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Apr 30, 2009

Photos of André Rieu At His Newark New Jersey Concert

Mirusia and Carla ~ April USA Tour by Siggy

Here is a Link to some pictures that were taken by Chris and Siggy at the Newark NJ Concert. And also some that were taken by Kathy at one of the concerts last week.

►Photos From Chris, Siggy and Kathy

Apr 28, 2009

André Rieu Concert in New York With Kay!

Kay Wins Tickets to The New York Concert!

Less than two weeks ago, I had no clue that I would be at the Hammerstein Ballroom watching a fantastic performance by André and the JSO on April 23.

I vaguely remember entering a contest that was in one of André’s Newsletters a few weeks ago. Then as I sat at work just a week before the concert reading my email (don’t tell my boss!), I received another André Newsletter, or so I thought.

It was a notification that said I had won two tickets to see him perform at the Hammerstein Ballroom in Manhattan with instructions to email customer service to let them know if I would use them. I think my heart stopped for a second!

Click Below to read the rest of Kays Concert Story and see her Great Pictures!

Apr 26, 2009

Carla Maffioletti at NH André Rieu Concert!

Carla at The New Hampshire Concert

Here is a link to see a few really cute pictures of Carla taken at the New Hampshire Concert by Jeff. He really captured her personality and that excited enthusiasm that we've heard she's been showing so much of on this tour!! ~ Thanks for the pics Jeff!!
►Photos of Carla by Jeff at New Hampshire Concert

Apr 24, 2009

Photos of André Rieu in New York City!!!!

Many Photos of André in New York City!

Here are Three Links that will take you directly to a page with many photos of André taken of his Photo Shoot on the Brooklyn Bridge, Sound Check at the Hammerstein Ballroom last night and the Concert itself at the Hammerstein Ballroom last night!! Enjoy them ... I know I did! If you look closly at the Tie he's wearing, it has little American Flags all over it! :)

Apr 23, 2009

Photos of André Rieu in New Hampshire

Toni at Manchester New Hampshire Concert

Here's Toni! We all know Toni from our Guestbook, but now we have a face to put with the name ... :) Toni went to the Manchester Concert on Monday. Here are a few pictures she took and a little note on the concert ...

I was on Floor Three, Row BB ~ Same as the lady with the Red Dress! And I was in the front of the stage with my Andre Scarf during the Encores. Another thing I remembered today, for those of you going to future concerts, watch after the Intermission ~ when just the men are on the stage its a riot!

Also during this time, Polaroid type pictures are being taken of Andre, and he is throwing them into the crowd!!! I envy those of you attending the next concerts!!!!!!!

If you look at the picture at the top of the page on the right you see René in the background watching his wife Vergine singing. Cute :)

Apr 22, 2009

André Rieu Serenades Syracuse NY

André Rieu At Onondaga County War Memorial

April 21, 2009 by Melinda Johnson

André Rieu, violinist and conductor of his Johann Strauss Orchestra, loves to perform. He charmed his audience Monday night at the Onondaga County War Memorial with his bonhomie. From the moment he and his orchestra of over 50 musicians sashayed down the two center aisles of the main floor, Rieu bounced and swayed during the 2 1/2 hour show.

This is more than a show, it's an extravaganza. The men are in tails and the women are in jewel tone formal ball gowns. Rieu, looking very leonine, sports navy blue tails. The musicians sit on three tiers set against a starry night back drop with two massive video projection screens on each side of the stage.

Rieu resembles a ringmaster as he keeps up the tempo of activities which includes five backup female singers, three tenors and three sopranos, who enter and exit throughout the evening. Not all is serious a two-person costumed bull roams the hall and musicians chugging some golden ale or champagne play to the camera.

And then there is André, mugging for the camera, arching an eyebrow, encouraging more applause, joking with the audience. He told one couple who were seated just after the orchestra took the stage, "You are too late. We are from Holland. We are on time."

While his fans did not fill the War Memorial, they did clap and clamor to fill the hall with their enthusiasm. He rewarded them with favorites "My Heart Will Go On," from "Titanic, "Blue Danube," the overture to "Carmen," music from "My Fair Lady," "Amazing Grace" and many more.

