2009

The Dutch Violinist André Rieu Saturday pulled out all the stops for his first Christmas concert in the Gelredome in Arnhem. The fans got their monies worth ... for nearly two and a half hours Rieu and his orchestra presented a musical festival to a not completely sold out stadium.

Despite the harsh weather conditions, André's second concert in the Gelredome took place on Sunday afternoon as scheduled. Of the 16 thousand people expected, two thousand were unable to attend. These people are invited to attend the concert in the Amsterdam ArenA on 4 September 2010. How exactly the exchange action will take place will be announced prior to the end of the year.

In the Gelredome Rieu was assisted by André van Duin. The comedian performed in several of his well know characters and also as as a singer. The Maastricht violinist is a big fan of Van Duin because of his many qualities. In Arnhem the comedian sang his own version of the classic "Het Dorpje" (The Village).

The Christmas concerts in Arnhem are part of the last four concerts of this year and are part of the thirtieth anniversary of the artist. That places him as one of the top ten best-selling live acts. This year was Rieu's third consecutive Christmas concert performance in Arnhem. Sunday will be the second and final concert of this series.

Video of Snow at Concert

Thank you to John for the Translation on this!

André Rieu The Biggest Violinist You've Never Heard Of

André Rieu and His Johann Strauss Orchestra

The Sunday Times, United Kingdom
December 20, 2009 by Tim cooper

André Rieu ~ the biggest violinist you've never heard of. He’s bigger than Springsteen and has a bodyguard for his Stradivarius, so why is the Dutch musician so little known? As showbiz entrances go, it could hardly be more spectacular. A procession of musicians in lavish period costumes parade through a football stadium packed with 25,000 fans, to the tune of 76 Trombones.

At their head, “conducting” them with a violin bow as they wend their way towards a colossal replica of a Hapsburg palace that takes up an entire side of the stadium, is a tall man in formal attire, sporting a tail coat, a mullety mane of grey hair and an enormous grin.

And well might he grin. Because this is André Rieu, the so-called King of Waltz and the biggest-grossing male music performer in the world. In Billboard magazine’s summer list of the top 25 tours of the year, he lay in fourth place, behind Madonna, Britney and Tina Turner, and ahead of Céline Dion, AC/DC, Bruce Springsteen and Elton John. He had grossed more than £35m — double the takings of Coldplay — and been seen by more than 550,000 people.

Six months later, his 30th Anniversary Tour of Europe tops the magazine’s Hot Tour rankings.Yet, unless you caught his spot on the Royal Variety Performance earlier this month, when he arrived in Blackpool by private jet with an entourage of more than 100 including the bodyguard whose sole duty it is to baby-sit his £2m Stradivarius you will probably never have heard of him.

Festive Concert with André Rieu is on Five on December 27; "Forever Vienna" is out on CD on December 28.

READ ENTIRE ARTICLE AT: Sunday Times UK Article on André

Dec 18, 2009

Review: André Rieu's New CD "Forever Vienna"


Britain Daily Express Friday December 18, 2009
By Paul Callan

THE charismatic Dutch violinist André Rieu, something of a sex symbol in the world of Viennese music conducts his own orchestra in a truly tuneful selectio
n of music by the great waltz king, Johann Strauss, as well as Rossini and Ravel.

Like Strauss himself, Rieu conducts with his bow, leading the orchestra in such sweet musical confections as 'The Blue Danube' and 'The Merry Widow'.True romantics will adore Lehar’s, "You Are My Heart’s Delight".

Forever Vienna will be released on December 28, 2009 in the UK ... Click here to ►Pre-Order

This is just a small review, but since we're all kind of watching to see how England is going to react to André on television and his new CD coming out there, I thought it worthy of posting ...

Dec 16, 2009


André Rieu at The Royal Variety Performance 2009
©Photo by Ken McKay
The Blackpool Gazette
ANDRÉ RIEU: With a 50 piece orchestra in period costume and a dozen dancers in the isles, this was one of the evening's high spots. The James Last (German orchestra leader who has a huge following in England) of Strauss Waltzes is booked up years in advance. Hardly surprising.

