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Mar 31, 2008

André Rieu's 100 Most Beautiful Melodies

Help André Rieu Make History in Australia This Week!

With your help, André's latest release ‘The 100 Most Beautiful Melodies’
can debut at NUMBER ONE in the ARIA album chart.
If you haven’t already, purchase your copy before Saturday and help make chart history!

A Special Message From André!

I hope you all enjoy my 6-CD box “The 100 Most Beautiful Melodies” which was released in Australia last Saturday! As you can imagine, I’ve heard many, many beautiful songs in my life, but these were chosen for very special reasons and I want to share these with you. I just heard that my sales in Australia have now crossed 1 MILLION UNITS! I’m so happy to hear this.”

For those asking about where to buy this, here is the link to Hans Music Shop in Australia.
They are selling it for $42.00.
You can also get it from, they are selling it for $80.00

Thanks to Jann from Aussie Fans For Andre' for sending this,
that she recieved as a promo from Universal Music.

Mar 30, 2008

André Rieu ~ 1995 to 2008

André Rieu ~ November 15, 1995
Ineke and Ruud have put on a video of the concert of November 15, 1995!
Recorded for Dutch TV and later used for promotional purposes in the USA,

(The Vienna I Love), by now a priceless item!

Ruth ~ thank you very much for providing them with this video!

"TV Show on Tour" ~ March 2008
They have also now added the video of "TV Show on Tour" of March 28, 2008

Again ~ "Thank You" from all of us Ruud and Ineke for showing these video's
that without, we would know and see so much less of André and all ...

Mar 29, 2008

Golden Staar Sound on André Rieu's New CD

John found this article in
"The Maastrichter Staar"
March 28, 2008

The golden sound of the Maastrichter Staar can also be heard on André Rieu's new CD.
The contact between Andre Rieu and the Royal Choir Society Maastrichter Staar started in November of last year with the presentation of the Jubilee CD of the Maastrichter Staar.
André received the first copy, presented to him by Mayor Gert Leers. Shortly thereafter, André announced that he had plans to invite the Maastrichter Staar to participate in his Vrijthof concerts on 4, 5 and 6 July 2008.
When André also offered the Staar the opportunity to participate in his shortly to be released new CD, the Staar could not be happier. Three extra rehearsals and two recording-evenings were necessary to firm up the participation of the Staar on this CD. The men of the Staar can be heard amongst others as the prisoners in "Botany Bay", in Waltzing Matilda(Title of his new CD) and the Australian Anthem "Advance Australia Fair".
Through their participation, the Staar, together with the orchestra and André, can shortly be heard in living rooms throughout the world. The choir could not wish for a bigger Jubilee present.

Click Here For Previous Article All About The Maastrichter Staar:

Mar 27, 2008

Marc Doomen getting married.

For those of you who have been fans for some years you will remember Marc Doomen. Marc played the English horn in the JSO for about 10 years. Marc did the skit with the anvil, before Noel joined the JSO. He can be seen in many of the older DVDs.Since his days with the JSO, Marc has been busy conducting several orchestras.

I received a note from Marc that he and his long-time girl friend Judith are planning a wedding on Dec 6, 2008. Preparations are in full swing and they have set up a website, where you can follow the progress. The website is in Dutch, but you can go to the 'gastenboek', once there click on "klik hier om een bericht toe te voegen", and write a note in their guestbook. I am sure they would enjoy it.

Mar 26, 2008

♦Exciting News in Interview With André Today!

Keith McGowan Speaks To International Star André Rieu

Exciting News and You will be Pleasantly Surprised!!
1. Maastricht will be taped for a DVD
2. The Melbourne concert will be broadcast worldwide
3. The new CD (Waltzing Matilda) will be published May 1st

♦Click on the 'Headline Title' above to listen to today's interview!

Thank you to Jann from the Australian site for the heads up on this!

Mar 24, 2008

Carmen Monarcha's New Website

Carmen Monarcha's New Website

As some of you know, Carmen has opened a new Website.
She has a Guestbook now that you can write to her in also, and I'm sure
she would love to hear from all her fans!

Here's the link to:

Springtime In Maastricht?