When he played "America the Beautiful," the audience sang along and on the second playing, they stood. It was a stirring moment. As the orchestra serenaded the audience with the "Blue Danube," several couples left their seats and waltzed around the floor. One young man, who insisted on treating his mother to better concert seats, was on the dance floor guiding his mother. You had to smile deep inside.

My Rieu education was complete because of my seat mates, Dan and Alice Lycan, of Manassas, Va., are true fans. The retired couple, who have four children, eight grandchildren and a new great grandchild, have traveled the world to hear Rieu and the orchestra perform.
Only the distance prevented them from flying to Australia. But they have been to Austria, Holland, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Toyko to hear the maestro. Along the way, the Lycans have made friends with other Rieu devotees and hosted them in this country. They arrived in Syracuse after seeing the orchestra play in Ottawa this past weekend.

At concert's end, Dan assembled his banner and scooted up front to display messages of "30 years of great concerts," "Syracuse Orange, Andre Rieu," and "I still want Andre Rieu for president."

The audience clamored for more and the boisterous encores finally ended and everyone happily glided into Syracuse's starry night. Photo by ©Al Girard

Apr 18, 2009

André Rieu in Ottawa, Canada!

First News and PHOTOS on André's USA/Canada Tour

"Observations" From Al's Twitter: Tanja is back. Sanne has a new gown. Five girls in Choir. No Glenn Falize. Stephanie has two keyboards. Several new gowns. Kalke is in Carman's spot as third soprano. They did the Bull routine with the same lady in red that was in the Dubin concert.

The Program

76 Trombones ♫ Toreador ♫ Oh habet acht ♫ Blonde, Brown ~ Three Tenors ♫ Exodus ~ Three Tenors ♫ Gold & Silver Waltz ♫ Olympia Song ~ Carla (Doll Song) ♫ My Heart Will Go On ♫ Espana Cani ♫ The Bull ♫ My Fair Lady Medley~I Could Have Danced All Night and With a Little Bit of Luck


Clog Dance ♫ La Vita Aria from Tosca ~ Three Tenors ♫ Top Hats and Scarves Song ~ Three Tenors ♫ Song of the Volga ♫ Time To Say Goodbye ~ Mirusia ♫ Blue Danube ♫ All Men Shall Be Brothers ♫ Radetzky March ♫ A Fine Young Man ♫ Libiamo ♫ Oh Canada ♫ Amazing Grace ♫ Adieu ♫ Marina ♫ Brahms' Lullaby

►Click Here To See NEW Photos And Report Of Al's From Ottawa

►Link To Concert Review From The Ottawa Citizen

Our Alice on The André Rieu Fan Wall!

Alice In Toronto with Laura and Mirusia

We've all seen now the picture that André posted on his Twitter Page of the wall he has in his Maastricht Studios with pictures on it that have been mailed to him from fans all over the world. I saw the above picture of Alice that was taken in Toronto in the hotel lobby during his first World Tour Schoenbrunn Concert when we were there.

I emailed Alice and told her about her picture that was on the wall and wondered if she had sent it to them ... I was so surprised when she emailed me back and told me her really sweet story (with photos) and asked her if it would be ok to put it on The Parlor here for everyone to see and read.

Apr 14, 2009

Margriet's Exclusive Interview With André Rieu

And Tomorrow, Just Like Always, To The Local Grocers!!

André Rieu, the charming violinist from Maastricht, celebrates this year his 60th Birthday and starts his 30th year on stage. In those thirty years, a lot has happened. He is adored throughout the world, but in spite of everything, he remains himself. He gave “Margriet”, a Dutch weekly womens magazine, an exclusive interview.

Thank You to John for his hard work on this. He spent an entire day translating it for us, and his is the only English version of this interview available ~ It's a long one!! And thank you to Ineke and Benny for sending it to us to be translated ...

►Full Margriet Magazine Interview With André

André Rieu to Arrive in Australia May 5, 2009!