The above insert is from the Blackpool Gazette which gave a description of all the performers in the Royal Variety Show. I just inserted here what they wrote about André. The show airs tonight on ITV ...

André Rieu's New CD in The UK "Forever Vienna"

He's bigger than U2 and a most unlikely musical sex symbol. If you have not heard of the Dutch violinist and conductor André Rieu, you soon will ~ 'Sydney Morning Herald'

"Forever Vienna" is an ultimate collection of Viennese Waltz music bought to you by the international superstar André Rieu, hailed as 'The King of The Waltz'. As of 14th December, "Forever Vienna" has become the UKs first Classical iTunes Single of the Week.

Coming off the back of his performance on the Royal Variety Performance, "Forever Vienna" is a double album featuring a CD packed full of well known classics such as The Blue Danube, Vienna Blood and Radetzky March. And a BONUS DVD of André Rieu 'Live at The Royal Albert Hall', a complete concert that perfectly captures the incredible spectacle that is an André Rieu show.

Forever Vienna will be released on December 28, 2009 in the UK ... Click here to
Pre-Order Also: Link sent out

Dec 11, 2009

André Rieu on Carmen Nebel's Christmas Show

André On Carmen Nebel's 2009 Christmas Show

André played Silent Night twice ... The three verses of "Silent Night, Holy Night", (Once listening with mouth shut, once humming along and once singing along)

The Carmen Nebel Christmas Show was taped in Freiburg and will be aired in Germany on ZDF the 23rd of December.

Also appearing with Dutch violinist André Rieu, the young violinist André.
Thanks to Hans and John for this!

Movie Offers For Marjorie Rieu's New Book?

Movie Offers For Marjorie Rieu's New Book?

UPDATE: Andre Rieu's wife, Marjorie Rieu, has written a children's book. The book was released Thursday and was immediately a super success! There were even offers for the film rights.

Majorie's book is titled, "Dreams come True". It's about a set of 13 years old Twins who experience the most exciting adventures in André's castle. The book is in Dutch, German, English and will soon be available in French and Portuguese.

Australia and Germany would like to buy the film rights to the book, but the violinist does not see that happening. According to Rieu, the book may be filmed after he is dead ...

Thanks to Hans for sending this and John for Translating it!

Jean-Philippe Rieu to Bring Tribute to The Sultan of Oman

Jean-Philippe Rieu To Bring Tribute To The Sultan of Oman

Musician Jean-Philippe Rieu will give a concert for the Sultan of Oman this coming Monday. The Eysden musician wrote a piece of music especially for him.

A tribute to his 'Majesty Sultan Quaboos Al Said' will be the title of the song that Jean-Philippe Rieu has especially composed for the Sultan of Oman. This music piece will be played in the concert hall of what was previously the royal palace of the sultanate of Oman, but now serves as the Hotel Al Bustan Palace in the capital city of Masqat.

Jean-Philippe Rieu, brother of orchestra leader André Rieu, and his theatrical company have been invited to conduct a concert consisting of their own compositions as well as the works of others. The performance will take place on the evening before the 40th Anniversary of the Sultanate. The tribute to the Sultan will also be released on a CD.

Rieu travelled to Oman at the invitation of the Dutch Ambassador Stefan van Wersch. Jean-Philippe's group consists of him on the piano, Inge Stallinga-Gorrison violin, Manou Libert on the harp, and for this occasion they will be joined by soprano Catharine Marquet. The program has been taylored for this occasion and contains compositions by Jean-Philippe, as well as rearranged workings from Vivaldi, Debussy, Salieri and Mozart.

The composition of the "Tribute to His Majesty, Sultan Quaboos Al Said" preludes the National Anthem and depicts the beauty of the land, the prosperity it has experienced in the last 40 years, and wishes the Sultan and his people luck and peace.

In 2010 Jean-Philippe can again be seen in Dutch and Flemish venues with his own multi media theater music production AZUR.

UPDATE: DECEMBER 28, 2009 ... Jean-Philippe Rieu has received a high cultural award from the Sultanate of Oman. He received the award after a concert, for which Rieu composed the "Ode To The Sultan".

Thank you to John for Finding and Translating this!