A Picture Postcard Sunrise Today in Maastricht
Tuesday March 25, 2008

Link To The Photoshow of This Beautiful Winter Sunrise

Mar 23, 2008

Mar 22, 2008

St Peitersberg in Maastricht

This Pretty Photograph Was taken from St. Peters "mountain"

On the right side you can see a church with a cemetery,
on the left side you see Andre's castle.

Most of Holland is below sea level and as flat as a pancake,
only Limburg has a few hills, which we call "mountains",
about 200 meters "high". (200 meters = 656 feet)

Click on the "Headline Title" above
Scroll down to Page 27
(that is the second walk to André's castle and Mount Saint Peter)
you can see the fenced off dog run area.

This is something Ineke had written awhile back. I put it on here
with her picture as it shows and explains St Pietersberg some.

André Rieu's Concert in Maastricht 2011

André Rieu
"Schönbrunn" On The Pietersberg

In The Dog Run Area

Limburger Newspaper
March 22, 2008
By our correspondent

In 2011, André Rieu wants to perform his Mega Concert on top of the St. Pietersberg in Maastricht. Because of the Holy Sanctuary Procession that year, he will not be able to perform his traditional concert on the Vrijthof.

The violinist is in discussion with he owners of the Nature Reserve, to place his replica of the Schönbrunn castle on top of the mountain. Rieu himself was not available for comment yesterday, but the Nature Reserve confirmed the plans of the Maastricht entertainer. Before Rieu get the "go ahead" it has to be crystal clear that the mountain can support the onslaught of several thousand people.

This is why studies are necessary to research to stability of the sandstone catacombs beneath the mountain, and the vulnerability of the protected nature area. "It is quite something, a Vrijthof concert on top of the St. Pietersberg". Nature can not suffer because of it, and safety has to be assured. Only when those have been thoroughly checked can we give a unanimous "yes", according to José Hermens of the Nature Reserve Board. According to her, there is only one suitable area on the mountain where that aristocratic Habsburg palace can be placed: The dog run area on top of the mountain. The city of Maastricht is obliging to the plan. "André Rieu is always searching for quality. This location is an enormous promotion for Maastricht. If the support of the mountain is sufficient, Rieu can expect little opposition to his plan", according to spokesperson Lei Meisen.
The board of the Nature Reserve has been in discussion with Rieu for quite a while. Hermens says: "We approached him because we are always searching for national and regional sponsors who have an interest in our ecology. During the talks, the idea to have a concert on top of the St. Pietersberg was presented". Rieu is also looking at the Maastricht-Aachen airport as an alternate location for his concert.
Thank you for sending this translation to us John!

Mar 21, 2008

Interesting Australian Article on André

Flashy Fiddler's Standing Ovation

March 20, 2008
AS the music business rushes to embrace the digital age of downloads and websites to bolster sales, an unusual alliance between Universal Music and a pay-television channel has triggered a stampede towards a Dutch violinist and has other markets taking note.

Dubbed the Liberace of the violin, Andre Rieu and his brand of accessible waltzes and extravagant orchestral concerts is fast becoming a musical phenomenon. Australian sales of his DVDs and CDs are approaching the one million mark, making him Universal Music's top selling artist.
His upcoming national stadium tour has sold out, with people coughing up as much as $299 for a seat to see their man perform with his orchestra, a team of dancers, ice-skaters and with a replica of Vienna's Schonbrunn Palace as the backdrop.

"Something just really clicked with people and the concerts gave texture to those beautiful melodies that they've known their whole lives," Universal managing director George Ash says.

That concert tickets have been devoured is no surprise, given the reaction to Rieu's Australian visit last year when thousands descended on a Sydney shopping centre where he was appearing.
"There were 7000 people. I've never experienced anything like that," Rieu told Media this week.

♦Click in the "Headline Title" above to read the entire article

Andre's Schoenbrunn Ice Skaters Win World Championship

Germans Win Pairs World Figure Skating Championship

Aliona Savchenko and Robin Szolkowy of Germany won the pairs title at the World Figure Skating Championships in Goteborg, Sweden, completing a sweep of all the year's major titles.

Savchenko and Szolkowy, also the Grand Prix and European champions, took advantage of their hugely difficult routine to win the title, beating China's Zhang Dan and Zhang Hao by more than five points. Canada's Jessica Dube and Bryce Davison won the bronze.