André's New CD ~ To Be Released, May 1, 2009
We’ve just heard from a very reliable source that André will be arriving in Australia on the 5th of May! ........ André has confirmed two retail visits where he will perform and sign copies of his new album "You’ll Never Walk Alone"

Fri May 8 ~ Sydney ~ Westpoint, Blacktown 2:00pm
Sat May 9 ~ Melbourne ~ Eastlands, 1:00pm

PLUS ~ The "Special Mothers Day" Movie Event ...

Sunday May 10th ~ Hoyts Red Carpet Event ~ Sydney

Andre Rieu On Times Square!

"Guess Who Was on Times Square This Weekend?"
"They say it's the largest screen of its kind in the world!" André

It's finally arrived ~ The time for The Concerts to start in the
USA and Canada!! We look forward to hearing all about them
from those of you that will be going in the next couple of weeks!
Photo/message from Andre's Twitter

Apr 9, 2009

André Rieu Looking For 300 Brass Players in Maastricht

André Rieu is Looking For Three Hundred Brass Players
Thursday 09 April 2009
Source: The Gelderlander
ROERMOND (ANP) - André Rieu is looking for Three Hundred Brass Players. They would perform with the violinist during his concerts on the Vrijthof in Maastricht from 10 through 14 July. This announcement was made by the Limburg Federation of Music (LBM) on Thursday.

The intent is that the Three Hundred Musicians will play along on their brass instruments with Rieu's Orchestra from opened windows around the Vrijthof. The Limburg Federation of Music has started the recruitment of brass players, whose dream it is to play along with the famous orchestra.

July is the month of Brass Music (including the World Music Contest in Kerkrade). Rieu wants to show the whole world that (amateur) Brass Music is very much alive in Limburg.

A DVD of The Concerts Will Be Made To Be Available At a Later Date.

Thank You to Ineke for this and John Translating it for us!

André Rieu To Launch His North American Tour


Violinist, Conductor and Showman Is Billboard's Top Selling Classical Artist In The U.S. And A Pollstar Top 10 Worldwide Touring Act.

New York, April 9, 2009 /PRNewswire/ André Rieu, the most successful classical artist in the world, will embark on a 35-city concert tour throughout the U.S. and Canada starting April 17th in Toronto at the Air Canada Centre. The 12,000 capacity arena is one of the largest in Canada and is almost sold out.

Together with his 60-piece Johan Strauss Orchestra, the music aficionado tours on five continents, performing to more than 700,000 fans annually around the world. Billboard Magazine named Rieu the number one classical artist in the United States for 2008. In addition, Pollstar Magazine named him one of the Top 10 touring acts in the world, sharing the honor with Madonna, Bruce Springsteen and Coldplay.

Rieu's tours are global extravaganzas, with elaborate sets including exact reproductions of European Palaces. He believes that classical music should be accessible to everyone and engages audiences with his unorthodox approach and radiant atmospheres. Crowned the "King of Waltz" by the media, he encourages the audience to get out of their seats and waltz in the aisles. His unique approach to classical music has fans swaying in sold-out stadiums; the public embraced by the charismatic virtuoso.

"Especially in times like these, music is very important. My orchestra and I travel all across the world. Wherever we play, people always seem to forget their worries for a moment, That's one of the most beautiful and powerful things of making music." says Rieu. Adding: " I'm really looking forward to tour the United States and Canada again - our North American fans have a great attitude and always show their enthusiasm right away from the very first note."

Leading music industry magazine Billboard named André Rieu as the Top Classical Selling Artist of 2008 in the United States. He also celebrated three albums in Billboard's 2008 Top Classical Albums chart. As well as record sales, Rieu topped the charts in worldwide touring. Pollstar Magazine named him number eight in the world, with over $77 million in revenue.

For Tour dates go to ►André Rieu Website

Apr 8, 2009

Getting Ready For Maastricht 2009!

Getting Ready For Maastricht!

Remember Jann shipping off her Cardboard André to Holland? Well, here's a few hints of where Cardboard André will be, and what Alice and Ineke have been up to getting ready for our Fan Dinner on the boat (that's sitting on the River Maas) in Maastricht!

