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Jan 10, 2012

André Rieu Pianist Stéphanie Detry

Getting Acquainted With Pianist
Stéphanie Detry
The piano has always been Stéphany Detry’s first love, and from an early age she has always felt a strong bond between her and that instrument. The violin just followed as a second choice. But both instruments played an important role in her life. One led to the other.
 "André is so fascinating and charismatic, he dances and you dance along"
I was happy when after completing my studies at the conservatory I could start right away with André Rieu as a violinist. The piano is a solitary instrument. Seldom is there place for one in an orchestra. For many years I have enjoyed playing the violin. But when our pianist left, and André asked me to take his place, it was as if I came home; I am one with the piano, this is my true talent. Although I now seldom touch my violin, I am forever grateful to that instrument. It was for me the means to be able to work with André and his phenomenal orchestra. The concert piano plays a specific role; it is one of the pillars in the orchestra, and just like the percussion instruments, the brass instruments and the basses, an undeniable foundation. When we are on tour the instrument is tuned prior to every concert. All the traveling we do affects the instrument. And because of the complexity of our logistics, I have three concert pianos which can often be found in several different places throughout the world. By playing the piano, I am much more in the spotlight than by playing the violin. That is exciting, but also confronting. I know the entire score "Ballade for Adeline" by heart, but always have that in front of me, I need that security.
I always try to improve on my technical skills, and think that as a musician I will continue to evolve since we always grow as human beings. I have gained more life experiences, and you can undoubtedly hear that in my music. The different worlds in which I live, the touring and then transitioning back home again, can sometimes be difficult. But the price I pay for that is relatively small. I sincerely believe that we create value; music is a universal language, it touches you and effects you. Although we leave again and travel to other countries, we always leave something behind. We opened something, a heart maybe, and mutually connected people with one another. It does give you lots of satisfaction to have been able to have been a part of that. Sometimes it is as if I float above myself, watching us on stage in a far away foreign land, and making thousands of people happy with our music. It is unreal, and yet I feel intensely happy. André is the hub, the motor and the soul. His life influences your life. He is indestructible, he is so fascinating and charismatic, he dances and you dance along."

Stéphany Detry was born in Liège in 1973. As serene and humble as she appears in her daily life, on stage you’ll see a totally different personality. She is an avid photographer and makes photo diaries of life on tour.

Thanksto John for the Translation of this article from the magazine, with more to come!


Gary M. Bourret said...

My wife and I gave Stephanie a standing ovation at Pittsburgh for
Ballade for Adeline. Lovely piece!
My great,great, great grandfather
was from Liege when he enlisted at
age 30 in Swiss DeMeuron regiment
in 1809. Believe Els Mercken is also from Belgium. Don't know if any other JSO members are. Cheers for Stephanie and Els!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Gary,
I also love Ballade for Adeline. Wonderful music!! Kerstin Cornelis is also from Belgium. An article about her can be found on the Movies site (www.andrerieu-movies), by clicking on the picture of the Andre Rieu Magazine.

Anonymous said...

Noël is also from
Belgium, as are Roland, Dominique, Nadia, Natalie and probably some more I forget. Oh, and Kerstin, of course!
Stéphanie always reminds me of Belle, from the Beast, you know. Must be her yellow dress. Marvelous.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and Stéphanie collects sardine tins, not joking! Not just every tin is good enough, of course, but nice, special looking pretty tins.
I forgot my name last time, so sorry.

Anonymous said...

Lovely article & thanks for sharing.. I also love Ballade for Adeline, it got to me every time I saw her play it.

Cheers ~

Anonymous said...

Ooops, forgot to sign off then,
Cheers from Dee ~

Val said...

Fantastic to read about Stephanie. I love Ballade for Adeline too and Stephanie does a magnificent job.
cheeRIEU Val :)

Rose Gregg said...

I think Stephanie is just gorgeous and so full of life, talent and personality. Thanks for the great article about her. Rose Gregg

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the article on Stephanie> I thind she's gorgeous in her yellow dress. Ithink everyone loved her playing Ballade for Adeline. It's one of my favorites and when my children were still at home they used to play it for us too, My eldest daughter on the piano, the second on the organ and my son on the violin. Beautiful! I wonder does anyone know if she's married with a family?

Fan from South Afria

Lloyd Gunn said...

Lloyd Gunn

I too adore Stephanie and Ballade pour Adeline. My fondest hope that I can one day soon attend a performance by Andre Rieu and Stephanie.










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