♦Click on "Headline Title" above for full article

Mar 17, 2008

Simone Tells Us About Andre's World Tour Concert in Dusseldorf

Andre's Schoenbrunn in Dusseldorf

My parents and I had the huge luck to experience this event.
We left Bad Hersfeld about noon and arrived Düsseldorf after 2 ½ hours drive.
Than we go in the city. I try a “Alt” (typical beer from Düsseldorf). But I must say that the “Kölsch” (beer from Cologne) is much better.
Before the concert we ate something (I not so much because I was so nervous) and than we drove to the “LTU-Arena”.
The parking situation was very chaotic and the way to the arena very long.

When I came into the hall I was speechless. Wow...what a stage...unbelieveable. André is really a perfectionist. I looked at the stage very long and very exactly. And it was really perfect. Not so my seat. It was not so good. I sat way on the side. But I had a really nice guy from Holland sitting next to me.

The moment the concert began I forgot the bad seat. I was fascinated from the first second. The nice music...the breathtaking scenery...the (ice)dancers and of course a fantastic André Rieu with a great orchestra and singers. I liked the choice of the music very much. I laughed, cried, sang, clapped my hands...! But I can´t dance. During “An der schönen blauben Donau” I was very sad that I had my Dad not sitting next to me. Because during this song, we dance at every concert where we are together.

It´s hard to say what I liked most.
I had goosebumps and tears in my eyes when he played the title song from Titanic “My heart will go on” and the icedancers danced.
I liked to see Mirusia singing so wonderful while she´s floating under the ceiling.
Always very impressive is Carmen when she is singing “Oh mio babbino Caro”. When she is kneeling in front of André it´s so nice.
One of the highlights was of course the coach with the grays in which “Sissi” (Suzan) sat.
Because of the bad seat I couldn't see so much. But what I saw was dreamlike.

While he played “An der schönen blauen Donau” I was fascinated by the fountain. (I sat directly next to it). The fountains bubbled to the sound of the music. Always a highlight for me is the “Bolero”. I can´t hear it often enough. I´m always absolutly fascinated.

During the encores I was really speechless when 100 men without underwear came on the stage. André had invited the 100 bagpipers which played “Amazing Grace”. Such goosebumps I never had before.

The 200miles home, I fly as I drive. After 2 hours I was absolutly tired, but absolutly happy back at home

This evening I will never forgot ...
~ Simone from Germany ( Thank you Mone for writing this for us!)

Mar 16, 2008

An Interview With André Rieu on New CD and Upcoming Concerts

Excerpts From Interview With André Rieu on New CD, Australia Wold Tour Concerts and Maastricht Concerts

About 2008 Maastricht and World Tour Concerts

Keith McGowan: André, your next concert schedule, where do you, where do you go from, from the recording studio? André Rieu: So we go to Germany, it's next door for me and we will do a tour in February in a lot of German cities and then we will go, at the moment, in March and April and May, we go to America again. And in June we are back in Europe to give some big arena concerts, they are part of the world stadium tour, the tour we do in Australia. And then we play in Maastricht in my home town and we will, … and I have another news. I invited William Barton, one of your most famous didgeridoo players, and he was in my studio and we taped Tie Me Kangaroo with him and I'm going to perform that also in Maastricht on the, on the big day. So, and that will be taped for television for the world. It will be a very Australian concert. Keith McGowan: Isn't that wonderful? When you perform in Maastricht, your home town, is that just … I mean I know all your concerts are special, but to perform in your home town, is there just something a little bit more special about that? André Rieu: It is of course because you know, I speak a lot of languages and one of my languages, my dialect of Maastricht and I can speak dial … My, my home, my born dialect only in Maastricht and that is of course fantastic when I can speak my own language. And there's another extra thing in Maastricht that we play on the place and there are 10,000 people sitting there, and around the place there are 25 cafes and restaurants. And they all sit outside and listen to my music and drink their wine and drink their beer and that gets an atmosphere that is unique and that is only possible in Maastricht. That's fantastic. Keith McGowan: Isn't that wonderful? The local boy makes good. Ah, that's lovely, that's lovely. And when is that Maastricht concert? André Rieu: That is in July. We have three concerts in the whole weekend, so Friday, Saturday, Sunday, every night we wait until it's dark - and that is here at 9:30 - and then we can illuminate the whole place and our stage and, and at this time we will as I told you, we will do a very Australian program. So we will, we will put Australia on the map - that means in the … on the world map.