Dec 9, 2009

André Rieu To Visit South Africa For First Time

André Rieu Goes To South Africa in 2010
December 9,2009 ~ The acclaimed Dutch violinist, composer and conductor, André Rieu, will visit South Africa for the first time in April. Rieu has sold more than 30 million albums worldwide during a career that has spanned 30 years.

Earlier this year, Billboard reported that he had achieved the title of Best Selling Male Touring Artist of 2009, coming in just under the likes of Tina Turner, Britney Spears and Madonna. Sales of his Live Concert DVDs have topped 50,000 units in South Africa in the past two months alone.

The musician's aims are to make classical music accessible to everyone and to achieve the rather difficult task of getting people to dance at what are usually considered sit-down-only events.

Rieu is known for his dramatic stage performances and cross-over rock-star demeanour because of his classical training and association with the revival of the waltz.

Rieu's tour: April 24 and 25 at Sun City, April 28 and 29 in Durban and May 1 to 5 in Cape Town. Info: ~ Tickets from Computicket: 083 915 8000

André Rieu at Royal Gala Photo

"The stunningly stage filling 50 piece André Rieu and the Johann Strauss Orchestra brought gasps as they revealed how this huge stage can be utilised for occasions such as this."

Thanks to Chris T. for the Heads Up! ©Photo by Ken McKay

Interview With André and Pierre Rieu

What's this? André and Pierre silenced by pacifiers and busy with diapers? The ladies have gone shopping? See why in this interview as seen on the German ARD TV station on December 7th, 2009.

Click Here To Watch Interview From German Television

André Rieu and Twin Granddaughters First Christmas!

Our Thanks to Hans for this Great Photo!

Dec 8, 2009

André Rieu Performs at The Royal Gala in England

BLACKPOOL, England, December 9, 2009 Along with Lady Gaga, Michael Bublé and Mika, André Rieu performed in The Royal Variety Performance. With his appearance before as many as 12 million viewers, Rieu has firmly established himself in England.

André exhibited his skills at The Royal Variety Performance, an annual gala evening that dates back to when the first performance was conducted in 1912, and was attended by the British Royal Family.

"A performance for the Queen of England and having the opportunity to share the stage with such great stars in front of more than 12 million viewers, which is an enormous honour. This is a new milestone in my career!" said Rieu, who had the opportunity to talk to Queen Elizabeth; "I shook her hand and spoke to her shortly. She was very friendly and told me that she enjoyed the beautiful melodies a lot".

Michael Bublé, Whoopi Goldberg and Queen Elizabeth spoke well about Rieu's performance. "I enjoyed his performance a lot and have told André that I will come to see his show in New York in June." Whoopi Goldberg said.

On December 16, The Royal Variety Performance will be broadcast on British TV and will draw an estimated 12 million viewers.

In the above picture on the left, bring it up full size to see André sitting back stage.

Marjorie Rieu "Woman in The Mirror"

Marjorie's Interview With People Magazine

Munich: "André can become incredibly outraged when something does not work! Moreover, he also sings during rehearsals", reveals André Rieu's wife, Marjorie (62) in her first interview with the People magazine, "WOMAN IN THE MIRROR". And during rehearsals he rides a bike."

There are no current photos of the wife of the Star Violinist. Why does she shy away from publicity? "I do not want to be the woman by the side of the artists" confesses the former German and Italian teacher. "I do not want to be defined through my husband" she says.

When asked if André is disappointed when she is not with him during events, she replied, "Nonsense, there are plenty of other beautiful ladies who perform along with him." She is definitely not jealous. "André can always find someone better".

Marjorie Rieu describes herself as someone "very down to earth". Her luxury is coziness. "Of course, success brings a certain degree of quality of life with it. "To her it is not the exterior appearances of expensive jewelry, but rather the small things in every day life. "For example, if you do not drive yourself to the gas station, or have a chauffeur to do your purchase, and you yourself do not have to look for a parking place, that, today is real luxury.