In a few weeks, Ineke will have a slide show of all the Maastricht preparations. (The man in the collage is Alice's Dad)

Apr 6, 2009

André Rieu Appears on "Neighbours" April 7th!!

For All The Aussie Fans André Will Be on Neighbours!!

Don't forget to tune in tonight, April 7th, to see André as a Guest Star in the Televison Soap,"NEIGHBOURS" on Ten at 6:30!!

►Sneak Preview To André's Guest Appearance On Neighbors!!

Apr 3, 2009

The André Rieu Choir

The Girls in The André Rieu Choir
Most of you have seen the two new girls in the Choir by now. They've had the picture of them from the concerts in Japan on André's Website. I got a note from Mirusia and she has given us their names ... One of the girls was a little Surprise!!

Mirusia said, the second girl from the left's name is "Anne" (pronounced Aun-uh) and she is from Germany. The other new girl, second from the right's name is "Vergine", and she is René's Wife!! (You'll remember her from the video we saw, being fitted for her dress, ►
She said, "they are both lovely girls and have really Beautiful Voices!"
We will be seeing them soon on tour and now we know their names and just a little bit about them! :)

André Rieu Ad in The New York Times

André's Promo Ad in The New York Times
This is the Ad that André talked about in the New York Times today.
(Thank you to Laurie and Binnur for this)

Apr 1, 2009

André Rieu on 'The Big Screen' in Australia!

André To Appear on "The Big Screen" in Australia

This is some information from a letter that was sent to Jann on André's Appearance Mothers Day in Australia along with a picture of the CD to be given away "The André Experience" and the poster that will be used for promotion.

Here is an EXCLUSIVE opportunity to the fans on our Websites to get those VIP tickets Before it is officially announced. They said they're extremely limited!

►We are going live today with ticket sales for the EQ premiere event and the live from the red carpet satellite broadcast events. We'll be sending out an email on Monday morning to our database, but thought you might like to be the first to promote tickets to your fans.

At the premiere event at Hoyts The Entertainment Quarter in Sydney, customers will get to walk the red carpet with Andre and he will be personally introducing the screening before it starts. There are also extemely limited VIP meet & greet champagne reception with Andre. All tickets include the CD & Program.

For fans not in Sydney, we will be broadcasting live from the red carpet into: Hoyts Melbourne Central, Hoyts Carousel, Hoyts Woden, Hoyts Norwood

In Brisbane, AMC will be showing Encore screenings (which is the concert on the big screen, with the CD and the program), but at this stage we haven't confirmed a live satellite broadcast location there. I will let you know if this changes!

André Rieu VIP Meet & Greet and screening ~ $99.00 (Seats Very Limited) Be a part of the Red Carpet Event of the Year! Join André Rieu for an intimate Meet & Greet at The Entertainment Quarter in Sydney. After a champagne and canapé reception, enjoy a screening of the 2008 'Live in Australia' concert in La Premiere seating. All ticket holders will also receive a copy of the exclusive 'André Experience' CD (not available for purchase anywhere else) and a souvenir programme.

Package Includes: La Premiere VIP seating, 15 minute Meet & Greet with André Rieu, Champagne and canapé reception ‘Live In Australia’ concert on the Big Screen, Exclusive ‘The André Experience CD’ (not available for purchase anywhere else) and Souvenir programme.
►Red Carpet Arrival at 5pm ~ Cocktail Party commences at 5pm ~ Screening starts promptly at 6pm

For ALL Links To Ticket Sale Information Go To ►Jann's Aussie Fansite

All information and photos were supplied to Jann courtesy of Hoyts Corporation




Pierre and André September 30, 2016 Maastricht












Photo Taken at Mexico City Concert ~ September 2013




"Hello to all my fans on The Harmony Parlor!"

Soundcheck in Maastricht 2013 (RTL Photo)

Maastricht 2012 ~ "André on The Theater Steps" by Bee

Maastricht 2012 ~ "André and Pierre on The Theater Steps" by Bee