About The New CD With Mirusia and Surprises

Keith McGowan: I'm wondering what songs you would….what music you would play on an Australian CD. André Rieu: Shall I tell you the surprise? It is…we found an Australian girl Marusia who was born in Brisbane and who is touring now with me for a year. She is a soprano and she has one of the most beautiful voices I ever heard. And she is going to sing together with me and my orchestra, some Australian songs, like of course Waltzing Matilda, Botany Bay, Tie Me Kangaroo ... All Among The Gum Tees, Still Call Australia Home … but I will tell you, the first time I heard Botany Bay, and you know, it, it was song like that dah, dah, dah, dah and then I said "No please, make it another tempo". And now she sings "dah, dah, dah… (hums)". We are almost finished with the whole CD because it's going to be released in Australia in May, so for…that is what I'm informed, so we have to hurry to, to make everything okay. But you know, we are living in, in a sort of dream because everyday we hear from Australia all the good news - that the people love me and they even buy even more DVDs and CDs, so you know, it's all fantastic and, and we are looking forward to come to Australia and to give all these concerts in November. Keith McGowan: Now, this CD obviously is for worldwide release, isn't it? It's not just for an Australian. André Rieu: It's for worldwide release, so … I made a worldwide release that is Australia orientated because of course there will be some Viennese waltzes on it. .... I have another, I have another surprise. I made a composition together with my brother and on this music, I will show Australia their history. So you see the 200 years old history of Australia with Botany Bay and all the convicts coming and the discovering of Australia by a Dutchman, not by an Englishman … I tell you another secret. I will be in Australia in May to visit your country to make promotions for the new CD, together with Marusia, the Australian soprano and then in May … in June I will come back to Australia for a longer time to film around the country. So I will go to the Rock and I will go to her Elementary School where she will sing the Gum Trees together with the little children and we will all tape that and that you will all see in the Australian concert in Maastricht.

André also announces he will do a third concert in Melbourne in the interview.

Sonja is going to add the full article onto Translations soon, but this is the most important news that was in it for everyone to read now ...

Mar 14, 2008

Carmen Monarcha Singing in Santa Terezinha

Carmen Monarcha

Here is the link to a video that Arie has put on of
Carmen singing in the church Santa Terezinha. And ~ there is part of a
short interview with Carmen on it, speaking in her native language.

Also ~ Arie received a nice message from Carmen and she told him her new
Website will be open on Monday ~ March 17th!

Thanks again Arie!

Mar 13, 2008

Ineke Attends The Ivo Niehe Show

Yesterday we attended the Ivo Niehe show in a wonderful little theatre in Amsterdam. We went with 9 fans, for we knew Andre and the orchestra would be his guests. (after the intermission Andre performed a mini concert) Ivo Niehe is a wellknown and respected Dutch reporter and interviewer.
The stage was too small for the entire orchestra!!! The funny thing was that Ruud and I attended our first Andre concert in that same theatre in 1995 13 years ago! At that time the orchestra was much smaller and Andre still performed in small theatres. Nowadays it was hard to get all orchestra members on!!
On March 28th, Ivo Niehe will broadcast a TV show and he'll interview Andre. I think in that TV show they'll add flashes of the mini concert in Carre. Of course we'll post the TV show with subtitles.
After the show we walked on with Franco Vulcano and Ronald Gerards to our parking garage. Franco had hurt his leg, he walked kind of crippled. Franco said he loved the show in such a small theatre, for he could see the audience. In the bigger productions we can see them on the big screens, but they cannot see anybody in the audience.
These are pictures of the nice small theatre, called CARRÈ in Amsterdam where we saw the show. The river is the river Amstel, where the city of Amsterdam got her name from (it started as a dam in the Amstel). The cute wooden bridge is called "Magere brug" which means the thin, or lean bridge. ~ Ineke

Carla Maffioletti Skiing

Carla Maffioletti

Carla sent this picture to Arie of her skiing.
Arie sent it to share with everyone ... Thanks Arie!