"In her marriage she has been lucky that they never argue." She is a very tolerant lady. "I know in advance when he is under stress. I will not trouble him then with problems. So I just wait a bit "

This Christmas is something very special for the Rieu family. For the first time this Christmas Eve will be celebrated together with the three grandchildren. In a matter of just four months, André Rieu became a grandfather three times. Ivan, his eldest grandson by his son, Marc (30), came into the world six months ago. And only a few weeks later, on October 13, Eefje, the wife of his son Pierre (28), brought the twins Linde and Lieke into the world.

"They all are lovable babies. But suddenly I feel myself older", says Grandmother Marjorie Rieu.

Andre Rieu," I am so in love with my grandchildren. I am a grandfather with a passion. I would just love to be with the little ones all the time." When he is on tour, he can never pass by a baby store without buying clothes.

Christmas according to André Rieu belongs to the family. "They offered us millions if we would play on Christmas Eve. I refused", said the star. Now the grand children trio is playing first violin with us and dictating the tempo! There is a lot of baby crying".

Thanks to Hans for sending this to us and John for Translating it!

Book: André Rieu From Choir Boy To Violin Idol

André Rieu From Choir Boy To Violin Idol
December 2009

As far as I know, this book was released only in the Dutch language and it is not an André Rieu production.

It was for sale in the Netherlands in book/magazine stores and supermarkets. The book consisted of 18 chapters and covered André's life and career. ~Ineke

Click here for some unusual photos.

UPDATE February 1, 2010: Because of legalities, this book has been removed from all stores and will no longer be published nor made available.

Dec 5, 2009

Review: André Rieu's Wife Marjorie 'Dreams Come True'

Our First Review of Marjorie's New Book, "Dreams Come True"
By Ineke

Two German twin fans wrote a couple of times in André's guest book about their dream to have a peek behind the scenes. Both girls were studying to play musical instruments (violin and drums) and it was their wish to join the orchestra later on. André had seen them in the audience several times, standing in front during the encores.

Marjorie had the idea to write a book about the Rieu Company behind the scenes, to share with all fans and she thought it would be great to do that through the eyes of two twin teenagers (Rebecca/Becki and Ramona/Moni). So they were invited with their parents to visit Maastricht a couple of times in 2005. The book ends with the Maastricht Concert (DVD Songs from My Heart) in 2005.

The book is written in a humorous way, often in the language of teenagers and the way they swoon over idols. They also meet Marc (almost as a white phantom) and Pierre in the castle, along with orchestra members during the rehearsals and sound checks. They have dinner with them and they drive with them in the Rieu touring car. There are flash backs to the girl's class room mates and teachers in Germany who love their adventures in Holland.

The twins were received at the castle by twins, Nicole and Monique, who appear to be the secretaries of the Rieu company! The first one welcomed them at the front door and introduced herself as Nicole, and later on "the same person" brought in the coffee, introducing herself as Monique ...Very funny!

The picture on the right is of the ladies in the orchestra having dessert after dinner (Stratiatelli ice cream was their favorite), with curlers in their hair.

By the way, the twins and their Mum noticed that André ate a lot of desserts!! Definitely worth while to buy the book!! ... Ineke

You can buy the English Version of the book on the André Rieu Website

Dec 3, 2009

Watch Video of André Rieu Reading Marjorie's New Book

André Reading Marjorie's New Book, 'Dreams Come True'

After her first book "André Rieu, My Music My Life", Marjorie (André's wife) has written a new book, "Dreams Come True" about German Twins visiting André Rieu.

Two great fans of André, the twin sisters, Ramona and Rebecca have dreamed for years of visiting their idol at home in his castle and see him work in his studio ...

Left is a picture of Ineke with the new book that she got today. Click on the link below to see a small clip of André reading Marjorie's book on Ineke and Ruud's site with English Subtitles. I watched it and all I could think was what a great Opa he's going to be reading to his grandchildren ... He's very animated in his reading! :) ..

..................................... Watch André Reading Marjorie's New Book






Pierre and André September 30, 2016 Maastricht












Photo Taken at Mexico City Concert ~ September 2013




"Hello to all my fans on The Harmony Parlor!"

Soundcheck in Maastricht 2013 (RTL Photo)

Maastricht 2012 ~ "André on The Theater Steps" by Bee

Maastricht 2012 ~ "André and Pierre on The Theater Steps" by Bee