Mar 12, 2008

Date For Perth Ticket Sales

Dates For Perth's November 22, Concert Ticket Sales

Presale Begins ~ Wednesday March 19, at 09:00am WST

General Public On Sale ~ Tuesday March 25, at 12pm WST

Ticket Prices
$269.00 - VIP (Cat. 1)
$244.00 - Arena A (Cat. 2)
$209.00 - Arena B (Cat. 3)
$189.00 - Arena C & Level 1 Centre (Cat. 4)
$149.00 - Arena D & Level 2 and 3 (Cat. 5)
$89.00 - Level 1 and 4 (Cat. 6)

(A seating map will be available at a later date)


Watch on Gina's Blog for up to date information on this also!

Mar 10, 2008

Pop Star André Rieu

Andre Rieu, The Biggest Pop Star In Australia!

Undercover HD News
by Paul Cashmere - March 10 2008

Historically, when we talk about total chart domination, we talk about The Beatles, the Bee Gees and Abba. Those were the days when one act could have multiple hits in the chart at the same time. Add Andre Rieu to that category. Not since The Beatles, Abba and the Bee Gees has anyone owned a chart like Rieu does today.

On this week's Australian DVD chart, Andre Rieu has the No. 1 DVD 'Live In Vienna'. He is also at No's 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 12, 13, 14,16, 22, 23, 24, 29 and 38. Andre Rieu this week has 15 DVD's in the Top 40.

He sold a total of 9,569 units in the Top 40. That is 2,626 units more than Jack Johnson's no. 1 album or 50.46% of the Top 40 DVDs. It might all make sense if Andre Rieu really was a pop star. He is not. He is a 58 year old violinist and conductor.

Rieu will tour Australia in November and December of this year.

Mar 6, 2008

Mar 4, 2008

An Interview With André Rieu

Waltz Violinist André Rieu Profile
Strings Magazine, March 4, 2008

This is kind of an interesting article that was in "Strings Magazine"
online that just came out today of an interview with André back in
December in San Francisco.
It is too long to post on here, so I am adding the link to it.

I was reading different articles on this website and came across a
picture of the Magazine itself ~ André is on the Cover!! :)
This was the largest picture I could find of it.

Mar 3, 2008

Message From Frank in Andre's Guestbook

I don't know if all of you saw this or not, it was in Andre's Guestbook and written on Friday, although I didn't see it until they put the new posts on this morning. Thought I would put it on here as it's on the second page of the Guestbook now, so some of you may not see it ...

Frank Steijns from Maastricht Friday, 29-02-08 20:05

My family, Sanne and I would like to thank all for your warm support. My father daily browsed the messages in this guestbook, written about 'Frank And the Orchestra',as he used to say :)

We feel comfort in the thought that great musicians never die. They keep inspiring us, and their voice will be heard in every note that is played from the heart..

Mar 2, 2008

Message from Carla

Cassandra in Toronto
Lieve Sonja,

Hartelijk bedankt!!!! Zij is echt en schatje!!! Zo mooie!!! Ik was toen voor twee keer in de lobby geweest, maar helas julie waren daar niet, vond ik jammer... :0(
In ieder geval wil ik zegen dat voor mij is en groote kadeau geweest om de Mini-Carla te zien op de publik (wat is heer name?), en voor dat ik voel me heel geflatteerde, Dank julie wel!!!

Heel veel groetjes en tos de volgende keer,

en cadeautje...

Dear Sonja,

Thank you very much!!!! She is really a cutie!!! So pretty!!! I went to the lobby twice to find you, but alas you were not there, I was sorry about that... :0(

In any way I do want to say that it was a great present for me to see the Mini-Carla in the audience, (hoe heet ze?) and feel very honored, thank you so much!!!

Many greetings and until next time,

and a little present...




Pierre and André September 30, 2016 Maastricht












Photo Taken at Mexico City Concert ~ September 2013




"Hello to all my fans on The Harmony Parlor!"

Soundcheck in Maastricht 2013 (RTL Photo)

Maastricht 2012 ~ "André on The Theater Steps" by Bee

Maastricht 2012 ~ "André and Pierre on The Theater Steps" by Bee